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7th Grade Power Standards by HC121104002213


									                        7th Grade Power Standards


  1) Define words using context clues, comparison, contrast, definitions,
     restatements, and examples from the text

  2) Use knowledge of Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon roots and word
     origins to understand vocabulary

  3) Use dictionaries, thesauruses, glossaries, technology, and text features
     to learn what words mean and how to say them

  4) Summarize information using key ideas, supporting details, and
     information from the text

  5) Analyze information found in maps, charts, tables, graphs, diagrams,
     cutaways, and overlays

  6) Tell why the author writes text and explain his/her argument,
     perspective, viewpoint

  7) Analyze the setting in a story and explain the importance

  8) Identify and explain subjective and objective point of view

  9) Explain how using different words (i.e. figurative language) can
     change meaning or mood


  1) Develop a thesis for informational and narrative writing

  2) Organize writing to include an introduction, body, resolution, and
     closing statement or summary

  3) Use simple, compound, and complex sentences in writing

  4) Maintain a consistent focus throughout paragraphs
5) Write to make meaning clear using transitional words to link ideas,
   grouping like ideas together, etc.

6) Write narratives that have a clear focus and point of view using details
   and dialogue to develop plot

7) Respond in writing to questions about novels, stories, poems and
   plays using details from the text

8) Correctly spell words

9) Correctly use capitalization

10) Use subjects and verbs correctly

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