Dear Parents: by T5vwZJ


									Dear Parents:

During our next unit of study, we will be focusing on the topic of The Neolithic Era. To
demonstrate proficiency on this topic, students will have to know, understand or be able
to do the following:

- How does human migration affect a region?
- Why did humans migrate from one place to another?
- How did the first humans communicate with each other and where did Mesopotamia
- Where would we be today if the people of the Neolithic Era did not exist?
- How did farming affect civilizations?

Evaluation of progress in this unit will be based upon:
*Pre-assessment through pre-test done in class;
*Inquiry through problem solving and differentiated stations connecting present day
events with the past;
*Utilizing words in the Social Studies word bank within context;
*Informal Teacher Notes and Observation
*Completed Student Response packets, projects, and homework from the History Alive

Resources you could use to assist your child with their learning during this unit of study
*Students could go on the Team 5 website for links containing more information and


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