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Unit #: 4

Lesson #: 5

Lesson name: Germany and the Alpine countries

Core Content : SS06-4.1.1 students will use a variety of geographic tools (maps, charts, etc) to
interpret patterns on Earth’s surface
SS06-3.2.1, students will compare present day economic systems
SS06-1.1.1 students will compare purposes and sources of power in the most common forms of
government in the present day
SS06-2.1.1 students will explain how elements of culture (language, art, customs, etc.) define
specific groups
R.L.H. 6-8.1 cite textual evidence
DOK: 2

Flashbacks: Regions of the U.S. Odyssey questions

Essential Question: What common characteristics do Germany and the Alpine countries share
in regard to culture, economy, geography and government?
Learning Target/Objective: "I can locate Germany and the Alpine countries on a map and
compare their geography, economy, culture and government.
VOCABULARY: federal republic; reunification

Resources: Student-made foldables; atlases, The World and Its People pp. 350-353, Europe
outline maps

Instructional Strategies: Students will make a foldable with four sections. Across the top they
will label it “Germany” On each fold they will list, geography, economy, culture, and
government. Working in pairs, students will take notes on each of the four categories looking for
facts and highlighting Germany on a blank outline map of Europe. Prior to making the second
organizer, students will view a brief film segment on the Berlin Wall (1minute)

 Next, students will make a venn diagram with 3 overlapping circles. They will label the circles:
Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Students will work together highlighting Austria and
Switzerland on their outline maps then read the sections on Austria and Switzerland, putting any
facts that the three countries share on the overlapping circle of their venn diagrams and any they
have different on the insides of the circles.

Exit Slip: List two characteristics of culture, economy, geography or government that Germany
and the Alpine countries share:
Formative Assessment: posters; exit slip Summative: Europe common assessment

Modifications: graphic organizers, partner work, modifications per IEP

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