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									  Welfare Reform
  What it means for
people with disabilities

Mark Willis, CPAG in Scotland
October 2011
• Age 30, learning disability and epilepsy
• Incapacity Benefit
• Doing permitted work of 15 hours a week in
  supported employment, earning £91.20 a week
• Lives alone in private rented one-bedroom flat,
  (£90 a week rent)
• Gets Disability Living Allowance (DLA) at the low
  rate for mobility (£19.55 a week)
• Gets housing benefit and council tax benefit
               Housing benefit
January 2012

• Young individuals under 35 no longer eligible for
  HB for one-bedroom property in private sector
• Amount restricted to room in shared
• Susie must pay additional £25 a week towards
  her rent
• Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment?
• Move to cheaper accommodation or look for
  room in shared house – suitable?
• Apply for housing association property?
             Employment & Support
               Allowance (ESA)
March 2012

• Must complete 21 page questionnaire
• Called to attend medical with ATOS healthcare
• Found not to have limited capability for work –
  incapacity benefit stops
• Appeal? - needs advice, representation &
  medical evidence from GP
• Claim ESA pending appeal? – need new
  medical certificate from GP
• Effect on HB/CTB
            Jobseeker’s Allowance
June 2012
• Loses ESA appeal
• Can claim income-related JSA to top up income
• Must sign on as available for and actively
  seeking full-time work
• Disability Employment Adviser / Work
  Programme support
• May be sanctioned for failing to apply for jobs /
  failing to take up employment
• Loses 100% of JSA after £20 disregard
               Working tax credit
October 2012

• Increase hours to more than 16 hours a week,
  claim WTC as a disabled worker
• Starts to receive approx. £90 a week
• Must complete annual declaration of income,
  check award notice, report errors/changes
• Investigation into hours/disability – risk of
• Effect on HB/CTB
            Personal Independence
                Payment (PIP)
June 2013

• Must complete questionnaire and attend medical
• Not entitled to PIP – DLA stops
• Appeal?
• Loses working tax credit
• Loses disability premium in HB/CTB
• Only income is wages of £99.04 a week, of
  which must pay £43 towards rent and council tax
• Lost approx. £150 a week since October 2011
               Universal credit
October 2013

 • Simpler? – claim one benefit instead of
 • Claim online – needs support
 • Must look for more work – up to 35 hours @
   minimum wage
 • Earnings disregard approx £30 a week earnings
   as a single person
 • 65% withdrawal rate
 • One single payment of £393 per month – needs
   budgeting support
                Universal credit
November 2013

• Condition deteriorates
• Reassessed as having limited capability for work
• Additional £26.75 payable
• Higher earnings disregard approx £40 a week as
  a disabled person
• Payment increases to approx. £547 per month
• Not as much as under permitted work rules in
             More Information
•   www.cpag.org.uk
•   E-bulletins
•   Guide to universal credit
•   Welfare Rights Bulletin

CPAG in Scotland Advice Line for Advisers
             0141 552 0552
  Or email advice@cpagscotland.org.uk

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