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A Divorced Dads

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									Are You A Divorced Dad? So What? As Long As You’re the Greatest!

Can a divorced Dad be a great father? Perhaps a divorced guy should also
ask you, “Why? Just because you’re not does not mean you’re a great
father.” It’s really such a pity that our society as a dead beat parent
just because of he’s divorced. There are a lot of amazing divorced
fathers out there and you can learn a lot from them.

Keeping It Close

You’ve got to admit that children suffer a lot of the consequences of
divorce. From irate parents, to separation anxiety it’s a tough world out
there for children whose parents are divorced or getting divorced.

Preserving a relationship with the kids needs sacrifice from both sets of
parents. Both mother and father have to be able to set aside their
differences long enough to inspect the damage that they have both caused
to their children. More often than not parents get to engrossed with
their emotional pain that they fail to notice that their children suffer
even more than they do.

Studies   show that when both parents make conscious efforts to stay close
to each   other have more successful and stable children. What’s more when
parents   separate their relationship from those with their children, they
tend to   create a more harmonious relationship.

A Formal Study

To emphasize the importance of a father’s proximity to his children, the
State University of Arizona conducted a study of college students whose
parents where divorced. The researchers observed personality, emotional
and mental maturity, health, and even interests in school and success.
The researchers found several evidences that supports the idea that
whoever has primary custody it is adamant that divorce parents be in
close proximity of their children.


The Findings are very interesting. Statistics clearly shows that children
whose parents are divorced have healthier and more mature relationships
when their parents make a conscious effort of keeping the essence of
family intact.

61% of the kids involved in the study asserted that their mom or whoever
had primary custody moved them at least an hour’s drive away from the
other parent. One of the concerns expressed by the students was getting
in between the crossfire. When they stay with one parent during the move,
future financial help (like for college) lessened. Example, if they
stayed with dad mom gives less when college comes, and vice versa. In
fact the investigation showed that the 1 hour driving distance already
had a negative effect on the children.
Emotional upheaval cannot be avoided, but a keener inspection of the kids
showed that those whose parents kept them close have a healthier
disposition emotionally and mentally.

In Conclusion

All in all the study asserts that divorce does affect children. The way
the parents treat each other and the distance they have from their
children does have a significant impact that could determine whether the
child succeeds or not. It is difficult to make friends with an ex wife
after all that’s been said and done, but it will be more difficult for
you as a divorced dad when in the future you see your children suffer the
consequences of your action.

As a divorced dad, it is your responsibility, to your self and your
children to make the supreme sacrifice of making the first step of
keeping close.

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