Who is God by 9pDQ63


									            Who is God?

"In my Father's house are many
This fine old King James-ism
translates the Greek of the Textus
Receptus, monai, "abodes" into a
beautiful language picture reflecting
the French invasion of England in
1066, an invasion which remerged the
roots of such as the French, maison,
and before it the Latin, mansus, with
the language of the Angles and the

Today, for me and probably for you,
"mansion" brings up the image of an
ornate and palatial home with many
rooms and more than one storey, a
residence set on sumptuous grounds
with gardens, and many attendants,
and many friends coming and going.
And this is a fine image for our homes
in heaven, whether seen as a suite in
the endless palace of God or as many
literal manses/mansions lining the
many streets and ways (even vertical
streets apparently as the city is
"foursquare") in "the capital" of
heaven, a city 1200 miles by 1200
miles by 1200 miles which St. John
reveals to us, and which is the Great
Metropolis called, "the New

Each of us will have an abode in
Heaven, a place to call our own,
whether the image is one of a
comfortable personal room or rooms in
the Father's overall palace or a full
blown mansion--as we now think of the
word--in the eternal city, this New
Jerusalem. It is of little difference in
the Kingdom of an unlimited God.
The point is we each have an abode
there. An abode or home is the
signification of our individuality. We
are individual beings, made in the
image of God our Father. We have
domain, a place that is marked and
individuated as our own. It has our
stamp and our person marked upon it,
like "your own room" when you were a

"In my Father's house are many
mansions...." "Many" is another
beautifully simple word. It neither sets
nor limits the number, but leaves room
for very expansive thinking and
definition. There is room for unlimited
"abodes" in Heaven, personalized
"rooms." But there will also be many
other specialized, even consecrated
rooms to be found out and explored,
"rooms" set apart for the very many
different purposes and high things and
causes, yes, for all the thoughts of
God! And "how many there are!",
says the Psalmist (139:17-18). The
Adversary makes his argument against
God and against Heaven by saying,
among other things, that Heaven
would too limit and smother his (and
those who listen to his lies) freedom of
choice in that he must bow down to
God to be there, but the Truth is that
God is without limit and the true
Freedom lies in bowing down to Him
and entering his Endless Realm.
Leap forward with me for a moment to
our present mentality, an age of
technology and dizzying advance.
How do mansions fit here? Think of
God's house and of your own assured
abode, personal space, there. Now,
picture the many days of eternal bliss,
joy, and unfettered adventure there.
How many mansions will we explore,
how many friends will we entertain or
visit in the endless congratulations of
being with each other in the Saviour?
How endlessly will we reveal our own
souls in perfect harmony and bliss with
our fellowsaints, servants, and friends
of his on any one small day of ten or
twenty thousand years before the
promise of the dawn of the next one?
What's on your calendar for next week,
brother? Shall we go have a look (as
time will not limit us either) or shall we
abide in the present pleasing century
for the moment? Shall not Time Itself
be even a living museum for us, to be
visited at our leisure, and with the
Central Moment of all Time, Christ on
the Cross (dead, buried, and
resurrected--the Gospel!), ever a
memorial before us as The Payment
for our bliss?

This soul, while finding human
loneliness a mortal enemy
nevertheless often enjoys the bliss of
solitude under God's hand and, in this
world and for the present, rejoices
even in God's Creation displayed in
Nature--with many walks in the woods
and such. What more will be the
"Nature" of heaven? From my own
abode, my own mansion, I can open
one door anywhere in it and look down
corridors of door after door, "world
without end", surveying "address after
address" down the gold streets of
Heaven. If I choose, at random, so to
speak, to walk down one lovely
corridor for mile after mile and finally
choose a door, I can open it to find
more endless corridors of doors, and
behind each of them, yet more, and
behind each door a different
paradise--each with its own nuances
and pleasant realities--from the Mind
of God. This is only the beginning of
the vastness of the Mind of God. I
can only speak as a mortal man, but
St. Paul, who was caught up into The
Third Heaven, tells me, "Eye hath not
seen, Ear hath not heard, neither hath
it entered into the mind of man the
things that God has prepared for them
that love him." So, I can only sketch
with the merest of mortal imagination.
Yet, down my corridors--just an
architectural metaphor here--are not
only the confines of door frames and
lines and architecture, but while that
may serve to launch the thought, on
down my corridors also are "living
rooms" full of parlors and portals
among the forests and colonnades of
trees, full of the glories of iridescent
skies--always reflecting the glory of
God--as living ceilings over me. And
yet portals open eternally off every
copse of birch and aspen or herd of
ancient oak, and I may as well find
myself passing through "worm holes"
(there must be a better word) to travel
as easily through three dimensional
space--across the star trekking light
years--as to walk from one grove to
the next.

Is this the "limit" at which satan
chafes? And this is only the merest
beginning of the Mind of God. In fact,
for most of us mortals, a moment could
soon arrive, in which we find, even
then and there, fear at the immensity
of God. For the power which finds
that we can zip through dimension
after dimension, world without end,
ever expanding, could easily give us a
whirling vertigo and a sense of it also
being just "all too much!" "Am I lost
again!?" And fear, not mere
reverence, but Fear, is appropriate to a
Being of such unfathomable
magnitude. But for his gracious and
loving Pleasure, we would be unmade
in less than an instant; we would be of
eternal inconsequence.

