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									Multiple Acoustic Sensor Technology (MAST) System for AUVs
Firm Name: RD Instruments

Phase I

Technical Abstract
RD Instruments has several acoustic sensor technologies which are on the threshold of
achieving the affordability, low-power, robustness, and miniaturization needed for
autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) applications. We manufacture Acoustic Doppler
Current Profilers (ADCPs), Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs), and Correlation Velocity
Logs (CVLs). We are also developing a phased array sonar in which the multiple
transmit and receive beams required by the ADCP are formed by a single aperture using
electronic beamforming. These technologies can be combined to provide a Multiple
Acoustic Sensor Technology (MAST) System suitable for use on a small diameter AUV.
The quantities which can be measured include altitude, current profiles, water turbulence,
bottom track Doppler navigation, multi-beam bottom bathymetry, and volume
backscatter intensity measurement which includes applications such as fish and
zooplankton biomass and particulate concentration. Water turbulence can be measured in
several ways using either Doppler or correlation techniques. We have also recently
demonstrated the ability to determine ocean wave directional spectra from upward
looking ADCP beams, and we are in investigating the feasibility of measuring
temperature profiles by acoustic techniques. Thus, there is a great potential available for
making a wide variety of interesting oceanographic measurements from a flexible
acoustic sensor on an AUV.

Anticipated Benefits/Potential Commercial Applications of the Research

MAST will provide oceanographic AUV developers with a simple, integrated acoustic
system for measuring multiple parameters from a single sensor package which is well
adapted to small diameter vehicles. It will appeal to people who now must assemble
AUV sensor systems from many incompatible sensor types. It will also expand the
market for AUVs as oceanographic measurement tools.

Key Words

AUV, ADCP, DVL, oceanography, current, turbulence, waves, scattering

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