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									Dear All,

Thanks for all the positive feedback to my first email last month, and for your
suggestions on how we can further build up a community of interest around
policy. We’re thinking through which ones to take on.

In the meanwhile, this month’s highlight has been the wide range of activity
around Big Society. The Prime Minister has been very visible in all of this, with
a major speech on 14 February, an article in the Daily Telegraph on 21
February and his championing of the new National Citizen Service scheme for
young people.

If you haven’t read the speech and Q&A they are well worth a look because,
for example, of the emphasis the Prime Minister puts on personal
responsibility (leaving things for government to sort out “is only ever going to
be half of the answer”) and for his comments on the need to change civil
service culture to allow space for variety and entrepreneurialism.

If you want to read the full transcript of the speech it’s on the No 10 website.

Another interesting debate that's taking place at the moment is around
payment by results, a key means of ensuring services and spending are well
targeted and effective. Public consultation has just ended on the Ministry of
Justice’s Green Paper Breaking the Cycle: Effective Punishment,
Rehabilitation and Sentencing of Offenders (Ken Clarke also gave a speech
about his ambitions for the programme and revealed that President Obama is
keeping an eye on how the UK takes this forward, in the context of unveiling
plans to spend $100 million on payment by results-style programmes in his
Budget last month.

One other thing to bring to your attention is the new Public Sector Equality
Duty, which comes into force on 6 April 2011 and affects policy development.
There’s a ‘quick start’ guide to the duty, available from the Government
Equalities Office website.

It was clear from some of the events that not all of those attending knew who
their departmental head of policy profession is. Follow this link to see the list:

Please send your ideas for issues to cover or other ways to help build a
community of interest around better policy making to the Policy Profession
Support Unit.

Robert Devereux

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