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					chad james                                     “Logic will get you from A to B.
                                            Imagination will take you everywhere.”
                                                       - Albert Einstein
1124 Altic St
Houston, Texas 77023
ChadWJames@live.com                                                           http://www.chadwjames.info

   Over 11 years of experience in software development, including architecture, testing, and deployment
   Expert in software development and analysis using object-oriented concepts, such as inheritance,
    dependency injection, and data-driven design
   Hands on experience in design and development of enterprise web applications using MVC, HTML5, XML, CSS,
    AJAX, SignalR, and JavaScript
   Experience deploying web applications and configuring Internet Information Systems (IIS)
   Experience in deploying and configuring Windows Azure Cloud Services including Web Sites, Cloud
    Services, Storage Services, SQL Databases, and Service Buses
   Extensive experience creating presentation layers using WPF, Silverlight, and HTML5
   Experience designing interoperability wrappers for integrating unmanaged code with .NET assemblies
   Great understanding of deploying applications using ClickOnce Deployment and packaging applications using
   Good working knowledge of middle layer service designs using WCF SOAP, Web API, and RESTful services
   Expert in designing custom CTI solutions, including custom screen pops and softphones using Cisco CTI
    OS and Genesys CTI
   Great understanding of SQL database design and programming
   Expert in using LINQ and the Entity Framework
   Experience working with enterprise email systems including SMTP, MAPI.NET, and EWS
   Adept in analyzing, troubleshooting, and debugging software using Custom Debug Engines
   Proficient in administrating Windows 95 through Windows 8 operating systems
   Coordinated with business teams to determine application requirements
   Very strong business, analytical, and technical problem-solving skills
   Strong ability and experience in seeking solutions effectively and aggressively adapting to challenging

technical skills
Job Function                             Architecture, Analysis, Design, Documentation, Deployment,
                                         Implementation, Programming, Testing, Troubleshooting
Programming Languages                    C#, VB.Net, XAML, SQL, JavaScript, VBScript, Visual Basic 6, Java
Web Technologies                         Ajax, CSS, MVC, jQuery, jQuery UI, XMAL, WebAPI, HTML5, Silverlight,
                                         XML, Telerik Kendo UI
Enterprise Service Technologies          REST, WCF SOAP, CTI, MAPI.NET, EWS, SMTP
Design/Development Tools                 Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, TFS, Blend, Eclipse
Design Patterns & Frameworks             Prism, MVVM, WPF, Entity Framework, LINQ
Operating System                         Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven/8, MS-DOS, OSX, iOS, Android
Application Servers                      Windows Server 2000 - 2008 R2, Windows Azure Cloud Services, SQL
                                         Server 2008 Database, SGD, Terminal Server, VDI, Citrix, SharePoint
Packaging and Deployment                 Microsoft ClickOnce Deployment, InstallShield
                                                                                          United Airlines
June 2011 – Present                   Manager Applications Development                                Houston, TX

As Manager of Applications Development, one of my primary functions was working with the business team to design
creative solutions for complex business needs. I was responsible for designing, building, and deploying software
solutions using an Agile SDLC. I designed presentation layers using ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, and WPF; business
services using WCF, SOAP, Web API, and RESTful services; and data services using LINQ, the
EntityFramwork, and SQL Server 2008 databases. I was also responsible for administrating our Team
Foundation Sever creating branching and merging strategies, check in policies, and assigning tasks.

       Managed a team of 12 developers split between three cities and two countries
       Designed a customer notification email platform to asynchronously send emails and faxes to customers
        using EWS and Genifax mail services
       Deployed software hosted on a diverse array of platforms, including Citrix, SGD, Terminal Server, and
       Designed and implemented an application agnostic instrumentation layer that records all application errors
        and features application tracing using the Entity Framework, C#, .NET Reflection, and SQL Server
       Developed and implemented my team’s Agile SDLC
       Architected a single enterprise solution for integrating United’s call center applications to both Cisco and
        Genesys CTI infrastructure by creating a loosely coupled abstraction layer using C#
       Created client applications that used WPF
       Developed several internal web applications using ASP.NET MVC 3, Web API, SignalR, HTML5, CSS,
        and jQuery
       Hands on experience creating enterprise services using WCF SOAP, and RESTful services
       Created an HTML5 based Cisco CTI OS softphone with custom screen pops using ASP.NET MVC 4,
        SignalR, telerik Kendo UI, and jQuery
       Utilized SharePoint to formalize a work request intake process, show the status of current high priority
        projects, and publish release calendars

Environment: Visual Studios 2010 & 2012, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Citrix, SGD,
Terminal Server, VDI, IIS 7.5, Windows 7 & 8, Cisco CTI, Genesys CTI

                                                                                 Continental Airlines
June 2006 – May 2011                  Sr. Software Developer                                           Houston, TX

As a senior software developer, I was the lead technical resource for several .NET applications. My work involved
creating WCF and Windows Forms client applications. I handled client-side Cisco CIT development work using
C#, WCF, and Silverlight, and I developed and maintained SQL databases. I also was responsible for packaging
and deploying applications using ClickOnce Deployment and InstallShield.

       Created several WPF and Windows Forms .NET applications using C#
       Lead Solution Architect for any new CTI features, including an automated Agent Greeting solution for Cisco
        CTI reservations agents
       Created ClickOnce Deployments
       Packaged software using InstallShield
       Involved in the development of applications using object-oriented concepts, such as inheritance,
        dependency injection, and data-driven design
       Created a custom Cisco CTI softphone using Silverlight hosted on ASP.NET, WCF, and SQL Server 2008
       Provided production support, including testing and debugging

chad james
1124 Altic St
Houston, Texas 77023
ChadWJames@live.com                                                   http://www.chadwjames.info
Environment: Visual Studio 2005 through 2010, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows
Vista, Cisco CTI

                                                                                 Continental Airlines
March 2002 – June 2006                Software Developer                                            Houston, TX

During my time a software developer, I was responsible for the maintenance of older VB6 legacy applications. Some
of which I migrated to VB.NET, while others I rewrote using C#. All applications relied heavily on SQL server
databases. I created an interop layer that enabled unmanaged code to call into .NET assemblies so some of the
larger more complex VB6 applications could take advantage of all the rich features of the .NET framework.

       Responsible for developing and maintaining several applications that were developed using VB.NET, VB6,
        C#, ADO.NET running SQL server
       Created a .NET Interop library for Continental's legacy VB6 applications, allowing for the implementation of
        asynchronous and parallel architectures in the existing VB6 code base
       Hands on experience using Cristal Reports
       Responsible for creating, minting several SQL databases
       Responsible for creating unit test and custom debug engines
       Designed and developed COM+ services
       Provided production support, including testing and debugging

Environment: Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio .NET, ADO.NET, ADODB, SQL Server 2000, Windows Server 2000,
Windows 2000, Windows XP

                                                         University of Houston-Downtown
2002 - 2006                            Bachelor of Science                                             Houston, TX
   Attended part-time while working over 40 hours a week
   Maintained a 3.6 GPA while working toward Computer Science-related degree

                                                                Kingwood Community College
1999 - 2002                            Associates of Science                                         Kingwood, TX
   Maintained a 4.0 GPA
   Dean's Honor Roll

                                                                                   Quest High School
1997 - 2000                            High School Diploma                                            Atascocita, TX
   Started college credit courses while still in high school
   Graduated Early
   Volunteered teaching computer literacy to the community

chad james
1124 Altic St
Houston, Texas 77023
ChadWJames@live.com                                                    http://www.chadwjames.info

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