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									Christ Presbyterian Church
Annual Meeting—January 30, 2011

Agenda for the Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation

      I.    Call to Order and Declaration of a Quorum

     II.    Opening Prayer

     III.   Welcome and Explanation of the Purpose

    IV.     Approval of the Docket

     V.     Reports                                                                                              Page Number
                a.    Pastor .......................................................................................................... 2
                b.    Director of Music Ministries ...................................................................... 3
                c.    Clerk of Session ......................................................................................... 4
                d.    Property...................................................................................................... 5
                e.    Board of Deacons .................................................................................... 6
                f.    Discipleship & Mission ............................................................................... 7
                g.    Women’s Association............................................................................... 9
                            i. Women’s Association Treasurer ................................................ 10
                   h. Nominating Committee......................................................................... 11
                               o Vote to elect new Elders
                               o Vote to elect new Deacons
                               o Vote to elect Nominating Committee.
                   i. Treasurer and Financial Secretary ........................................................ 12
                            i. General Fund Balance Sheet ................................................... 14
                           ii. General Fund Income Statement ............................................ 15
                          iii. Mission Fund Income Statement .............................................. 16
                         iv. Pastor’s Salary and Allowances ............................................... 17
                               o Vote on Pastor’s Terms of Call

    VI.     Adjourn with Prayer

    VII.    Appendix
                a. Essentials of Faith .................................................................................... 18
                b. Membership Covenant ......................................................................... 19
                c. Bylaws ....................................................................................................... 20

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                                                               1
Pastor’s Report
Submitted by Tracy Andrew Johnson

“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice,
holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be
transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is
good and acceptable and perfect. ” (Romans 12:1–2, ESV)

Orthodoxy (right thinking)
Being transformed starts with your renewing your mind. We are constantly flooded with thoughts and
philosophies from the world. We are often unaware or lack discernment regarding the world view
around us and it is easy to conform to those patterns and assumptions.

In the past year we have refocused on the importance of God’s Word in our life. We understand the
Scripture as revealed in the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments to be the sole source of revelation
and our inerrant and infallible authority to all things pertaining to faith and life. This past year we were
guided in a focused study on “Why We Believe the Bible” by John Piper. In addition we took a journey
through reformed theology by R.C. Sproul. The purpose of those studies was to give us a firm foundation
and understanding of a Christian Worldview—or orthodox worldview.

In this upcoming year, we will be finishing our verse by verse preaching on the Gospel of Matthew and
begin a series on the Book of Romans and Exodus. In addition we will be starting a study on the “Biblical
Understanding of Sexuality” and will continue to dive deeper into Systematic Theology.

We are first and foremost transformed by God through reading his Word and understanding who He has
revealed Himself to be and who He reveals us to be. When our minds are properly oriented to the things
of God and His thinking, we can begin to act and live out our faith. Without right thinking we are unable
to follow our Lord.

Orthopraxy (right practice)
The life of faith is not complicated. It may not be easy but not complicated. God hasn’t hidden His will
from us. There isn’t a special program or philosophy that will help CPC accomplish what God wants
from us but rather He has clearly communicated what He calls His people to be and do.

At CPC the purpose and command of God on our lives is simple, “Make Disciples”. As a congregation
we are not just called to make disciples but to be disciple-makers. Our job is reach out the good news
to those that do not know and then help them follow Jesus’ commands to make other followers of
Christ. Part of that process is outreach and evangelism—telling those who do not know Jesus who He is.
Another part of the process is helping people grow in knowledge (orthodoxy) and in practice
(orthopraxy) of their faith.

The Elders of CPC have committed to a path of discipleship with this congregation. It is the job of the
elders to teach and to lead the members of this congregation. The ministry and disciple-making
activities of this congregation are the ministries of the people and not just the Session. We are all called
to “make disciples”. If we are to be a follower of Jesus we are to be active in disciple-making.

In the pages of this annual report you will see a congregation that is committed to missions and
discipleship. You will see a sampling of the activities of discipleship and outreach, but you will not see
the depth of discipleship that goes way beyond this report. The relationships and connections that
members have made to expand the Kingdom of God are the heartbeat of this congregation.

In the 6 years that I have been here, I have seen this congregation grow in its love for God and love for
neighbors. My hope is that the congregation continues to grow in its depth and breathe of orthodoxy
and orthopraxy.
Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                                  2
Director of Music Ministries’ Report
Submitted by Nikali Benkert

In the past year, God continued to bless CPC with a new digital piano and more singers and musicians.
As discussed in the past annual report, the worship team put together four Praise Night events on the
evenings of Saturday Jan. 23rd, Saturday March 14th, Saturday May 15th and Sunday October 24th. and
proclaimed the Gospel message to many people who have never set foot in a church before.

Additionally, more people joined the worship team and necessitated a rotating schedule. Many thanks
go out to Elise and Gary Bernice, Nate and Cory Tripp, Andy and Danielle Benkert, Lisa Benkert, Sharon
and Antonette Nieves, Patrice Gresham, Pat Murray, Joshua Holley, Sam Einzig, Matt Pepin and Hunter
Rametta for their time and dedication to the music at CPC. Lastly, thanks go to Larry and Robbie Belbin
and Andrew Johnson for their continued work in running the PowerPoint slideshows and for Randy
Gambill in running the sound equipment.

In addition, the skit series “Fish Eyes” was performed by Rev. Tracy Johnson and Nikali Benkert during the
Lenten season. Bob Tongue also contributed to the drama program.

In the upcoming year, the worship team is planning a multiple church outreach event on March 13th
with invited illusionist Danny Ray. This year will also see continued Praise Nights followed by fellowship
time in addition to worship services on Sunday mornings.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                                3
Clerk of Session’s Report
Submitted by Cheri Turnbull

Christ Presbyterian Church Started the year 2010 with 102 members on the “Active Roll” of the church
and 24 members on the “Inactive Roll”.

