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									Give And You Shall Receive Through Car Donation

There is nothing more annoying than a cramped up garage or the wasted
space an old car takes up. While your teenage kids probably won’t gush
over the thought of using your old car, a charitable institution
definitely won’t mind taking your outdated cast off. Aside from the
advantage of getting that garage space back, a car donation has great
advantages such as: feeling good about yourself, helping people in need,
and the best part? Getting tax breaks.

Donating cars is not entirely a new idea. That is why the IRS formulated
new rules regarding tax deductions when you donate a car. The internet
makes car donations appear as easy as one, two, three, but in reality you
really have to be serious in your intent in donating a car because it
entails certain responsibilities.

A Deduction Of The Deduction

The IRS has certain stipulations that have to be followed for a person to
qualify for tax credit. Contribution of automobiles to authorized
charities may only be deducted, if the goods are summarily itemized on
the tax payers schedule A in the 1040 form.

Charitable offerings have express limitations as to the amount of tax
cuts that may be claimed. One of these rules expressly state that the
deductions cannot be more than 50% of a tax payer’s adjusted gross income
although there are cases when only 20 to 30% deductions are allowable.

How Much Is the Deductible?

Generally speaking the deductible amount may only be equal to the fair or
prevalent market value of your car. However, new IRS rules state that if
your car is valued at less than $500 you cannot claim more than the
prevailing selling price or the cost listed at guides for previously
owned cars. What’s more the mileage and present condition of the car must
also be taken into consideration.

Claims for automobiles that are in relatively good condition, and valued
at more than $500 is only up to the amount in which the charity sold the
cars for. These new ordinance was implemented due to rampant
falsification of the values of donated cars. Hard as it is to believe, a
lot of people actually use fake certificates of donation in order to get
bigger tax write offs.

Procedures In Filling For Write Offs

The most important key aspect in being able to claim tax deductions in to
have excellent record and file keeping abilities, you have to be
meticulous in taking details down and keeping personal copies of all the
required documents.

Your chosen charity has to give you a written acknowledgement containing
the name of the organization and a description of the bequeathed car. The
institution also has to declare that no service or goods were given in
lieu of the vehicle. In addition they must also include an estimated
price appraised in good faith.

Key Things To Remember

Most people show up to charitable institution with cars in tow,
forgetting that a Car Title is an essential requirement for donation. You
may say, “But my car is ancient, I can’t possibly find the title.” To
help you understand think of it this way; if people falsify donation
certificates to get bigger tax cuts, then others could donate stolen

In closing please note the charity, its address, the date of your car
donation, a description of your car and the place it was donated in.
Also, keep a copy of the written acknowledgement for yourself.

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