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					Management Board Agenda
09:00 Thursday 31 March
      Basement Room 2
Attendees:       Andy White (Chair), Rachel Campbell (for Paul Satoor), Alex Fiddes, Paul
                 Coombs, Peter Hearn, Alastair Peoples
Guests:          Jill Rawllins, Heather Cruickshank, Ingrid Morris, Pat Bonser
Secretary:       Tom Middleton
Apologies:       Paul Satoor, Joanne Warden
 09:00 1. Meeting Administration                                                      30 mins
           Appoint Meeting Evaluator.
           Sign off Minutes of preceding Management Board.
           Update on Management Board outstanding actions.
           Acknowledgement of papers in correspondence.
               o Corporate Overhead Update                                     VOSA MB(10)35
               o Health & Safety Update                                        VOSA MB(10)36
               o Long Term Sick Absence Budget                                 VOSA MB(10)37
               o Portfolio Benefits Register                                   VOSA MB(10)38
               o Hot Spot Payment Update
                                                                               VOSA MB(10)39
         Any Other Business

09:30   2. Corporate Scorecard 2010/11 Plan                                    VOSA MB(10)40      30 mins
        & Sickness Absence Figures 2009/10
                 & Financial YTD & Forecast for March 2010
        Owner Director: Paul Coombs & Paul Satoor
        Objective: To preview next years Corporate Scorecard.
        Outcome: Improved Corporate performance.

10:00   3. Programme Dashboard                                                 VOSA MB(10)41      20 mins
        Owner: Peter Hearn
        Objective: To monitor the Project Dashboards.
        Outcome: Improved Corporate Performance.

10:20   4. Key Business Risk Report - March                                    VOSA MB(10)42      20 mins
        Owner Director: Peter Hearn
        Objective: To monitor and review Corporate risk.
        Outcome: KBRR approved for submission to MFS and publication.

10:40   BREAK                                                                                     15 mins

10:55   5. Customer Survey Insights and Actions                                VOSA MB(10)43      30 mins
        Owner Director: Peter Hearn
        Objective: To inform the board of the latest customer survey results
        Outcome: To agree next steps

11:25   6. Shared Service Centre Migration Update                              VOSA MB(10)44      10 mins
        Owner: Paul Coombs                                                     Paper on the day
        Objective: To update the board of developments from the DfT meeting
        Outcome: A better understanding of migration issues

11:35   7. Review of Talent Pool                                               VOSA MB(10)45      30 mins
        Owner: Paul Satoor
        Objective: To discuss options for talent pool
        Outcome: To agree a way forward

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Management Board Agenda
09:00 Thursday 31 March
      Basement Room 2
 12:05 8. Austerity CAT Review                                                  VOSA MB(10)46   30 mins
        Owner: Cross Directorate
        Objective: To provide timelines and prioritisations for Austerity CAT
        Outcome: Next steps agree

12:35   LUNCH                                                                                   30 mins

13:05   9. PIR Process Proposal                                                 VOSA MB(10)47   20 mins
        Owner: Peter Hearn
        Objective: To formalise the responsibility for Business Change
        Managers to own and deliver all future Post Implementation Reviews.
        Outcome: To agree the proposal

13:25   10. Powers to Stop                                                      VOSA MB(10)48   15 mins
        Owner: Alex Fiddes
        Objective: To discuss options regarding Powers to Stop
        Outcome: to agree a way forward on assuring Powers to Stop

13:40   11. AOB                                                                                 15 mins
13:55    Communications: messages for the business.                                            15 mins
14:10    Board Agendas – Forward look.                                                         10 mins
14:20    Meeting Evaluation                                                                     5 mins

14:25   Close

* Following the board there will be 30mins spent on a Directors Station visit plan for 2010/11.

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