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Divorced Dad Beware Of The Alienator


A Divorced Dads

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									Divorced Dad Beware Of The Alienator!

The Naive Alienator

Most divorced dads experience instances when they are Naive alienators.
These divorced dads do mean well and they identify the children’s
importance on having a good healthy relationship with them. They hardly
ever come back to the court concerning problems with visitation or any
other issues relating to the kids. The courts persuade the relationship
of the kids and the divorced dad to be intact.

Both parents that communicate to each other is good usually, even though
sometimes they do have arguments like they did before all the divorce
proceedings took place. Arguing in front of the kids is a big no- no, it
is better to leave the children out of it. For the most part, they can
work out their differences without bringing the children into it.

Children do not like to hear their parents fighting and arguing, divorced
parents or not. These kids may feel hurt if they see or hear their dad
or mom argue over things. Sometimes, the kids tend to cope up with their
parents arguing and fighting either by talking to one of them, be it the
dad or mom; sometimes they ignore both parents and let the issue heal in
time. By hearing and seeing what the parents are fighting about does not
really affect the children of the naïve alienator.

The Active Alienator

Divorced dads that come back to the court to settle problems with their
visitation rights are active alienators. These dads mean well and trust
that the kids should gain a healthy relationship with their mother.
Frustration is the common problem that they have, controlling the hurt
they feel and the bitterness of what has happened.

There are instances that something might trigger the hurt that they feel
inside, active alienators would strike or freak out in one way or another
to cause alienation against the ex-wife. After calming down, the dad
usually feels bad or he feels guilty about what he did and would refrain
from their alienating strategy.

Hesitating between recklessly alienating and then after, fixing the
damage with the kids is one of the well-known actions of the active
alienator. They really do mean well, however, they will lose their cool
because of the amount of force of their feelings inside overpowers them.

They do have the aptitude to obey and respect the authority of the trial
courts and they do obey the court’s decision. Sometimes though, they tend
to clash with the mother. They sometimes act this way in order to strike
at the mother for some injustice. They are also willing to seek
professional help when they have problems that do not seem to go away.

They are usually openly worried about the kids’ adjustment to having
parents that are divorced. The divorced dad is thinking on how the
children would adjust to two environments instead of just one. These
people still hope for a fast recuperation from all the pain and hurt that
the divorce has brought.

The Obsessed Alienator

The obsessed alienator has a cause: to win over the children’s sympathy
in order for the divorced dad, along with the kids to demolish the kids’
relationship with their mother. In order for this to work, the obsessed
alienator entangles the kids’ characteristics and faith into their own.
This is a very long process; it may take a long time, usually after the
divorce is final. This is because the divorced dad is angry or
frustrated with the ex-wife and feels betrayed and wants to get back at

A Reminder

Recognize that those mentioned above are a reality. As a divorced dad,
you not only have to protect your relationship with your kid but you have
to safe guard you child’s emotional, mental and physical well being as

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