6th unit 4 lesson 7 by HC121104001557



Unit #: 4

Lesson #: 7

Lesson name: Southern Europe

Core Content : SS06-4.1.1 students will use a variety of geographic tools (maps, charts, etc) to
interpret patterns on Earth’s surface
SS06-3.2.1, students will compare present day economic systems
SS06-1.1.1 students will compare purposes and sources of power in the most common forms of
government in the present day
SS06-2.1.1 students will explain how elements of culture (language, art, customs, etc.) define
specific groups

DOK: 2

Flashbacks: markets questions

Essential Question: What common characteristics do the countries of southern Europe share in
regard to culture, economy, geography and government?
Learning Target/Objective: "I can locate Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece on a map and
compare their geography, economy, culture and government.

VOCABULARY: republic, Mediterranean

Resources: Student-made charts; atlases, The World and Its People pp. 358-362, Europe
outline maps

Instructional Strategies: Students will make four foldables like the one shown on p. 358 of the
textbook. Across the tops they will label each: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Next students
will read the textbook pages 358-362 and take notes on each of the categories on their foldables.
They also will highlight each of the four nations on a blank outline map of Europe. After all
notes are taken, students will be given highlighters and can highlight any items that are similar
among the four countries.

Exit Slip: List two characteristics of culture, economy, geography or government that the
Southern European nations share:
Formative Assessment: graphic organizers and exit slips

Modifications: graphic organizers, partner work, modifications per IEP

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