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									Reference No: WFQ/12/
Version: 12/01

                 Application for Local Authority Sponsorship
                             towards course fees

              Level 2 Certificate or Level 3 Diploma for the
             Children & Young Peoples Workforce and the
                    Transitional Award for Playwork

                          Managed Service on behalf of
SECTION 1 - Learner information:

 Title                      First name                                  Last name


 Post Code
 Home Tel:
 Mobile Tel:

 Unique learner registration no. if applicable

You will only be eligible to apply for funding if you meet one of the criteria below, please tick next to
the box that best describes your situation:

 Currently employed in a single early years non-maintained Ofsted registered early years &
 childcare provision within Lincolnshire (part or full-time) for a minimum of 15 hours
                          Day Nursery, Pre-school, Playgroup, Independent School, Out of School Club

 Working as a Ofsted Registered Childminder within Lincolnshire for a minimum of 15 hours

 Have you received funding from Lincolnshire County Council for
 any previous qualification courses
If yes, please give details below:
 Name of qualification                                            Level            Date achieved

 Please detail how you feel this course will benefit you and your setting:

SECTION 2 - Applicant Declaration:

To the best of my knowledge the information I have completed on this form is correct. If I am
successful in obtaining sponsorship from Lincolnshire County Council I will undertake to complete the
course I am funded for. I understand that Lincolnshire County Council reserves the right to reclaim a
percentage of course costs from me, if I leave before I complete the course. I understand I will be
required to pay back any course fees that have been paid to the training provider by the local authority
(pro rata).

 Signature of applicant                                                            Date

SECTION 3 – Employment details - Supervisor to complete:
Lincolnshire County Council ask that Supervisors commit to developing the candidates professional
development, by giving appropriate support and allocating time that may be required to successfully
complete this qualification
Please give all relevant details of the setting that you are employed (if registered as a Childminder
please state your registration number & type of setting and date that you registered)

 Name of Manager / Owner

 Name & Address of setting

 Ofsted registration Number

 Learner job title

 Type of setting                   Voluntary                                    Out of School         Registered
                                                           Day Nursery
 * Please circle                   Pre-school                                       Club              Childminder

 Other *Please state

 Please state below the date this member of staff commenced paid employment with you

 Please state below the number of hours this staff member is contracted for:

Managers Declaration:

 Print Name



Factors to consider:
        It may not be favourable if you have previously applied for funding from Lincolnshire County
         Council, and then subsequently failed to complete the course
        Lincolnshire County Council will only fund applicants to pursue a qualification that is higher than a
         level already held or previously paid for by LCC (in the relevant field)
        All applicants are required to complete audit / monitoring forms sent out from Lincolnshire County
         Council, as requested, failure to return these forms may affect your funding
        Any additional costs to re-sit or re-submit pieces of work will have to be met by the applicant.
        LCC has the right to withdraw funding from a candidate if they demonstrate ineffective progress,
         in any area *after discussions with the relevant training provider after which point 3 would be

SECTION 4 - Training provider to complete:
Training Providers must commit to completing regular ‘Local Authority monitoring return forms’ that aims
to track student retention, progress and achievement on the courses against which they are being

Name of College / Training Organisation


Full cost of the course                          £
Lincolnshire County Council to pay               £
Balance to be paid by Candidate                  £

Maximum Local Authority sponsorship amounts:

Level 2                                          £300
Level 3                                          £600
Transitional Award                               £200

         It should be understood that this amount is for stand alone qualifications only and cannot
          be used to support qualifications that are already being part funded by Government
Please sign to state that the candidate meets the minimum requirements necessary for funding
and a place has been provisionally offered:

Signature of Course Leader


Suggested date of course commencement

Expected date for completion

Print Name of Assessor allocated to this

Please detail below how you have agreed to complete the 650 notional learning hours necessary
for course completion

    On completion of the qualification you should                             Do your homework - search the

download, complete and return the exit interview form                            internet (The Birth to Five
 to Kay Probert, Early Years Consultant (Workforce)                             Service Workforce Page will                        Discuss your wish to study with
            at the Birth to Five Service.                                     help), talk to Training Providers,                  your line manager (if relevant) as
                                                                              & Colleagues to find out which is                    you will need their support with
                                                                                  the best course for you.                          your application for funding.
  4 months after your course start date you should
 download and complete the interim monitoring form
    and email to kay.probert@lincolshire.gov.uk                                          Which course, which level, how
                                                                                         do you want to study? All things               Download and complete the
                                                                                         to consider before you start the             required candidate section of the
                                                                                                    process.                                  application form.

