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									                                Mary Maguire
                       Highbury, Long Street, Cork City
              Tel: 021 4656565 Email:


September 1999- present University of Limerick
PhD on the life and times of Turlough O’Carolan
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Sept 1998-Aug 1999 University College Cork
MPhil in Irish Literature
(Thesis Title)

Sept 1995- June 1998 University College Cork
BA Irish and Anthropology

Research Experience

Feb-May 2000 and June- July 2001
University of Limerick

Research Assistant, Works of O’Carolan. Proof correction, manuscript work,

Teaching Assistant, workshop leader on second year Leann Duchais course.

June –Sept 1995
M &M Management Consultants, Cork City

Compiled reports, IT, conducted surveys for major project, conducted
interviews, and presented findings

Research Skills

Information Analysis
PhD research requires critical review of the work of Turlough O’Carolan the
17th century famous Irish harpist and composer

Project Management
Work without direct supervision to plan daily, weekly and monthly deadlines

Successfully set and met objectives and deadlines in various research
projects (3yr PhD research, research assistant posts, management
consultancy post) for different clients
Presentation Skills
Extensive experience in delivery of verbal and written reports to academic and
commercial audiences

Responsible for proof reading and correction of manuscripts

Confident user of word processing and presentation software

Professional Personal Achievements


One of five co-ordinators of the University of Limericks ’ Old Irish Music open
day (October 2000)

University of Limerick Access Programme (2002- present). Visit local schools
to encourage more applications to UL


Powerpoint presentation for international academics during Festival of
Harpists seminar, University of Warsaw , Poland (May 2004)

Presented two papers at O’Carolan Society Conference, University of Toronto
, Canada (Jan 2000)

Multitasking and Organisation

Chairperson and secretary of University Waterpolo Club-organised matches
and excursions home and abroad (Scotland), arranged sponsorship,
promoted the club in the university, chaired meetings, coordinated charity
events and liaised between the students union, students and club members.


Watch leader on Irish training tall ship, Asgard II on voyages around Ireland .
(1999 and 2000)

Represented University Swimming Club in Scotland at the Celtic Nations 2000


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