The Turmoil Of Being A Divorced Dad

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					The Turmoil Of Being A Divorced Dad

Some people think that when it comes to relationships women has it harder
than men. Men and women are a lot alike when it comes to feeling pain and
inflicting it, except that most men do not show and tell the world how
they feel.

Does It Hurt?

It is a common misconception that men don’t get hurt when their marriages
break up. Society has a set of opinion that stereotypes divorced men as
womanizers, infidels, dead beat dads, and irresponsible. However, not all
these conceptions are true. Though some divorced dads prove otherwise,
some others get hurt during the process. They feel that they have to
struggle to keep their family intact, thinking of child support and also
has to bear the fact of seeing their children once or twice a month if
they lose child custody to the mother. When the question “does it hurt?”
arises, these fathers do think so. It is actually hard to cope up from a
messy divorce not only for the kids but from their dads as well.

Losing interest with the kids

There is also this myth that came around telling that divorced dads do
not care or lose some interest about the children they have. This is not
true at all. Fathers always care for their children, some may not show
it through affection and some may do, but saying that losing interest
with them are proven to be false.

Men are the ones initiating a divorce

Another misconception. People tend to stereotype divorced dads as the
ones who have initiated the divorce. Other people may think that men are
the ones abandoning their families, leaving their wives for another
woman, leaving all their responsibilities behind, etc. People usually
think that towards divorced dads, when they should think that women are
also capable and sometimes liable for all things that has been said here.
There are some dads out there striving and working to provide for their
family and regrettably are being cheated on by their wives once their
backs are turned away. Not only women feel pain when on the road to
divorce, men too feel pain and all these turmoil once the divorce is

Another difficult part of the dad when going through a tough divorce is
sharing their assets with their wives who sometimes are the ones
responsible for the divorce. Some wives may clean out their husband’s
wallets, and even asking for child support in the process, and some may
even have a social worker with them while visiting their kids. These are
just some of the turmoil being brought by divorce to these men.

Being a divorced dad means you have to work double time to compensate for
your child support and to keep their minds off it. Some take months or
even years just cope up with the new situation they are in. There are
some who even cut off their social lives because of fear of going through
all these process once again. Some men who are weak tend to become
drunks or some may lose interest in their lives.

Being a divorced dad does not necessarily mean life has ended, for some,
it means to get up, dust one’s self off and start a whole new perspective
in life.

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