 Your start date should now be confirmed, if
you fail to start the course within 8 weeks of         The route to applying for qualification
approval being given the process of approval
           will need to be repeated.                                sponsorship
                                                                                                                                     The Manager should complete
                                                                                                                                       the relevant section of the
                                             Should your application be                            If you are working as a                  application form.
    You should arrange to pay the           declined you will be notified of                     Registered Childminder you
     candidate contribution to the         the reasons and the process of                        should leave the Managers
  Training Provider so they can then                   appeal.                                          section blank.
  invoice the Local Authority for the
                                                                    Incomplete applications will be                                By now you should be clear
    agreed amount of sponsorship.
                                                                     returned so please ensure all                                which training provider you are
                                                                     sections are completed in as                                keen to study with, so its time to
                                                                       much details as possible.                                 make an appointment to discuss
                                                                                                                                      this further with them.
 Your application will be considered
      at the next panel meeting if               Almost there, now you need to complete the Declaration
   complete. If successful you will                    section and gather the required supporting
receive a sponsorship letter via email                                                                                 At this interview you should be
                                                 documentation – your application will not be processed             discussing how you plan to achieve
    (a copy will also be sent to the                         without this paperwork (copies).
           Training Provider)                                                                                        the qualification, once a place has
                                                                                                                     been agreed, the training provider
                           Please make sure you understand the ‘factors to consider’                               should complete the relevant section
                          as you may be liable to pay back the sponsorship amount if                                       of the application form.
                                       you fail to complete the course.

Entry requirements:

    Candidates MUST have been employed in their current position for 6 months minimum,
     prior to making an application for funding

    Candidates MUST be working for a minimum of 15 hours per week in a single setting (for
     a minimum of 38 weeks per year)

    Applicants must hold a Certificate in Adult Literacy Level 2 and Certificate in Adult
     Numeracy Level 2 or GCSE English & Maths Grade A-C or equivilant and show
     evidence of previously undertaking core training – a copy of this should be attached.

    Funded places available is dependant of the number of staff being employed.
     3-6 staff      =1 candidate will be funded at any one time.
     6-12 staff     =2 candidates will be funded at any one time.
     12+ staff      =3+ candidates will be funded at any one time.

Supporting paperwork that should be included with the application for sponsorship:

    Candidates should submit a copy of their job description & contract of employment so
     evidence job role and contracted hours – if you are a registered childminder you should
     submit a copy of your registration certificate and a list of your opening hours

    Candidates should submit a copy of both their Certificate in Adult Literacy Level 2 and
     Certificate in Adult Numeracy Level 2 and current core training certificates.

Please return completed applications & photocopies of supporting documentation to:
Kay Probert
Early Years Consultant (Workforce)
Birth to Five Service
Myle Cross Centre
Macaulay Drive
St. Giles

 Incomplete applications will be returned and should be resubmitted once all of
                       the information can be provided.

Lincolnshire County Council is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Data collected will be used specifically for training statistical analysis
               and only summary information will be released. No personal information will be passed to any agencies or individuals.

  Addendum: GCSE English and Mathematics or equivalent (definition)


  “EYPS candidates must have a GCSE grade C or above in English and Mathematics, or a
  recognised equivalent, to complete one of the EYPS training and assessment Pathways”
  “Level 2 key skills in application of number and communication, and certificates in adult literacy
  and adult numeracy, are not sufficient to meet this requirement. Although they are at the same
  level of the national qualifications framework (NQF) as GCSE A-C grades, they do not cover the
  full breadth of knowledge demanded by GCSEs.”
  “Equivalency Testing” provide equivalent GCSE testing for students who have not reached the
  standard grade in previous learning institutions.
  “If you are unsure about the equivalence of a qualification gained overseas, please contact the
  National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) at ECCTIS Ltd, Oriel House, Oriel
  Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1XP (Tel: 01242 260010).”

  All completed applications will be considered on the closest advertised date after

  Panel dates:

            April 30th
            May 31st
            June 29th
            July 31st
            August 31st
            September 30th
            October 31st
            November 30th
            December 12th
            January 31st
            February 26th


  Total sponsorship

  Any additional panel comments / reasons for any exemptions:

  Date of application

  Panel date

  Agreement prepared by

  Authorised by

  Vendor number

  SAP code

  Processed by

  Invoice No.

  Method of Payment

Lincolnshire County Council is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Data collected will be used specifically for training statistical analysis
               and only summary information will be released. No personal information will be passed to any agencies or individuals.

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