The devil and his angels and the souls
of the damned among men have no
place in all of God's vastness;
because he gave them and us Will, he
has to make a place of his own
forgetfulness, a place without virtue,
without pleasure, without life or
moisture, without fruitfulness, dry, hot,
barren, the cellarhole of the universes
that they may there abide. It is their
abode, their mansion. And there the
God who knows all and forgets nothing
will invoke his own mystery and forget
them. Forever. That they may gnaw
the ashes of their own hatred. Satan
will receive what he wants, to be the
king of nothing, and a fire will arise
from within him (Ezekiel 28:18) so that
he may torment himself forever with
the taste of the ashes of his kingdom.
(Perhaps, the only "comfort" for the
citizens of hell, will be that his torment
is greater than their own, and their king
always a spectacle for fools?) I
consider the speculations of science
fiction and astrophysics as they
postulate about black holes. In these
holes, matter is ever collapsing and
growing smaller and smaller. Perhaps
hell will have this quality. While souls,
whether angelic or human are eternal,
how appropriate that the infernal space
the Damned will occupy, will always be
diminishing, down from galaxies to
mere filterings between atoms and on
down endlessly into nothingness upon
nothingness, yet a lake of fire to its
insatiable inhabitants, "forgotten" by

How horrible, but yet this could be a
means, or at least an illustration, of
"the forgetfulness of God." But, back
to us, the saved in Glory! Will the fear
of God yet grip us as we explore his
Endlessness? Perhaps, "for the fear
of the LORD is the beginning of
wisdom," but then another feature of
God will also be there as our ever
present Comfort. He is Person. We,
also, are person. This is the highest
of all his Creation for it has been
invited to share in--to enter into
fellowship with--his own Uncreated
Quality. Wherever we might be, down
all the endless corridors of our
mansions, having turned into so many
doors, we could never remember the
way back, having leapt from universe
to universe at rates that will make
lightspeed look like a school zone
speed limit, if we should stop suddenly
and remember our old human limits,
will we feel fear that the whole thing is
just a little too big for us??? (I speak
as a mortal.) No, we will soon "get
used to it," for God the Person will be
with us at any moment and
everywhere--across the vastness of
Heaven and the Heavens, and
re-centering on Him will restore
familiarity to our surroundings instantly
though we be far out among the stars
of his Vastness. For Person is the
highest of all worlds--and it will bridge
all time and space and Eternity, and
we have been made in his own image
as personal beings ourselves and
invited into his House to abide (take up
mansion) with Him and his Person
forever. (The Holy Spirit is so much
more than a manifestation at a
pentecostal meeting; He is the
Personal Being Who hovers over all
the Universes of heavens and earths,
the Prime Mover and Present
Sustainer of All Things, world without

There is a picture of this Personhood
at the end of John's Revelation. It is
the beginning of Eternity and it is
called The Judgment of the Great
White Throne. Do you, as a little
child, sometimes imagine God as a
Big, Big Man, a thousand feet tall, ten
thousand feet tall, and you, as a little
person with his head tilted way back,
looking up at Him? Well, that could
be the case (if He so chose). Yet,
Jesus, was a man, between five and
six feet tall, and looked at and talked
with Peter, and James, and John, and
the Marys, and Martha and all the rest,
eye to eye and face to face. And He
is God with us. At the Great White
Throne, all the rest of the known
universe (and maybe the universes of
the angelic beings too) will have
passed away with "a great noise and a
fervent heat" Peter tells us. The sky,
the clouds, the stars will be rolled up
and put away like an old garment.
Imagine, the infinite lightyear depths of
space will be treated like a mere two
dimensional piece of old clothing by
God! We will be left, all of humanity,
and all of the Persons that people all of
the worlds of God (men and "the hosts
of heaven"), face to face with
God...and that's it...nothing more.
That is when Personal Being itself will
be all that remains. We will be
persons, individuals, face to face with
God the Person, a God in no hurry,
sitting upon the seat of Final

Those of us who pass through this
judgment by the precious Blood of
Christ will be ever after in the Full and
Personal Presence of God the
Almighty. Out of this, new heavens
(without end) and worlds (without end)
will spring forth for our Pleasure and
for his, but, however far we go and
expand into the Joy of them, we will
also and ever be face to face with his
Person and in his Presence. (Perhaps
our own mansion will be a world of our
own creation--as one would decorate a
house--as we get to be like God and
create delights ourselves!)

This is but the merest musings of a
man with midnight indigestion and who
sits now at his computer, awakened to
these meditations. How shall the
Glory itself be?

"In my Father's house are many
mansions; if it were not so, I would've
told you." This is Who God is: Christ
Jesus, Y'shua the Messiah, Immanuel;
God come to us in human form as one
of us; One God in Three Persons: the
Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
World without End. Amen.

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