In 2010, five persons joined our church and were added to the Active Roll:

          Timothy Merryman                                        Ellen Lappalainen
          George Ammirato                                         Melissa Macon
          Dennis Langrin

Joyce Sadler was moved from Inactive to Active membership. Fifteen Active Members were moved to
the Inactive Roll. Three Active members transferred to other churches – Kevin Ryan, Hector Irizarry, and
Aurie Irizarry. One of our charter members, Fred Whitney, passed away on December 23, 2010.

As a result of the above, as of December 31, 2010, there were 89 members on the “Active Roll” and 38
on the “Inactive Roll” and 56 “Baptized”. A total of 183 Adherents.

There were no weddings performed at the church in 2010.

There were three memorial services held at the church - Dustin Wood, Sr., William Walls, Sr., and Bruce
McClellan. Pastor Tracy officiated at Dustin Wood, Sr and Bruce McClellan’s service.

During 2010, the sacrament of Baptism was administered to one adult - Timothy Merryman.

Holy Communion was celebrated on 14 occasions in 2010 including Ash Wednesday and Christmas
Day. In addition, Pastor Tracy served communion during the Listening Retreat at Pine Brook Camp.

The average number of persons attending worship services during 2010 was 69. The average for 2009
was 67. The hour for regular Sunday morning worship services during 2010 was 9:30am. In addition to
regular Sunday worship, there was a 7:00pm communion service on Ash Wednesday, a 7:00pm worship
service on Good Friday, a 7:00pm candlelight worship service on Christmas Eve, and a 9:30am
communion service on Christmas morning.

The following officers were ordained in 2010:
         Deacon Lisa Hansen-Benkert
         Deacon Elizabeth Tongue
         Elder Robert Tongue

Officer training was held on February 6, 2010.

The session met for 11 regular meetings on Thursday nights and for 10 gathering of Elders for Bible study,
prayer, and fellowship. The Congregation met on two occasions - once for the Annual Congregational
Meeting on January 31, 2010 and then again for a Special Congregational Meeting on June 27, 2010 to
vote on a change to Pastor’s Terms of Call. The minutes of the Annual Congregational Meeting were
approved by the session on February 11, 2010. The minutes of the Special Congregational Meeting were
approved by the session on August 12, 2010. The Minutes of all Session and Congregational Meetings are
always available for review at the church office.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                             4
Property Report
Submitted by Andy Benkert

Over the past year we have been able to undertake a few major improvements
to the church. This is thanks in large part to the $15,000 investment that
Session approved in 2008. In addition, many thanks go out to the
congregation for their help with these projects.

During 2010 we have completed the following items:
     Replacement of Trim boards on gable end at rear of building.
     Landscaping (weeding, raking, mulch)
     Finished the sanctuary ceiling tiles
     Replaced emergency lighting
     Replaced the paper towel dispensers with tri-fold paper dispensers

Going forward there are still many improvements that need to be accomplished
in 2011 and beyond. The following ambitious list has been compiled based on
the potential order of completion in 2011.

      Replace Fire Alarm Panel, Thermostat in Sanctuary and add a Lock on Audio/Visual Room
      Fix the drain and replace the sinks in the Women’s Bathroom
      Replace trim boards on gable ends at the front of the original building
      Paint steel columns on exterior of building
      Install vinyl eaves on exterior of main building (Budget Dependent)
      Install drainage system for gutters (Budget Dependent)
      Door Hardware or New Exterior Doors (Budget Dependent)

Additional projects future projects on the list to get completed, but depend on the
continued involvement from members of the church. Additional Projects

      Construct a garbage shed behind the main building
      Repair of concrete entryways
      Wiring for choir area
      Parking Lot Repairs
      Remodel of utility room

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                  5
Board of Deacons’ Report
Submitted by Erin Quinney, Moderator

The members of the Board of Deacons in 2010 were Pat LaRose, Ingrid Thresher, Eliz Tongue, Carol
Flanagan, Justine Williams, Ven Grumoli, Dora Boaten-Adusei, Lisa Hansen-Benkert, and Erin Quinney.
The board met monthly throughout the year.

The role of the Deacons is to serve the church. This year, under the leadership of Session, the roles and
capacity in which the Board of Deacons serve was restructured. As it had been in the past, every
deacon is responsible for praying for and checking in with a list of members within the congregation,
partnering with another Deacon to fulfill the Deacon-on-Call responsibilities. Other roles that the
members of Deacon Board were asked to pray about included: Greeter Ministry, Sanctuary décor,
Prayer ministry, Nursery, and Care Ministry. The Care Ministry is a new ministry at CPC and will be lead
by Pat LaRose, who will begin training care ministers in early 2011. We look forward to seeing what
God has in store for this ministry.

The Board of Deacons is a ministry of care and compassion. In addition to serving as prayer support
and a source of encouragement to members of CPC the deacons also help to meet physical needs
through the disbursement of the Deacon’s fund. This past year, many were blessed by these

Some of the things that Deacons do at CPC are:

      Shepherds: Providing points of contact for members of the congregation.
      Deacon's Fund: Providing financial assistance to people in need.
      Greeters/Ushers: Being the first point of contact for visitors and welcoming people into our
      Care Ministry: Providing lay pastoral care/presence for moments of crisis and people in grief,
       joy and need.
      Prayer Ministry: Praying for people and communicating via website and phone prayer chain.
      Worship and Communion: Caring for the worship decor and providing for communion
      Nursery: Providing childcare during our worship services for parents with children 3 and under.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                            6
Discipleship & Mission Report

Below are the various ministries and missions sponsored by CPC and/or have various members of CPC
involved in them. At CPC we believe our primary task is to expand the Kingdom of God through
discipleship. These various ministries and missions are different avenues and ways in which the
members of CPC are engaging in making disciples.

