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									Summary of collaborative funding opportunities reviewed by External Funding Working Group
                                                                                                       Last Updated: 29 May 2012

a) Current activity
Fund              Distributor   Objectives                     Potential bidders    Bid amounts Deadlines         Progress
Improving         BIG           To improve outcomes for        VCS                  £900k    max Full bid: 28     Approved.
Futures                         children of families with      organisations;       (20 awards)  October 2011     £890K over
                                complex and multiple           local authority                                    4 yrs. SAFC
                                problems                       support required                                   Foundation
Communities      BIG            £10 million 'test and learn'   VCS group with       Up to £10K      Full bid: 25  EoI
Living                          initiative to encourage        charitable status.   for 30 delivery June 2012     approved for
Sustainably                     behaviour change by            Must be              plans. Up to    Decision end  a £10K
                                making climate change          partnership          £1m for 10      August 2012   development
                                issues more relevant and       including VCS,       full projects                 grant.
                                recognisable by                public & private                                   Sunderland
                                communities and to raise       partners                                           BME
                                awareness of the benefits of                                                      Network
                                behaviour change for                                                              leading on
                                individuals and communities                                                       full
BIG Local        Community   Big Local is a ten-year           BIG Regional         Up to £1        Second 50     £1M for
Trust            Development programme providing a             Offices              million per     areas         Moorsley &
                 Foundation  mixture of funding, finance       responsible for      area            approved      Easington
                             and support to enable local       selection of areas                   February 2012 Lane areas
                             people to build on local                                                             of the
                             talents and aspirations and                                                          Coalfields
                             identify and act on their own                                                        approved
                             needs to make their areas
                             better places to live, now
                             and in the future
Supporting       BIG and the Over £70m available to help       Community            Supporting    Closed      for £211,717
Change        & Cabinet Office       lottery-funded good causes groups,      charity, Change       applications.   awarded to
Impact                               cope with the developing voluntary               element – an                 Sunderland
                                     impact of public funding                         extra year’s                 in total
                                     cuts                                             worth     of
Advice           Non     lottery     To support organisations in VCS organisations £40,000       - Full bid: 22    £123,869
Services         funding             the free advice sector that                      £70,000      December        awarded to
                                     have been affected by                                         2011            Sunderland
                                     reductions     in    public                                                   in total
Transitions      Non      lottery    To    help   civil  society Civil       society £12,500     - Full bid: 21    £622,658
                 funding – Big       organisations which deliver organisations        £500,000     January 2011    awarded to
                 Fund           is   public services become                                                        Sunderland
                 delivering the      stronger, more agile adjust                                                   in total.
                 Transition          to the new spending
                 Fund          on    environment
                 behalf of the
                 Office for Civil
                 Cabinet Office

Supporting Change and Impact:
   £10,000 awarded to Citizen’s Advice Sunderland
   £9,624 awarded to Sunderland Volunteer Bureau
   £109,383 awarded to Voluntary Community Action Sunderland
   £7,407 awarded to Hendon Young People’s Project
   £56,895 awarded to Youth Almighty Project
   £8,408 awarded to The Box Youth Project
   £10,000 awarded to Bridge Training and Education Opportunities for Women.

Advice Services:
   £69,832 awarded to Citizens Advice Sunderland
   £54,037 awarded to Fiscus North Ltd.

    £26,295 awarded to Elite Family Specialists CIC
    £56,800 awarded to Education Business Connections Ltd.
    £71,059 awarded to B’ Active ‘N’ B’ Fit CIC
    £90,004 awarded to Fiscus North Ltd.
    £97,500 awarded to Sustainable Enterprise Strategies CIC
    £101,000 awarded to Age UK
    £180,000 awarded to TEAM Wearside Ltd.

