The Right Charity Equals To A Perfect Car Donation

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					The Right Charity Equals To A Perfect Car Donation

We have all heard how donating a car can give us such great benefits.
Most donors are attracted to bequest their cars to charity due to tax
breaks. The sad thing is that in their rush to get tax deductions, most
people fail to actually think about the essence of the donation and
finding the right charity. A lot of articles out there are focused on
the IRS side of philanthropy, so this article is dedicated to helping you
find the best charity.

Experience and Professionalism

First of all let   us tackle the ever attractive topic of tax write offs.
Do you know that   the charity institution of your choice can actually
prevent you from   claiming those tax deductions? So before you rush to the
nearest charity,   read this.

There is a difference between a car donation service and the charity
organization itself. Recognize the difference for a better judgment. A
car donation service is a mediator. It may be for profit or a nonprofit
service. If you want more proceeds to go to the charity of your choice
use a non-profit car donation service or better yet go directly to the

An excellent car donation service or charity will make donating easy as
pie. They will take care of all the documents necessary to push the
transaction through, as well as provide you with the IRS requirements in
a timely manner.

Service and Compliance

Law abiding charities mean “legal” charities. In the world of high stakes
fraud, there are a lot of highly skilled con artists who will hood wink
you and make you think you are giving your car to charity. Complying
charities and car donation services provide all the required IRS forms
together with their forms when you make the contribution.

Some charities may even come knocking on your door asking for your unused
car. If this is the case, expect them to provide a driver or tow truck
(in case the car doesn’t run) when you make the donation. In short good
charities and car donation services make your life easy.

Avoiding The Falls

If time is of the essence, a car donation service is the easiest way to
donate your car, but be proactive. Ask how much your car was sold for,
choose the charity it goes to and ask for all the receipts and documents
proving the validity of the sale and donation.

A legal charity is important. Why? because there are those   who use the
car for crime, and in fact some used car dealers even pose   as car
donation services to get cars for free! Some charities may   use the car
for other purposes. It is your responsibility as the donor   to ensure that
a large amount of the proceeds from your car actually goes to charitable

Make sure to transfer your title to the institution or you may find your
mail box full of parking tickets.

Environment, Pocket and Heart

If your car is the oldest of all cars, look for a charity that
disassembles the cars donated and sells them as metal scrap. Not only are
old cars gas guzzlers, but they are also harmful to the environment. In
making a car donation of you oldies not only did you help people in need,
save the environment but you also gave yourself a break from too much gas

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