Inauguration Questions by KYSdIX0L


									                                Inauguration Questions

Possible Questions for Discussion:

What is an inauguration?

The Capitol is the building behind President Obama. What kind of work happens in the
Capitol? Why would presidents take their oath there?

Who stands with President Obama while he says the Oath of Office?

Who gives President Obama the Oath of Office? What job does he do for the people of the
United States?

What does President Obama promise to do during his swearing in?

Who is President Lincoln and why would President Obama use his Bible for his oath?

Possible Questions for Journaling:

The President of the United States is important because…

The inauguration is exciting because…

I heard President Obama say…

I hope that President Obama will…

If I was one of President Obama’s kids, Malia or Sasha, I would be most excited about… I
would be most worried about…

Explore the White House at
I would want to live in the White House because… I would not want to live in the White House

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