Sunday School
This year we engaged some foundational and in-depth issues in Adult Sunday School. We
participated in a 13-week study “Why We Believe the Bible” led by a DVD curriculum taught by John
Piper. That was followed with a 6 week bible study on the book of Galatians led by Pastor Tracy. In the
Fall, we kicked off a series on “What is Reformed Theology”, a DVD curriculum led by R.C. Sproul.

The elementary age children were led faithfully by Cheri Turnbull. The middle school and high school
students were led by Jessica Johnson. In addition we are thankful for those that assisted in children’s
Sunday school this year: Lise Gill, Jennifer Nieves, Erin Quinney, Pat LaRose, Cory Tripp and Jessica

Men’s Ministry
A steady group of 10 to 15 men meet weekly to study the Word of God with each other, share their
lives and keep each other accountable in their walk with Christ. The men’s group also meets every
third Sunday morning at 7am for a men’s breakfast at Church in the Acres. The study is a relaxed time
when men tear down their walls and are honest with each other. In addition, 17 men attended Man
Camp in November at Camp Berea

Women’s Ministry
Throughout the year, 10 -15 women from CPC have gathered on Tuesday evenings for a variety of
Bible studies. We worked through Beth Moore's Breaking Free study which included weekly
independent and group study and some expressed interest in leading a new group in this study in the
Fall. We also used a variety of other materials to look at the Psalms, Ephesians and Philippians. In
addition, over 10 women attended a fall retreat to Camp Berea.

Howard Street Prison Ministry
The Wednesday night Bible Study conducted at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Presbyterian Church,
“Howard Street” averaged approximately seven people per week. The outside activities and liberties
that the inmates were blessed with were taken away because of behavioral issues. As a result of the
restrictions imposed by Howard Street Officials, the Bible Study attendance went down. Hopefully
behavioral issues will be modified and the restrictions imposed by the Officials will be lifted so that we
can get back to spreading the Gospel to this segment of society. We served approximately sixty
people at our Thanksgiving festivity and we were able to help one family from becoming homeless.
We spent $950.00 of the $1,000.00 budget during calendar year 2010.

Phoenix Art Project
Nehemiah Ministries, Inc. (NMI) provided the folks who attend Loaves and Fishes two opportunities
weekly to participate in art classes. We purchased all the supplies and provided an art teacher to
guide those who attend. Our classes occurred on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 1:30
and 3:30. These classes were taught by Caren Carter McKenzie who is an amazing artist in her own
right. Phoenix also sponsored an annual art show that displayed the works of our street artists. Our
show in November was a huge hit. It was attended by almost 200 people who purchased some of
the pieces and enjoyed an afternoon of art gazing, good food and tremendous entertainment in the
“Pulse Café.” CPC’s contribution to NMI and Phoenix went toward purchasing the art supplies,
providing our resident art teacher with a small weekly stipend, and paying for the art show expenses.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                             7
ACTS Tutoring
The ACTS program continued into our sixth year. ACTS tutoring is a free program for elementary age
children at Allen Park on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 8pm. In the past we had members of our
congregation participate as site director and tutors. Currently no members volunteer at ACTS, but the
Session continues to support this ministry financial. To find out how you can help contact John Howell,
program director at ACTS86@msn.com

Christ Presbyterian Church joined the Bethany Basketball League on Tuesday nights in the winter
season and won the championship in their rookie season. Additionally, we participated in the Inter-
Church Softball League. This was our 12th season playing on Tuesday nights and our third season
fielding a co-ed team on Thursday nights. Thanks go out to Tom Quinney for coaching the co-ed
softball team in his first season as head coach. It is a joy and blessing to bring people together to
glorify God’s name through softball and basketball. The primary purpose of our sports ministry is to
bring people closer to Him and to develop a relationship with our brothers and sisters who come out
and play. In 2011, the new season will begin during the last week of April and continue until August.

Young Adult Ministry
This past summer, 10 or so recent high school graduates, college-aged, and twenty-somethings
gathered weekly for fellowship and a bible study. YAM met at peoples home and demonstrated to all
that following God is an exciting adventure.

Western New England College Campus Ministry
Pastor Tracy serves as the Protestant Chaplain at WNEC. He leads a Tuesday luncheon with faculty,
staff and students. On Tuesday nights, he leads a student bible student where 7-10 students attend. In
addition, in the past year the students went on a “Listening to Christ” Retreat at Pine Brook Camp in
Shutesbury. The students also took trips to local Christian concerts and Whirlyball.

Young Life Springfield
If one word could capture the essence of YL Springfield in 2010 it would have to be miracles. Should
we expect anything less from the God of the universe! The initiative in 2010 was to start and focus on
Campaigners Bible studies to help students grow in Christ. Starting in the spring and continuing
through the entire year, 6 to 12 high school students gathered at the Ryan’s each week. Talking and
sharing over dinner followed by study of Scripture led to deep and relevant conversations. Clubs, to
expose additional kids to Young Life, were also held throughout the year at the Larose’s, a gym, and
at Central High School itself. In August, 7 females and 4 males made their way to Young Life’s Saranac
for the best week of their lives and a clear explanation of the gospel. This was made possible through
scholarships provided through the financial support of Christ Presbyterian Church and a grant from the
Presbytery of Southern New England in addition to private donations. The adult Committee for Young
Life Springfield consists of the Larose’s, Tongues, and Ryans. In addition to maintaining Campaigner’s
Bible studies and fun Clubs during 2011, we plan to continue to develop the ministry by developing
college leaders and revitalizing the adult committee.

