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									What is Group Hypnosis?

Do you ever feel like you are all alone? Well that happens and if you
feel stronger when there are other people in the same boat as you are,
then perhaps the best thing for you to try out is group hypnosis.

Group hypnosis is an interaction between you and the specialist. Since
there will be other people, the specialist has to be sure to that
everyone will be able to respond to the same keywords that will be given
during the session.

To make this happen, the specialist has to interview each of the
respondents one by one and then formulate what words to be used so that
there will be no confusion later on during the latter part of the

There are advantages to group hypnosis compared to individual sessions.
For one, there is safety in numbers and you can divide the cost of hiring
a specialist which means you don’t pay that much if you had to undergo an
individual session.

The disadvantage though is that you may have to travel a certain distance
to meet the specialist. This won’t be an issue of course if the one who
is going to facilitate the group hypnosis is coming to you.

Just like individual hypnosis, the specialist will conduct group hypnosis
by following the 5 stages namely preparation, induction, deepening,
circulation and termination.

Preparation begins the moment the group decides to attend the session
together. Most of the time, these individuals don’t know each other and
will meet each other for the first time. The specialist is aware these
people are here and need help so talking and explaining to them what
group hypnosis can do should be understood by everyone.

When everyone is ready, induction begins where everyone is put into a
trance. It might take a long time for some to get into the flow and only
when everyone is relaxed that things go further in the deepening.

The crucial point of group hypnosis is during circulation because this is
where the hypnotic suggestions are planted into the subconscious. What
words will be used depends on the problem and this is repeatedly
countless times so no one will forget what happened.

Since the session has to end, this brings the participants to the last
stage called termination. The specialist may count from 10 to 1, tell
everyone to open their eyes or clap their hands. Some people may feel
nauseous or dizzy afterwards but this is normal. A participant may even
claim they heard everything that happened while others will say
differently but the important thing is that the session was completed.

Those who want to undergo group hypnosis have to understand is that you
cannot claim that the session was a success after just one meeting. It
takes times to implant the suggestion into your subconscious which is why
you will have to attend a few more.

If distance is a problem, some clinics and specialists are even offering
group hypnosis online so all you need to have is a computer and an
internet connection.

Group hypnosis is revolutionary in the sense that it is not only used to
help addicts but also prepare athletes for upcoming tournaments. There
are different programs for a specific purpose so it can be used to
improve your self confidence or stop an addiction.

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