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How A Car Donation Can Help Feed The Hungry


Car Donation

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									Wheels For Meals: How A Car Donation Can Help Feed The Hungry

People care. Well, at least those who value helping others. Unfortunately
with the crumbling economy most Americans are probably more worried of
where they will be living, and if they can still afford food for
themselves before thinking of others. The current financial crisis has
elevated the number of impoverished people across the states.

A Basic Need

Food is the most vital need for survival. If you have an old beat up
truck parked around the corner why don’t you donate it? A lot of people
may benefit from your car donation, not only that, who knows? maybe one
of these days it will be you in that free meals line.

The Right Charity

In actuality it depends on the donor where his or her contribution goes.
There are a lot of charities out there. If you go online and type car
donation in Google you will be inundated with countless charities. Most
of them will tell you that donating a vehicle is easy as pie. But hold up
for a moment, before you dive into giving old “bertha” away make sure you
have all the facts of making a car donation.

Your bequest will only be put into a meals program if the institution you
donated it to has this kind of agenda. Do not hesititate to ask the
person in charge the kinds of goals the charity have. If you and your
chosen charity cannot agree on a specific set of goals, then move on and
look for others.

How A Car Donation Becomes A Plate Of Food

The inner workings of a charitable institution is not entirely that
complicated. A bequeathed vehicle will either be used by a person
carrying out the meals on wheels program, or it could also be auctioned
off to raise funds for the food itself. In short one of these days you
may see your old car parked a couple of houses down, as a charity worker
delivers the meals to someone you may know.

Although some people donate their time and services cooking those meals
only a portion of the ingredients are donated. So they need cash to go
grocery shopping. Some charity organizations have their own used car
lots, most are auctioned publicly, and others use third party- for -
profit companies. That is why it is imperative that you inquire how much
actually goes to the charity, because then you can actually ask them to
use the car (if it’s in good condition) instead of selling it.

The Bonus

It is widely known that a car donation gets donors tax breaks. What most
people don’t know is that for the benefaction to qualify for a tax
deduction the car donation has to be donated to an IRS qualified
charitable institution. Commonly qualified organizations are those that
are classified as section 501 institutions such as churches, and
education oriented charities. IRS has a complete list of the years’
Cumulative Charitable Organization.

The amount of tax subtraction depends on the current fair price of your
car, if it is less than $500. If your car is in relatively good
condition, and could amount to more than $500 then, you may be able to
get a deduction that is equal to the amount in which in the charity sold
the vehicle. Even cars that don’t run can be accepted as long as it looks
quite presentable, may be repaired and then sold.

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