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Full-text of over 1,000 magazines and academic journals as well as primary documents, biographies, newspapers, photographs, illustrations, and audio/video clips. Access to full text articles from thousands of academic journals in a wide variety of fields. Some articles may be very advanced, so this is a good place to go once you are a bit further along in your research and are looking for very specific and detailed information. Access to dozens of database in a variety of fields. Library card holders can also search th catalog and request books and films to be transferred to their nearest branch for check-out. Good databases to try: Black Newspapers, Chicago Tribune Archive, CQ Researcher, Issues & Controversies, New York Times, ProQuest, Science Online, SIRS Researcher Chicago Tribune Historical Archive (1845 to present), Chicago SunTimes (1986 to present), and other news-related resources.

Address & Password Username/Unit #: 1880
Type in username, then select Student Resource Center Gold, then type 1880 again
No password needed at school.

From another location: Username: NLCP_Phoenix Password: werise
For books/films in collection:
[search in top right corner] For articles in online databases: cplbooksmovies/research/ database_atoz.php
YOU WILL NEED: Library Card Number and Zip Code

Chicago Public Library Username: 1880 Password: 1880 Username: 1880

Multi-volume reference sets on global geography and culture, history, environment, energy, literature, etc. Gale Virtual Reference Library Free, comprehensive reference sources of Chicago history.

www.encyclopedia. No password needed

Oxford African American Studies Center

Comprehensive collection of scholarship focused on the lives and events which have shaped African American and African history and culture. Encyclopedia that includes internet links, journal and magazine articles, timelines, and dictionary and atlas resources. Free online source for African American biographies, history, timelines, and events. Free online resources for American history. A digital collection of more than 8 million primary sources materials, including historic maps, documents, audio and video. Reference resources for social studies, history, geography, current events. Includes essays, maps, images, e-Books, primary documents, activities and more.

Address & Password Username: 1880cps Password: 1880cps Username: 1880 Password: 1880 No password needed No password needed

The History Makers

ABC CLIO OR substitute: worldgeography americanhistory stategeography americangovernment Username: 1880 Password: 1880 Username: 1880

Student Resource Center Health Module

Essays on medical and healthrelated topics including diseases, treatments, and major historical figures in the medical and science fields. Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers provides students with curricular support and selfhelp on topics including diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, fitness, mental health, diversity, family life. Reference and reading materials specially created in support of the CPS curriculum for teachers and students.

www.teenhealthand Username: 1880


No password needed

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