Cask of Amontillado � Newspaper by HC121104002213


									Cask of Amontillado – Newspaper
This assignment is designed to have you test out your analytical and creative skills while using some
of the concepts and terms we’ve discussed this week. Ideally, you’ll also have some fun. Here’s
what I’d like you to do.

Using the details from the story, construct a multi-page newspaper. It could be one created at the time
of the main action (where is Fortunado?) or 50 years later when Montressor confesses (To whom?).
Though you can include more, your newspaper must include the following:

                                              • Newspaper Title: Reflecting the title, theme, or
                                              Italian location in the story.
                                              • News Stories: The newsletter must have one or
                                              more news stories about events related to your
                                              story. Answer the Who-What-When-Where-Why
                                              of a news story. Can you make it gothic too?
                                              • Editorial: The Editor (one of you) of a
                                              newspaper is entitled to present an opinion or
                                              comment that is related to the story. This should
                                              center on a theme of the story.
                                              • Advertisement(s): Insert one or more
                                              advertisements for people, places, and/or things
                                              from the story. Try to include a symbol or two
                                              from the tale. Remember to be consistent with the
• Obituary(ies): The newspaper must have one or more obituaries (death notices) about characters
in your story. Read a death notice for ideas.

I’d like you to use the Pages application in creating this document. Be sure to include lots of visuals
and include everyone as equally as possible. If you can pull off a passable newsletter and if all parts
are completed with a fitting tone and focus you all collect 15 points. Extra credit goes to those who
can see that it is all written in gothic style. Review those notes and have at it.

For my purposes, include a list of who did what below.
Student Name                                        Task(s) Completed

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