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					   El Niño & La Niña

Presented by: Eric Fabbro, Philip
  Orlando and Jonathan Maini.
         What Causes El Niño & La
•   El Niño is the disruption of the ocean
    atmosphere in the Tropical Pacific
    causing important consequences for
    weather around the globe.
•   La Niña is known for it’s unusually cold
    ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.
    Unlike El Niño that is known for it’s warm
    ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.
•   Among these many consequences are
    increased rainfall across the southern
    United States and in Peru.
•   Also included are devastating droughts
    in the West Pacific which are the cause
    of many brush fires in Australia.
    What Causes El Niño & La Niña
•   In normal non El Niño conditions the
    trade winds blow across the Tropical
    Pacific towards the west.
•   These winds pile up warm surface
    water in the west Pacific.
•   During El Niño the trade winds in the
    Tropical Pacific tend to relax in the
    central and western Pacific. This leads
    to the lowering of the thermo cline in
    the eastern Pacific and a highering of
    thermo cline in the west.
•   Thermo cline is the separation of
    different regions having different
    temperatures in large bodies of water.
When does El Niño & La Niña
              •   El Niño and La Niña are said to
                  occur in December somewhere
                  around Christmas time.
              •   No one yet actually knows when it
                  occurs. So far they only know that
                  these weather systems just happen.
              •   Although scientists do know that El
                  Niño and La Niña do happen every
                  3 to 7 years.
El Niño & La Niña In The World
               • El Niño and La Niña is not a
                 weather system that affects only
                 one area. They both affect the
                 whole world.
               • But there is one place that is
                 affected more than any other in
                 the world and that is the
El Niño & La Niña in Our Area
               • El Niño and La Niña affect our
                 area a lot. An example of this
                 is about four years ago the
                 United States had one of the
                 warmest winters ever and was
                 followed by one of the wettest
                 springs ever.
Recent El Niño’s La Niña’s
             • The most recent El Niño
               and La Niña events in the
               world are:

The Destruction of El Niño & La
                • El Niño and La Niña
                  themselves cannot create
                  any destruction, but El
                  Niño causing warmer
                  conditions can create
                  hurricanes, thunderstorms,
                  floods and so on.
                • La Niña on the other hand
                  creates snow and ice
                  storms that can destroy
                  many things.
How Often El Niño & La Niña

              • Like we said before
                El Niño and La
                Niña occur every 3
                to 7 years.
What produces El Niño & La

             • As we mentioned
               El Niño is caused
               by the distruption
               of of the ocean
               atmosphere in the
               Tropical Pacific.
  Exciting facts about El Niño &
            La Niña!!!
• El Niño is spanish for “The Little Boy”.
• La Niña is spanish for “The Little Girl”.
• El Niño was originally discovered by a fisherman
  off the coast of South America.
• La Niña is known as the anti-El Niño. It is also
  called El Viejo which means “The Old Man”.
  The End


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