Lion’s Den
Located in Indian Orchard, the Lion’s Den is a faith-based youth outreach center that provides a
place of great safety as children and students find real answers to the deep questions of Life. CPC
provides funding for a monthly meal that is cooking and prepared by Ben and Debbie Affricano. For
more information contact: http://www.lionsdenoutreach.org.

In addition you can check out the web-page at www.christ-pres.org to see other missionaries and
agencies that CPC financially supports.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                            8
Women’s Association’s Report
Submitted by Jean Melvin

Officers serving until September 2011 are:

President:            Alice Kelly                          Treasurer:   Jeane Clay
Vice President:       Annette Calkins                      Sunshine:    Helen Lachapelle
Secretary:            Jean Melvin                          Devotions:   Carol Flanagan

Our Women’s Association met once a month on the third Tuesday at 2pm, except February, July and
August, Each meeting opened with prayer and devotions.

Our fiscal responsibilities are noted in the Treasurer’s report. At each meeting we gave towards our
pledges to Presbyterian Women, Cheyenne Children Services, Save Our Kids, Thank Offering, Least
Coin and American Bible Society. Special gifts were given during the year to Montana family in Red
Deer and to Save Our Kids.

Memorial gifts were diven during the year for Dusty Wood, Pastor Tracy’s grandfather, and Nikali’s
brother. The balance from our income was given at the end of the year to Christ Presbyterian Church
for expenses. Our Sunshine officer sent many cards throughout the year.

On June 16 at 6pm, nineteen ladies met at the Sunset Restaurant for our annual Ladies’ Nite Out for
an enjoyable get together.

The annual Christmas party buffet on December 4 at noon was held in the Whitlock room. There 19
present including guests Rev. Irene Blanchard and JeAnne Young. Gifts were exchanged and candy
was donated for the Save our Kids Christmas parties.

Our membership consists of 14 ladies and generally averages about 8 ladies per meeting. We greatly
hope for increased attendance and extend a warm welcome to all ladies.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                          9
Women’s Association Treasurer’s Report
Submitted by Jeane Clay

    Balance on hand January 1, 2010                        $151.55
    Collections                                           $2115.59
    Total                                                 $2267.14

     Presbyterian Women S. New England Mission Programs    $200.00
     Cheyenne Children Services                            $385.00
     Church Women United                                    $50.00
     Save Our Kids                                        $1000.00
     Thank Offering                                        $110.00
     Least Coin                                              $6.00
     American Bible Society                                 $70.50
     Memorial                                               $75.00
     CPC                                                   $220.00
     Total                                                $2116.50

 Beginning Balance & Income                               $2267.14
 Giving                                                   $2116.50
 Balance on Hand Dec. 31, 2010                             $150.64

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                        10
Nominating Committee’s Report
Submitted by Andrew Benkert, Chair

The current nominating committee consists of seven members; two designated by and from the
session (Andrew Benkert and Don Ryan), one designated by and from the Board of Deacons (Erin
Quinney) and four elected by the congregation (Jessica Johnson, Bob Turnbull, Danielle Benkert, and
Jeane Clay). The Chair of the Committee, designated by the session, is Andrew Benkert. The Pastor,
Tracy Johnson, is a member of the nominating committee, ex-officio.

The committee met on several occasions reviewing vacant positions and matching available
members of our congregation to those positions. After prayer and discussion, we believe that the
Spirit led us to those members of our congregation being called to serve.

We thank those persons who will be leaving office at the end of February 2011(upon completion of
elected terms). They are: Bill Kaeding, Patrick Murray, Don Ryan, Carol Flanagan, Bob Turnbull and
Jessica Johnson. We thank them for their tireless and dedicated service to Christ Presbyterian Church.

Current Officers of the Church (new terms start in March each year)

             Class of 2012                  Class of 2013               Class of 2014
  Session    Debbie Affricano (1)           Nikali Benkert (2)          Tom Quinney (1)
             Andrew Benkert (1)             Bob Tongue (1)              Gail Walls (1)
             Lillie Hickerson (2)           Cheri Turnbull (2)          Elise Bernice (1)

 Deacons     Ven Grumoli (2)                Dora Boaten-Adusei (1)      Ellen Lappalanian (1)
             Ingrid Thresher (1)            Lisa Hansen-Benkert (1)     Patrica LaRose (2)
             Justine Williams (1)           Eliz Tongue (1)             Erin Quinney (2)

             (# of their term)             Bold & Italics are nominations

Nominating Committee Congregational Representatives

            Class of 2012                   Class of 2013
            Danielle Benkert                Bill Kaeding
            Jeane Clay                      Brian Moore

   o Motion to elect Tom Quinney, Gail Walls, and Elise Bernice to the Session of Christ Presbyterian
      Church, Class of 2014.
   o Motion to elect Erin Quinney, Patrica LaRose, and Ellen Lappalanian to the Board of Deacons
      of Christ Presbyterian Church, class of 2014.
   o Motion to elect Brian Moore and Bill Kaeding to the Nominating Committee, class of 2013.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                       11
Treasurer and Financial Secretary’s Report
Submitted by Don Ryan, Session Financial Coordinator

As shown on the table below, Weekly Tithes and Offerings increased for the 6 th consecutive year.

