Thompsons Store by 9pDQ63


									                      Dining Out on Lord Howe Island
                    Cuisine                   Open                       Bookings
Arajilla            Modern Australian         DINNER: 7 nights, Dinner   Bookings essential
                    cuisine.                  and Bar from 6.30pm.       Ph: 6563 2002.
Beachhouse on       Fresh sea food            Mon &Fri night, 6pm-8pm.   Required if dining
the Moon,                                     Dine in -                  in. Phone
Milky Way                                     bookings advisable.(at     orders from 4pm.
                                              Milky Way) Bar Open and    Last orders
                                              food pickup from 6pm-      7.45 Ph 6563
                                              8.30pm.                    2012
Pinetrees          Menu changes daily with 7 days for lunch and          Essential Ph 6563
                   fresh produce and local dinner.                       2177
                   fish. Fish Fry on Monday
Coral Café,        Café style breakfast and Breakfast/Lunch 7 days,      Phone 6563 2488
Museum and Visitor lunch with homemade        9am-3pm.                   No booking
Centre             cakes and slices           Dinner Sun &Thu, 5.30-     necessary
Capella            The Restaurant at
                   Capella Lodge is
                   reserved for the
                   exclusive enjoyment of
                   its in-house guests.
Pandanus           Seafood a la carte,        Open 7 days                Phone 6563 2400
                   modern Australian and      Dinner - 6.00pm to close   Bookings advised
                   Italian menu with other    Lunch - Wed to Sunday      at visitor centre,
                   options                    12pm to 2.00pm             post office.
                   Great local and most
                   experienced chefs on the
Bowling Club       Our menu features          Open 6 nights 6-8pm        Ph: 65632488 or
                   delicious island fare with Closed Friday              65632171 or
                   fresh local fish our                                  65632106.
                   specialty, best value and                             Bookings at visitor
                   price                                                 centre, post office.
Golf Club          Bar open on Friday                                    Book at the Visitor
                   &Sunday afternoons                                    Centre for Sunset
                   after golf.                                           BBQ Ph: 65632114
                   Sunset BBQ Fri 6.30pm
Thompsons’ Store Takeaway: burger bar,        LUNCH: Open 7 days in      Bookings not
                   fish &chips, gourmet       summer.                    necessary.
                   rolls, salads etc.         Takeaway 11.30am-          Enquiries:
                   Bakery: locally-baked      2.00pm.                    65632155.
                   bread, rolls, pies,
                   pastries and sweet
                   treats; coffee also
Humpty Mick's      Café/bistro menu           Open 8am-9pm for           Ph 6563 2287
Cafe               featuring fresh local      breakfast, lunch and
                   produce and daily          dinner.
                   fully licensed.
Dash-in Dash-out   Lots of lattes and muffins Opening hours: to
Café,              sold and the occasional coincide with flights.
Airport            cold beer or glass of
                   wine. Eases the wait at
                   the airport.
Fish n Fillet      Quality local and                                Ph: 65632208 to
                   imported seafood                                 place your
                   delivered to your door.                          order.

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