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									Open Court Phonemic Awareness: Rhythm: Clapping out the rhythmic beat 1.7 T122

         Rain,            Rain,             go, away,

         Come again                        another,               day
 Open Court Phonemic Awareness: Rhyme 1.7 T123

        mouse                                     fish                                       house

      car                                         bee                                           tree

         pie                                         fly                                            hat

Intro each picture, after 3 pictures have been introduced have a student come up and touch the one that does not
rhyme, it will disappear. Continue on with next 2 sets of pictures, then review the rhymes.
Open Court Letter Recognition: Letter Names: Alphabet Song 1.7 T124

                 Now I never will forget
                 How to say the alphabet!
Open Court Letter Recognition: Letter Names Sing Your Way To “Nn” 1.7 T124

    A                   E                                               K
                            N                           C
                                        D                                    G
                                           J                       B
Open Court Letter Recognition: Letter Shapes – Exploring “Cc” Lines 1.7 T124 Alphabet Big
Book pages 8-9

Open Court: Listening, Speaking, Viewing: Asking and Answering Questions 1.7 (Blue) T147

      Who?                                  What?                                      Why?

                      When?                                       Where?

Tell the students that one way we can find out things is to ask questions. Point out that questions often begins with
who, what, why, when, where. These words will pop up with the touches made on the board. Talk about polite ways
to ask questions and the rules for asking questions: ie. Raise hand, take turns, so on. Talk about polite listening.
Open Court Vocabulary: Opposites 1.7 (Blue) T148

      hot                          cold                                 start                        stop

      never                        always                                day                          night

      long                         short                                 good                         bad
At the touch of the board a word will pop up, intro this word, talk about what it means, then ask the kids for the word
that is opposite of it. This set will disappear and a new word will pop up. Continue through the six sets of words.
Finally, all of the words will re-appear, review the sets of opposites.

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