        Year             Annual Amount             Change ($)             Change (%)
        2002                $101,458
        2003                 $83,192                 (18,266)                 -18.0%
        2004                 $78,592                  (4,600)                  -5.5%
        2005                 $81,448                  $2,856                    3.6%
        2006                 $93,066                 $11,618                   14.3%
        2007                 $99,973                  $6,907                    7.4%
        2008                $105,891                  $5,918                    5.9%
        2009                $109,704                  $3,813                    3.6%
        2010                $116,891                  $7,187                    6.6%

Despite this increase in Weekly Tithes and Offerings, which was supplemented by a $1000 special gift,
cash income was almost $3,400 short of meeting our expenses. Expenses for 2010 included about
$5,000 to move the pastor’s position to 7/8 time and $2,500 for a new piano. The $3,400 decline in
cash savings was offset by a $600 gain on the value of investments, so the decline in General Fund
“Unrestricted Net Assets” was about $2,800. General Fund Unrestricted Net Assets were $34,000 as of
12/31/2010 (See the General Fund Balance Sheet).

The General Fund Income Statement shows that there were no significant unfavorable variances on
the expense side. In fact, the statement shows that the deficit described above would have been
much larger except that expenses were substantially below budget. Specifically, we did not spend
$2,250 on building and grounds improvements.

The table below summarizes activity in other Funds besides the General Fund.

   Fund            12/31/09         Income         Expense         Transfer      12/31/10
  Missions           $699             $497         ($12,062)       $12,443        $1,577
  Deacons            $432            $1,145          ($525)                       $1,052
                    $1,018                          ($250)                         $768
  Memorial           $155             $270                                         $425

In 2010, we maintained our commitment to tithe undesignated contributions to Missions, about
$12,450 for the year. The ministries that were funded with this “tithe” are shown on the Mission Fund
Income Statement. In addition, we passed through a $402 donation to Save our Kids on behalf of the
Women’s Missionary Society.

The Deacons were funded in 2009 and 2010 by monies given for special holiday offerings, about the
same amount in each year. This arrangement has worked well and we are thankful for those who
gave to the Deacon’s Fund. The Adult Activities Fund currently reflects an expense and balance
associated with the 2009 Marriage Retreat. Memorial gifts for 2010 are listed at the end of this report.

For 2010, Session is recommending a Terms of Call that moves Pastor Tracy from 7/8 time to 15/16 time,
staying the course that was started to move him to full-time over a 4 year period. The recommended
Terms of Call is incorporated into a 2011 Budget along with other expenses that is shown as the last

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                              12
column of the General Fund Income Statement. The 2011 target for Weekly Tithes and Offerings is
$127,100 for a balanced budget. This is an increase of $10,200 over 2010 weekly offerings. Pledges
were about $7,000 greater for 2011 than for 2010, the largest increase in pledging in recent years. This
was a factor in Session’s decision to recommend the 15/16 time Terms of Call, despite the prospect of
another deficit in the $3400 range, which is about $65 per week more than current pledges.

I would like to recognize those who served with me during 2010. Ingrid Thresher, Treasurer, undertook
Accounts Payable and Payroll. Bill Kaeding was Financial Secretary. John Calkins and Bob McClellan
served as counters, maintaining accountability with respect to our receipt of cash donations. I was
assisted by George Ammirato in the production of financial reports.

2010 Memorial Fund Donations

In memory of Dusty Woods
     Bill & Betty Kaeding

In memory of Fred Whitney
     William Caplin
     Patricia Johnson

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                         13
General Fund Balance Sheet

                                                12/31/2010   12/31/2009
              Checking - Bank of America         $4,116.94     $2,503.88
              Savings - Bank of America          26,828.38     34,000.65
   Subtotal Bank Accounts                        30,945.32     36,504.53

               Oak Associates                       805.16        701.84
               Janus                              2,813.82      2,234.41
               Cisco Stock                          404.60        478.80
    Subtotal Investments                          4,023.58      3,415.05

TOTAL ASSETS                                    $34,968.90    $39,919.58

              TAXES PAYABLE
                 Federal Withheld                   $91.00       $91.00
                 Social Security Withheld           234.57       234.56
                 Medicare Withheld                   54.88        54.83
                 State Tax Withheld                  76.09        76.09
                 Employer Taxes Payable             289.36       234.56
              Subtotal Taxes Payable                745.90       691.04

              MISC LIABILITIES
                 Building Use Deposits                0.00       440.00

TOTAL LIABILITIES                                  745.90       1,131.04

            Unrestricted Net Assets             $34,135.57    $36,893.56
            WNEC Ministry                            87.43      1,894.98

TOTAL EQUITY                                     34,223.00     38,788.54

TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY                    $34,968.90    $39,919.58

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                        14
General Fund Income Statement

                                            2010 Actual       2010 Budget 2010 Variance     2011 Budget
        Weekly Tithes & Offerings           $116,891.44       $126,500.00    ($9,608.56)    $127,100.00
        Per Capita                               889.88          1,300.00       (410.12)         930.00
        Initial Envelope                          49.00             40.00           9.00          40.00
        Designated Specific Expense               75.00              0.00          75.00           0.00
        Building Donations                     3,710.00          3,460.00         250.00       3,600.00
        Misc. Donations                        1,003.75              0.00       1,003.75           0.00

    Subtotal Unrestricted                       122,619.07     131,300.00     (8,680.93)     131,670.00

  Subtotal Contribution Income                  122,619.07     131,300.00     (8,680.93)     131,670.00

        Banking Interest                             27.73          50.00        (22.27)          30.00
  INVESTMENT GAIN/(LOSS)                            608.53           0.00         608.53           0.00
        WNEC Ministry                            (1,807.55)     (1,800.00)        (7.55)         (87.00)
      Released from restriction                    1,807.55       1,800.00          7.55           87.00

  Subtotal Release From Restrictions                  0.00           0.00           0.00           0.00