b) For review
Fund             Distributor   Objectives                Potential         Bid         Deadlines       Progress
                                                         bidders           amounts
Awards for All   BIG           Community projects        Community         £300 - £10k open            Sunderland has
                                                         groups            max                         been      awarded
                                                                                                       £365,250 in grant
                                                                                                       between 1 April
                                                                                                       2011 – 31 March
Reaching         BIG           Community projects       VCS,     Charities, £10k - £500k open          2 successful
Communities                                             schools, etc                                   applications for
                                                                                                       £295,470 & City
                                                                                                       of Sunderland
Parks for        BIG / HLF     Regeneration of existing                     £250k - £5m 2 rounds per To be reviewed
People                         green spaces                                              yr (28 Feb
                                                                                         for     June
                                                                                         decision, 31
                                                                                         August    for
Coalfields       CRT           Level I – development of VCS,      schools, Level 1 £500 Level 1 open Applications for
Regeneration                 small organisations           local   authorities - £5,000                   level 1 grants
Trust                        Level 2 – employment,         etc                 Level 2        Level     2 from Sunderland
                             education/skills,                                 £10,000 -      closed      based
                             health/well-being/access                          £100,000                   organisation still
                             to opportunities                                                             encouraged.
                                                                                                          £22M for 2013-15
                                                                                                          approved by
Community      Community     To increase social capital    VCS                  £30K        Panels to be Panels for
First          Development   in local areas by fostering                        Neighbourho registered by Millfield,
               Foundation    the creation of small         Eligible wards       od Matched 31 March       Silksworth,
                             neighbourhood groups in       confirmed as         Fund        2012          Pallion & Hendon
                             disadvantaged                 Hendon, Millfield,                             registered as of
                             communities.                  Pallion, Ryhope,                               1/2/12
                                                           Southwick & St      £50            From Oct        N/A
                                                           Michaels            Endowment      2011
Coastal        BIG           Economic development of       Charities, VCS,     £18.2M for     Opens           VCAS led EoI for
Communities                  coastal communities           local authorities,  England for    March 2012      almost £1M
                                                           social enterprises, 2012/13.       for EoIs with   Partners include:
                                                           LEPs, private       Revenue &      end of March    SNCBC, SYPBP,
                                                           sector              capital. Bid   as the          Riverside CIC,
                                                                               amounts in     deadline        Groundwork
                                                                               excess of

c) Closed/Unsuccessful bids
Fund          Distributor     Objectives                  Potential              Bid              Deadlines       Progress
                                                          bidders                amounts
Improving     BIG             To increase financial       VCS led                £500k - £1m      Outline: 16     Gentoo led bid –
Financial                     capability of social        partnerships incl.                      September       unsuccessful (Vic
Confidence                    housing residents           local authority                         2011.           MacKay)
                                                          and RSLs
Transforming BIG              To rationalise and          Lead VCS               £250k        - Full bid: 31      VCAS led bid –
Local                         transform support services infrastructure          £400k          October           unsuccessful
Infrastructure                to front line organisations organisations                         2011              (Gillian
Realising     BIG             To help young people          VCS                  Up to £3m        Outline: 10     SCC led bid –
Ambition                      between 8-14 avoid            organisations        (approx. 20      October         unsuccessful
                              pathways into offending                            awards)          2011.           (Linda Mason)
Silver Dream BIG              To pioneer ways to help       VCS groups,          £110m            28 October      No full
Fund                          vulnerable older people       registered           1st tranche of   for 1st round   applications
                              deal more effectively with    charities, social    £10m to up                       submitted
                              life-changing events          enterprises & not-   to         30
                                                            for-profit           projects.
                                                            companies but        Remainder
                                                            partnerships can     in grants of
                                                            include private      £50K        to
                                                            sector & statutory   £200K
Social Action The Social      To create new social          Constituted Civil    £20m       for 2 November        SCC led bid –
Fund          Investment      action opportunities:-        Society              grants      of 2011              unsuccessful
              Business        1) in the community           Organisation,        £100k       or                   (Victoria French)
                              2) inspired by the            Public Sector,       more
                              Olympics & Paralympics        Business with
                              3) for all ages               social mission
Community     Home Office     To encourage fresh ways       Not-for profit       Small £1K to Closed 1            Not known if any
Action                        to tackling local crime and   organisations,       £15K, Large Dec 2011             Sunderland
Against                       community safety              social &             £15,001 to                       based
Crime                         problems                      community            £50K per yr                      organisation
Innovation                                                  enterprises and      for 2yrs (Sep                    submitted bids
Fund                                                           informal groups      11-Mar 12 &
                                                                                    Apr 12-Mar
Millennium      BIG               3 outcomes:- stronger       UK-based              £10M for 5  Closed 13          Not known if any
Now                               connections between         registered            grants of   Dec 2011           Sunderland
                                  people & communities;       charities/organisa    £1.5M to                       based
                                  creative projects with UK-  tions that have       £2M                            organisation
                                  wide relevance;             successfully                                         submitted bids
                                  communities involved in     completed a
                                  design & delivery           similar £1M (or
                                                              greater) project
                                                              within last 2yrs or
                                                              show significant
                                                              experience &
                                                              expertise in
                                                              similar projects &
                                                              ability t0 manage
                                                              large projects
Integrated      Princess Royal To support the                 Statutory and         £65,000 (9      One stage      Sunderland
Interventions   Trust for Carers development of               Third sector          partnerships    application:   Carers Centre
                (DoE)            ‘partnership sites’ focusing ‘partnership sites’   across the 9    6 February     leading. Decision
                                 on early intervention and                          govt regions)   2012           expected mid-
                                 prevention of excessive or                                                        March 2012
                                 harmful caring and
                                 improving integrated
                                 interventions for young
                                 carers (under 18) and their
                                 families across England


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