To Kill a Mockingbird by BWOnDD


									                                   To Kill a Mockingbird
                                   Research Assignment

PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENT: This novel takes place in a specific place and time.
Unless we understand the historical setting of the novel, we loose some of its importance and
HOW YOU WILL DO IT: We will be in the library for two days and the computer lab for one
day. You will use the Internet, databases, and book collection to become an expert on your
subject. It is quite possible that you and your partner will need to meet outside of school to
complete the project properly.
     You will be making a Power Point to show to the class what you learned about the topic.
     A big and bold enough font and make sure it is visible if you write over pictures.
     The slides must include: A title slide with your topic and name on it, who, what,
        where, when, why and how must be addressed about your topic, your conclusion and
        how the topic affects you today, works cited slide. A minimum of 10 slides must be
        made. Each slide must have a picture and a minimum of 5 bullet points of facts.
     Works cited information is on pages 30-31 in your assignment notebook or you can use
     You need to submit your power point to Turnitin. Com
     Must bring it to class on a flash drive.
RUBRIC: The oral and power point presentation are worth 100 points total.
                                    Research Topics
                               1930’s in the Southern USA
   1. The Mockingbird                                          25. The Jury System in the
   2. The Slave Trade and Slavery                                  1930’s
   3. Segregation                                              26. Southern religious views
   4. Interracial Marriage                                         and culture in the
   5. Alabama Life in the 1930’s                                   1930’s.
   6. The Ku Klux Klan and White Supremacy                     27. Rosa Parks & Harriet
   7. The Southern Plantation                                      Tubman
   8. Small Town Life in the South                             28. Growing Up Black in
   9. The Southern Courthouse                                      the South
   10. Poverty and Welfare in America
   11. African Americans during the Depression
   12. Life during The Great Depression
   13. Black Friday and the Crash of 1929
   14. Amendments 13, 14, 15 of the Constitution
   15. Emancipation Proclamation
   16. Jim Crow Laws
   17. Dred Scott Decision
   18. Southern Ideals of Femininity
   19. Harper Lee and Truman Capote
   20. The Jury System
   21. Civil Rights Movement
   22. Scotsboro Boys
   23. American Life and Culture of the 1930’s
   24. Growing Up White in the South in the 1930’s

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