TOTAL INCOME                                    123,255.33     131,350.00     (8,094.67)     131,700.00

       SENIOR PASTOR                            $68,288.64     $67,908.00        $380.64     $74,034.00
       STAFF SALARIES                            15,572.57      15,691.00       (118.43)      15,691.00
    ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSE                        5,662.66       7,160.00     (1,497.34)       5,500.00
    BUILDING & GROUNDS                            9,344.67      12,595.00     (3,250.33)      10,300.00
    INSURANCE                                     4,084.00       4,241.00       (157.00)       4,400.00
    DISCIPLESHIP                                    516.86         600.00         (83.14)        600.00
    MUSIC                                         3,362.85       3,300.00           62.85        800.00
    WORSHIP & MINISTER                            2,734.37       3,000.00       (265.63)       1,287.00
    FELLOWSHIP                                    1,177.32       1,000.00          177.32      1,200.00
    FINANCE EXPENSE                                 837.99         600.00          237.99        600.00
    OTHER EXPENSE                                 3,796.20       3,920.00       (123.80)       4,302.00

TOTAL EXPENSES                                  115,378.13     120,015.00     (4,636.87)     118,714.00

        Trans to Missions(10%)              ($12,442.74)      ($13,135.00)      $692.26     ($13,073.00)

TOTAL TRANSFERS                                 (12,442.74)    (13,135.00)       692.26      (13,073.00)

EXCESS INCOME\EXPENSES                          ($4,565.54)    ($1,800.00)   ($2,765.54)       ($87.00)

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                        15
Mission Fund Income Statement

        Misc. Donations                           $497.00

TOTAL INCOME                                       497.00

      Springfield Rescue Mission                   $500.00
      Campus Crusade Johnsons                     1,200.00
      ACTS Tutoring                               1,500.00
      Meeting Ground                              1,000.00
      Prison Ministry                               954.74
      PSNE Missions                                 595.00
      Lion's Den Reimbursement                      109.92
      Nehemiah House                              2,000.00
      Young Life                                  2,000.00
      ABWE- Dr. Abel                                600.00
      Interserve-Teague                           1,200.00
      Save our Kids                                 402.00

    Subtotal Missions & Outreach                 12,061.66

TOTAL EXPENSES                                   12,061.66

        Trans from General Fund                 $12,442.74

TOTAL TRANSFERS                                  12,442.74

EXCESS INCOME\EXPENSES                           $878.08

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                16
Pastor’s Salary and Allowances
Recommended by the Session on 12/09/2010

2011 Pastor’s Terms of Call
                                                                     2010       Proposed        Change       Change
                                                                                  2011            ($)          (%)
Cash Salary including Housing Allowance (A)                          $45,422       $49,648         $4,206
  SECA Allowance (B) = .0765 * (A)                                    $3,476        $3,798           $322
Dental Plan (C)                                                         $918          $982            $64
Medical Deductible Reimbursement (D) = .02 * (A+C)                      $927        $1,013            $86
Benefit Plan Dues based on 31.5% of Effective Salary (E)             $14,895       $16,268         $1,373
Continuing Education Expense Reimbursement (F)                         1,050        $1,125            $75
Automobile & Professional Expense Reimbursement (G)                   $1,200        $1,200             $0
Total Cash Payments (A+B)                                            $48,918       $53,446         $4,528            9.3%
Effective Salary (A+C+D)                                             $47,287       $51,643        $4,.356            9.2%
Total Terms of Call (A+B+C+D+E+F+G)                                  $67,908       $74,034         $6,126            9.0%

For 2011, $30,000 of the Cash Salary is designated as a Housing Allowance.
31.5% Benefit Plan Due include: Pension (11%), Medical Insurance (19.5%) and Death and Disability Insurance (1%)
Effective Salary is the Board of Pension definition. PSNE does not include Medical Deductible Reimbursement in its
definition. Medical Deductible Reimbursement equal to 2% of Effective Salary is a PSNE requirement. Dental Cost
was added to base in 2008.

Working Time Units:                              12 Units (15/16 time position)

Leaves and Holidays
   Study Leave:                                  3 weeks (1 carry over from 2010)
   Leave for Church Retreat                      1 Sunday
   Vacation:                                     4 weeks
   Paid Holidays:                                7 days


    o    Motion to accept the terms of call for the Pastor Tracy Andrew Johnson as printed in the
         annual report.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                                  17
Essentials of Faith

We recognize that differences of opinion exist regarding non-essential theological issues, worship styles
and sacramental practices. We believe, however, that these differences are overcome through
sharing a common life in Jesus. In Christ we have freedom, constrained by His Lordship and His Holy
Word. The following statements are essential statements of faith:

We Believe. . . 1

…there is only one God who is sovereign over all creation. God eternally coexists in three equal
persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, as revealed in the Bible.

…Jesus Christ alone is Lord of all and the way of salvation. He is the living Word of God, the perfect
image of the invisible God—fully God and fully human.

…the Bible is the only infallible and inerrant written Word of God, inspired by Holy Spirit, and is the first
and final authority in faith and life.

…humanity is created in the image of God to know, love, obey and worship Him. Humanity freely
chose to disobey this created purpose, separating us from God and bringing sin and death into the
world. Every aspect of the human person is completely broken by sin and no human effort can fully
resolve or redeem this defect.

…we were created for eternal life which is the free and gracious gift of God. This life is made possible
by the once-and-for-all sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Jesus
defeated the power of death and paid the penalty for our sins so that we might once again be in
right relationship with God. The salvation that God offers is only given by grace and received by faith
that Jesus is Lord and Savior for all.

…the Holy Spirit moves us to accept the atoning sacrifice of Jesus and compels us to be conformed
into the image of God. The Holy Spirit continually works to renew our minds and increasingly transforms
us toward a life of holiness, justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God.

…the redeeming and reconciling work of Jesus in the world continues through the Church, the body
of Christ. We are commanded by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the Gospel by
loving God, loving our neighbor, and making all people disciples of Jesus.

