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									                                     Journal Prompts October

Write a paragraph to respond to each prompt. Your journals will be due on Thursday each week.

Date                Prompt

October 1           What is the biggest surprise you ever had in your life?

October 2           October is National Clock Month. Do you think it is important to be on time?
                    Why or why not?

October 8           What is the best advice you ever received? Tell me about a time you used
                    this advice.

October 9           What is worse to fail at: a friendship, a sport or a test?

October 15          What two things make you angry? Why?

October 16          What is the most memorable gift someone has ever given you? Why was it
                    so special?

October 22          If you could win a trophy, what would you want to win it for?

October 23          Do you like to cook? Why or why not? If yes, what kinds of things do you
                    like to make?

October 29          Who or what makes you laugh?

October 30          Do you think exercising is important? Do you exercise?
                                 Journal Prompts October

                             JOURNAL RESPONSE RUBRIC

1. Focus- response is on topic with sufficient             4   3   2   1
          awareness of task.

2. Content- sufficiently develops ideas with               4   3   2   1
            elaboration and/or explanation.

3. Organization- includes a topic sentence by              4   3   2   1
                 restating the prompt in some
                 way, sustains a logical
                 order and ends with a concluding

4.   Style- Uses a variety of sentences and vivid word     4   3   2   1

5. Conventions- Uses correct grammar, punctuation and      4   3   2   1

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