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					Pre-Registration & Registration:
Access & Reporting Possibilities
          February-March 2004

Pre-Reg & Reg: What Happens on March 22?
There are 2 components of Pre-Registration &
Registration, owned by 2 separate divisions
1) Banner Pre-Registration & Registration
     Managed and implemented by UI2
     Includes operational processing (entering data) and
      standard reports

2) Pre-Registration & Registration in Data
     Managed and implemented by Decision Support
     Stores all PRR data from Banner, one day later
     Allows you to create your own custom reports          2
What Systems Should I Learn First?

 Become familiar with Banner and Web For first
   • Learn Banner screens
   • Attend Banner training sessions
   • Get comfortable with data entry in Banner
 Learn about standard (UI-Integrate) reports
   • What reports are available?
   • Where are they stored?
   • What data can I get from them?
 If standard reports do not meet your needs (or if
  you are a current report developer), you or your
  staff may need to create your own reports using
  the Data Warehouse.
What are Standard Reports?

 UI-Integrate has developed and will publish a series of
  ‘standard’ reports to meet many operational PRR reporting
 These reports will be stored in several places: EDDIE, View
  Direct, Banner, and Web For.
 A listing of standard reports under development by UI-
  Integrate can be found at:
 UI-Integrate processes access requests to use these standard
  reports, regardless of where they are published (EDDIE, View
  Direct, etc.).
 Questions about these reports can be directed to UI-
  Integrate.                                                         4
Do You Need to Use the Data Warehouse?

 To help determine if you need access to the Data
 Warehouse to create your own custom reports,
 ask yourself the following:
  Do you currently create reports or download
   data to support local systems?
  Have you reviewed the list of available standard
   reports? Do you have needs not met by these

If You Answered Yes to Any of the Questions

  You probably need to use the Data Warehouse.

  Now, you’ll need to determine when you will need
  to access the Data Warehouse.

When Should I Access the Data Warehouse?

                                                 2. Do the
       1. Is creating reports     No                                    No               3. Will you need to       No      3rd Wave -
                                           UI2 Standard Reports*
       a large part of your job                                                        create reports within 60          90 days or more
                                             meet your critical
               today?                                                                     days of go-live**?              post-Go-Live
                                             reporting needs?

             Yes                                 Yes                                         Yes

                                                3rd Wave -                                  2nd Wave -
                                              90 days or more                              45 to 90 days
                                               post-Go-Live                                post -Go-Live

             2. Do the
                                  No                              3. Will you need to          No         2nd Wave -
       UI2 Standard Reports
                                                                create reports within 60                 45 to 90 days
         meet your critical
                                                                   days of go-live**?                    post -Go-Live
         reporting needs?

             Yes                                                      Yes

                                                                   Early Adopters -
                                                                   within 60 days of
         3. Will you need to      No     3rd Wave -                     Go-Live
       create reports within 60        90 days or more
          days of go-live**?            post-Go-Live

          Yes                                     •UI2 Standard Reports for Pre-Reg & Reg can be found at :

            2nd Wave -
           45 to 90 days
           post -Go-Live                          **Pre-Reg & Reg go-live is March 22, 2004
What Actions Should You Take?

    Contact your Unit Security Contact (USC) as
     soon as possible. USCs have been provided
     with information on how to request access for
     Early Adopters.
    Discuss appropriate security roles with your
     USC. Make sure your USC submits the required
     spreadsheet to DS.
    You will receive invitations for necessary
     training and data education sessions.
    Additional information is posted at
     www.ds.uillinois.edu/prereg_reg_accsec.asp      8
What Can You Do With PRR Data Warehouse?

The Data Warehouse is used to create custom
reports and analysis, or to download data to support
local data systems.

Reporting Possibilities Include:
 General Student Analysis
     • Headcounts
     • Student lists by attributes
 Enrollment Analysis
     • Class rosters
     • Review of registration activity
What Can You Do With PRR Data Warehouse?

 Data elements include:
  General student information
    •   Admission term
    •   Student level
    •   College and major
    •   Student attributes
  Registration eligibility information
    • Student holds
    • Registration groupings
  Registration information
    • Activity such as, course registrations, withdrawals, drops,
    • Can be analyzed by student or by course
Timeline of Events

 In Process: Banner and Web For training and user identification
 In Process: Data Warehouse Early Adopter Identification

 Mid-March: Data Education sessions for PRR data in Data
            Warehouse begin.

 March 21: Banner/Web For Registration Go-Live
 March 22: Data Warehouse Open for Custom Report
 March 22: Pre-Developed reports available in EDDIE, View
           Direct, Banner, and Web For

 On-going: Training and Data Education sessions in order to use
           Data Warehouse for custom report creation       11
DS Assistance and Information
• DS Web site (www.ds.uillinois.edu) for:
   – News, Events, and Tips
   – Project updates and status information
• DS Changing Lanes (www.ds.uillinois.edu/changing_lanes.asp)
• User Groups (www.ds.uillinois.edu/user_groups.asp)
• Data Warehouse Practice Labs (www.ds.uillinois.edu/events.asp)
• Campus Data Steward Office Hours
• DS Campus Data Stewards
   – UIC: Nancy Boettger nboettg@uillinois.edu
   – UIS: Korki Whitaker CWhit1@uis.edu
   – UIUC: Laura Nelson-Green nelgreen@uillinois.edu

Questions? Discussion?

    Thank You!           13

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