…evil exists in the world and is personified in Satan, our accuser. He is at enmity with God and exists to
deceive all people. God is sovereign over all and is greater than all the evil forces in the world.

…we are called to live a life of holiness and to be faithful stewards of God’s creation. We accomplish
this through the generous and obedient use of our spiritual gifts, time, talents, and resources all to the
glory of God.

1   These essentials are the basics of faith and are further expounded in The Book of Confessions.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                               18
Membership Covenant

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good
things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10

At CPC we never ask our members to do more than the Bible clearly teaches. We only expect our
members to do what the Bible expects every Christian to do. These expectations are spelled out

In the book of Ephesians Paul talks about the work that Christ has done in our lives. He is turning us
into his very own masterpiece – a poem. The Greek word here is “poeima.” When our lives line up
with God’s intent, we are his artisanship – his masterpiece.

At CPC we affirm that beliefs are not worth much unless they are translated into actions. Beliefs that
are not expressed in action are only opinions. We want much more for our lives. Based on what the
bible teaches, we feel strongly about these historic practices.

1. Celebrating God: The scriptures call God’s people to gather on a regular basis to celebrate, sing,
pray, and to learn. We come into the Lord’s presence – together each week. It is crucial to develop a
rhythm of regular weekly worship. Personal worship is important but cannot replace the biblical
direction to gather together to worship our God. We practice weekly worship in response to the
teachings of God’s Word.

2. Connecting With God’s People: The life of faith is never a solitary act. The Bible emphasizes the word
“we”. Though our faith is found in an individual relationship with God, it is best expressed in the
context of spiritual relationships. We are committed to providing a number of ways for you to be
involved in the fellowship of this congregation as a source of spiritual friendship, accountability and

3. Listening To God: Since God’s Word is the only completely reliable and truthful authority, we accept
the Bible as our manual for living. Our first question when faced with a decision is “What does the Bible
say?” We practice daily Bible reading, Bible study and prayer. Listening best occurs when time is set
aside each day to hear from God from his Word and talk directly with him in prayer.

4. Giving To God: The Bible teaches that every Christian is called to “full-time” Christian service,
regardless of his or her vocation. We practice the truth that every believer is a minister by encouraging
every member to find a place of service and ministry. Every believer has direct access to God through
prayer and Bible reading. At CPC we practice tithing for the support of Christ’s body, the church, as
God commands. We recognize that giving at least 10% of our income is Biblical and a paradigmatic
standard of giving.

5. Inviting People to God: It is the responsibility of every Christian to share the Good News with those with
whom God brings us into contact. We practice personal sharing about Christ and inviting people into a
relationship with Jesus including inviting them to church.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                             19
Bylaws for Christ Presbyterian Church
As adopted September 28, 19862


A.      The name of this church shall be “Christ Presbyterian Church”, Springfield, Massachusetts, a
        congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The Constitution of the said Church is the law
        of this Congregation, and nothing in this bylaws shall be interpreted to the contrary.

B.      This church is incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and
        recognizes that the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are
        obligatory upon it and its members.

C.      The principle office for transacting the business of this church, including its corporate affairs,
        shall be 1597 Allen Street, Springfield, Massachusetts, 01118.


The covenant by which this church exists as a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and which
her members accept is as follows:

        We do covenant and agree to walk together as disciples of Jesus Christ in a church
        relationship according to the provisions of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
        We promise to maintain this church by our attendance at its services, our support of its works,
        our gifts, our efforts and our prayers, and to seek in its fellowship to glorify god and further the
        cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.


A.      Qualifications: Membership in this church is open to all persons who confess their faith in Jesus
        Christ as their Lord and Savior; are baptized according to the Scriptures; accept the Vision
        Statement, Mission Statement, Essentials of Faith; and accept the responsibilities of
        membership as set out in our Membership Covenant. Members shall be received into the
        church by the Session after due examination as to their knowledge of the faith and piety, and
        in accordance with the Constitution.

B.      Duties: Members are expected to be faithful in their attendance upon the services of the
        church, to give regularly of their material resources for the maintenance of the church and her
        ministry, to loyally support the benevolent work of this denomination, and to promote the
        Christian faith and life in word and deed.

C.      Voting Rights: The congregation is made up of all members on the active roll of the church.
        Only members on the active roll of the church shall be members of the corporation. All such
        members who are present at a congregational or corporation meeting are entitled to vote
        subject to minimum age of 18 years in voting on corporate matters.


2Subsequently revised by the congregation: January 18, 1987; January 28, 1990; January 18, 1997;
January 25, 2009; January 31, 2010

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                                20
A.     Elders: There shall be a maximum of nine and a minimum of six (ruling) Elders in active service
       divided into three classes, one class of whom shall be elected each year at the Annual
       Meeting for a three-year term.

B.     Deacons: There shall be a maximum of nine and a minimum of six Deacons in active service
       divided into three classes, one class of whom shall be elected each year at the Annual
       Meeting for a three-year term.

C.     Terms of Office and Classes: No Elder or Deacon shall be elected for a term of more than three
       years, nor shall an Elder or Deacon serve for consecutive terms, either full or partial,
       aggregating more than six years. An Elder or Deacon having served a total of six years shall be
       ineligible for reelection for a period of at least one year. There shall always be three classes in
       the Session and the Board of Deacons. The classes shall be as nearly equal in the number as
       possible, of which only one shall expire each year. Terms shall ordinarily be for three years,
       except when it is necessary to elect some officers for shorter terms in order to equalize the
       numbers in the classes or to fill vacancies. Terms of officers shall expire when their successors
       have been ordained and installed.

