Physics 223 - Fall 2004 - Quiz #1 by HC121104002213


									Physics 223 - Fall 2011 - Quiz #1                Name:____________________________________

**Indicate the correct answer from the choices provided with each question. In addition, you must justify your
selection of an answer. You may show your mathematical work, provide a clear definition, or eliminate the
incorrect answers. Only partial credit will be given if a clear justification is not provided.

1) Consider the following equation, where x has units of length, t has units of time, v and vo
have units of velocity, and a has units of acceleration. Is the expression dimensionally

2) The graph shows position as a function of time for two trains running on parallel tracks.

Which is true?
      1. At time tB, both trains have the same velocity
      2. Both trains speed up all the time
      3. Both trains have the same velocity at some time before tB
      4. Somewhere on the graph, both trains have the same acceleration
3) Indicate which of the following statements describes a possible scenario for the object in
question. Provide a justification for or against for EACH of the six statements.

      A) An object has zero instantaneous velocity and non-zero acceleration.

      B) An object has negative acceleration and is speeding up.

      C) An object has positive acceleration and constant velocity.

      D) An object has positive velocity and zero acceleration.

      E) An object has increasing positive position and negative velocity.

      F) An object has decreasing positive position and negative acceleration.

4) The figure shows a rhombus whose sides are the same length, x. Which one of the following
is the correct expression for the distance from A to B?

      a) x - x * tan q
      b) x - x * cos q
      c) x - x * sin q
      d) None of the above

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