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									Cont ac t Ad d re s s:                                                     P er so na l Info rm at ion :
Saudi Arabia-Hail                                                          Date of Birth: 3 Jul 1983
Mobile: 05-4846562                                                         Place of Birth: Kuwait
Email:                                                Nationality: Jordanian                                                 Marital Status: Married

Firas M.Al-Atera

O bj ect iv e s               To join a reputable organization, in which I could utilize my educational
                              background and field experience the best way that would serve the need
                              and expectation of both the organization and my personal development

E xp er ie nc e :

Comp an y                      H ai l Univ er s i t y

City/Country:                  Hail – Saudi Arabia
Job Title:                     Lecturer in computer science collage
Start Date:                    Sep 2009
End Date:                      Till Now

                              o Teach programs of ( ICDL, MCSE, CCNA, VB, Oracle ).
                              o Supervision the software working in the institution.
                              o Supervision the labs software & hardware inside the collage.

Comp an y                      E cono mi c an d So ci a l In sti tuti on of th e m il ita r y r eti r ee s

City/Country:                         Amman -Jordan
Job Title:                            Official Department Of Computer
Start Date:                           Aug 2009
End Date:                             Sep 2009

Responsibilities:                     *    Manage the Department of Computer in the institution
                                           And the Branches of the Administrative and Technical.
                                          Supervision to all the software working in the institution.
                                          Lay the foundations for the necessary safety devices in the
                                          Follow-up of the electronic archiving System with optimize
                                          Put the program development and follow-up required.
                                          Follow-up to the problems of the oracle with Palestine
                                          Follow-up matters relating to software licensing with the
                                           ministry of communications and information technology
                                           and national Information Center.
                                          Follow-up to the new salary with the company the civil.
                                          Completion of the reports of income tax and sales.
                                          Treat the process the income collections from the
                                           companies client with the institution on the system.

Company                                     Al-Fuqaha'a School

City/Country:                               Amman-Jordan
Job Titel:                                  Teacher in ministry of education
Start Date:                                 Sep 2005
End Date:                                   June 2006
Responsibilities:                               Teach of computer for high school students (MS Office,
                                                 Visual Basic)
                                                Head of computer lab
                                                Maintenance and update for network computer
                                                Create usernames for students to use computers in the
                                                 lab, identifies on permits for employees in the work.
                                                Specialist in computer network.

Company                                        Mate Company

City/Country:                                  Amman-Jordan
Job Titel:                                     Network Computer engineer.
Start Date:                                    Dec 2006
End Date:                                      Dec 2008

Responsibilities:                              Identifies for computer network
                                               Fix and resolve the problem in servers and network

Comp an y                                      University Center for Computer Services

City/Country:                                  Al-Zarqa -Jordan
Job Titel:                                     Maintenance and Network Computer Engineer.
Start Date:                                    Jan 2009
End Date:                                      Aug 2009

Responsibilities:                              Identifies for computer network
                                               Fix and resolve the problem in servers and network

Edu c ati on /Q u al if i c at ion s :

 Institution:                                  Al-Isra'a University
                                               Al-Isra'a University

 City/Country:                                 Amman - Jordan

 Qualifications:                               B.Sc. of computer science
                                               B.Sc. of computer science.(2005)
 Completed:                                    Master of computer information system.
                                               Master of computer information system in ( Arab academy)
Project During Study:
                                              Speech of recognition

                                              Registration

                                              E-learning ( Electronic Learning)

Training Courses:

     ICDL ( International computer drive license)
     MCSE ( Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer )
     CCNA ( Cisco Certified Network Associate )
S ki ll s Sum ma r y :

     Excellent communication, presentation and social skills.
     Ability to perform well under pressure.
     Leadership skills.
     Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
     Team worker.
     Ability to build strong and effective customer relationships.
     Willing to learn very fast, self-motivated

 Lang ua ge s :

 English:                                Good command of English language (speaking, Reading, Writing)
 Arabic:                                 Mother tongue

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