D.     Financial Officers: Along with the elected officers mentioned above, the Session shall elect
       annually a Financial Secretary to deposit receipts and record pledges; a Treasurer (and
       Assistant Treasurer, if necessary) to pay expenses and report budget information to the Session,
       and a committee to audit all books and records relating to the church’s finance for that year.
       (The members of this committee should be versed in accounting procedures. They should not
       be related to the treasurer or treasurers.)


A.     Composition and General Powers of the Session: The Pastor and not exceeding nine Elders in
       active service elected by the Congregation shall constitute the Session of the Church. The
       powers and duties of the Session shall be those enumerated in the Scriptures, and in the
       Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The Session shall have general supervision,
       management, and control over all affairs of the Church, except for those powers belong to
       the congregation as enumerated in the Constitution. The elders in active service who are
       eligible under civil law shall, by reason of their office, be the trustees of the corporation of this
       church. All members of the Session, including the pastor, are entitled to vote. The Pastor of the
       church shall be the moderator of the Session. The Clerk of the Session shall be an elder elected
       by the Session annually.

B.     Composition and General Powers of the Board of Deacons: The Board of Deacons shall consist
       of not less than six and not more than nine members. The Board shall elect a Moderator and a
       Secretary from among its members. The secretary shall keep a record of the Board’s
       proceedings. The Pastor shall be an advisory and non-voting member of the Board.

       The office of Deacon is one of sympathy, witness and service. The Board of Deacons shall have
       the responsibility to minister to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless and to any who may
       be in distress.

       The Board shall assume such other duties as may be delegated to them from time to time by
       the Session. The Board of Deacons shall be under the supervision of the Session. The records of
       the Board of Deacons shall be submitted to the Session at least annually and at other times
       upon request of the Session. A joint meeting of the Session and the Board of Deacons shall be
       held at least annually to confer on matters of common interest, with the Moderator of Session

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                             21
C.     Vacancies: Any vacancy occurring in the Session or Board of Deacons must be filled, for the
       unexpired term, by a special election at a special meeting of the Congregation called for the
       purpose within a reasonable time.

D.     A vacancy occurring in the office of Church Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer or Financial
       Secretary will be filled by the Session electing said officers as soon as possible.

E.     Voting: All stated meetings of the Session and Board of Deacons shall follow the most recent
       edition of Robert’s Rules of Order. The Session and Board of Deacons may conduct business
       prior to the next stated meeting through alternative forms of communication. All decisions and
       discussions will be reported at the next meeting and recorded in the minutes.


A.     Annual Meetings: The Annual Congregational and Corporate meetings shall be held for the
       transaction of any business which may lawfully come before it. The exact date of said
       meetings will be determined by the Session. Notice for any and all Congregational and
       Corporate meetings shall be read from the pulpit on two Sundays immediately preceding such
       meeting stating the purpose of such meeting.

B.     Special Meetings: Special Congregational and Corporate meetings may be called at any
       time by the Session; the call for such meetings stating clearly the purpose of the meeting and
       no other business save that specified in the call may be considered.

C.     The Moderator: The Pastor of the Church shall preside at all Congregational and Corporate
       meetings. If it is impractical for the pastor or the moderator of Session appointed by presbytery
       to preside, he or she shall invite, with the concurrence of the Session, another minister of the
       presbytery to preside.

D.     Secretary: The Clerk of Session shall be Secretary of all the Congregational meetings. In the
       case of the inability of the Clerk of Session to act as Secretary of the Congregational meeting,
       the congregation shall elect a secretary “pro-tem” for the Congregation meeting.

E.     Quorum and Procedures: The quorum of a meeting of the congregation or corporation shall
       be as follows:

              If the number of members is one hundred or less, one fourth of the members; or

              If the number of members is more than hundred, twenty-five members or one tenth of
                      the members, whichever is greater.

       Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the rules for governing bodies adopted by
       the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as far as they apply, and when they
       do not apply, according to Robert’s Rules of Order. All meetings shall be opened and closed
       with prayer.

F.     Election and Voting: The election of elders and deacons shall ordinarily take place at the
       annual meeting of the congregation called for that purpose by the Session. The Moderator
       shall explain the purpose of the meeting and then put the question” “Are you now ready to
       proceed to the election of elders and deacons?” If it is ready, the election may proceed. In
       every case, procedures must allow for nominations from the floor by any member present. A
       majority of all the voters present and voting shall be required to elect. Affirming our Reformed
       tradition but also recognizing the civil authority of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
       voting by proxy is permitted in corporate matters.

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                         22

A.     Composition and Term of Office: The Church Nominating Committee shall consist of seven
       members. Two members shall be elders designated by the Session, one of whom shall be
       currently on the session and serve as moderator of the committee.. One member shall be
       designated by and from the Board of Deacons.

       There shall be four congregational representatives divided into two classes serving two year
       terms. The congregational representatives shall be elected annually at a congregational
       meeting. No member of the committee shall serve more than three years consecutively.

       The Pastor shall be a member of this committee ex-officio but without vote.

B.     Duties: The Church Nominating Committee shall present to the Annual Congregational and
       Corporate Meetings or special meetings called for the purpose of filling vacancies which may
       occur through expiration or resignation, the names of persons to fill all vacancies for the
       Session, the Board of Deacons, and congregational representatives on the Nominating
       Committee. Additional nominations for these offices may be made by any qualified voter
       upon the floor of the meeting.


These By-Laws shall become effective immediately upon adoption by a majority vote of the qualified
voters present at the Congregational meeting on September 28, 1986.


These By-Laws may be amended or repealed at any Congregational or Corporate meeting by two-
thirds of the qualified voters present, provided that notice of such proposed amendment or repeal
shall be given in accordance with Article 6-A and provided that such changes shall be in
accordance with the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.).

Christ Presbyterian Church 2010 Annual Report                                                         23

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