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Can A Piece Of Junk Be Considered A Car Donation


Car Donation

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									Can A Piece Of Junk Be Considered A Car Donation?

Cultivating a sense of charity in a selfish world is indeed a noble
cause. But there are times when a charity should say no to such donations
and instances when it would be nice to actually think about giving
instead of passing on problems.

Trash Is not Treasure

A friend of a friend probably told you how he got a tax break by donating
his rusty and useless old car to an IRS qualified charity. Although it
may be true that charities may make a little bit of profit by selling
scraps, the labor involved may not equal to or even far outweigh the
financial fruits. Think about it, if your car has a wrecked engine a
rusty chassis and is literally of no use, the charity will have to
shoulder the expense of towing, taking the car apart and then
transporting it to the junk yard. All those mentioned above takes manual
labor, and it’s not free.

An Assertion

Now you may argue that there are online companies that accept junk cars
as offerings. Actually, if you do even the slightest research, you will
find out that these companies are not charities at all. They are business
entities whose business is to be a middleman between individuals and
charitable institutions. Let me put it this way: If your nasty old car
sells for $100 then the charity only get $5. $5! What will a charity do
with $5?!

Be Fair!

Be honest, if someone gave you a ratty car would you like it? Despite
desperation, you will probably think, “What then?! This thing will cost
me more money!” You see? that’s probably how charities will think too. As
a matter of fact statistics will tell you that as much as 5% of all
donated cars are a liability to the charities rather than an asset.

On the other hand, if your car is a vintage collectible even if it’s in
really terrible shape you just might be able to get a charity that will
be overjoyed at receiving your contribution. A vintage car donation is
rare because like all antiques they very high resale value, and some are
priceless. If you are truly committed to the essence of donating ask the
charity to restore the car and then auction it off to the highest bidder.

Besides if you think about it, huge charitable organizations like the
American Red Cross only accept “decent looking and functioning Cars.”
They need to make a profit so that they can channel it into humanitarian
agendas. If your car is only slightly “shameful” the organization has
subsidiaries that refurbish the car. Afterwards, they will either use it
to carry out their duties or auction it to raise funds.

Don’t Be Crestfallen
If your sentimental old ride can’t qualify as a car donation why don’t
you sell it to a junk yard? arranged for it to towed and then use the
money and donate it to the charity. If you want the tax cut that goes
will the car donation, don’t fret because cash donations are also
deductible as long as it is made to an IRS qualified organization. The
requirements are pretty much the same as making a car donation. This is
simply a friendly reminder that the purpose of giving is to help.

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