Wk2 Treasure Hunt Part 2 Worksheet by HC121103232611


									                                                                                    Version 1, Fall 2010 Term 1

IDS 101 Cornerstone Seminar

Week 2 Quiz: Treasure Hunt Part 2
Revisit Charter Oak's website, the College's Official Catalog, and ACORN, the student portal, to find the
answers to the questions in this document. When you are ready to test your knowledge, click the
Treasure Hunt Part 2 link in Week 2, enter your answers, and see how you do! You can complete this
treasure hunt quiz up to three times. The highest score will count, but you must complete the quiz
before the end of Week 2 to receive credit.

Use this worksheet to guide your research and prepare for the quiz.

Sources of credit

        What are some of the “alternative” ways you can earn credit toward your degree besides taking
        for-credit courses through Charter Oak? Try to find four.

        What does Charter Oak’s Testing Office do for students?

Degree programs and requirements:

        Each degree offered by Charter Oak (Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts,
        and Bachelor of Science) requires you to earn a certain number of credits in the area of Liberal
        Arts. Find out what is meant by Liberal Arts and how many Liberal Arts credits are required for
        each type of degree.

        What’s the difference between a certificate and a degree? What types of certificates does
        Charter Oak offer?

        Define a “concentration” as it is used at Charter Oak. (Hint: it’s one requirement for a Bachelor’s
        degree, and it’s not a major.)


        What is a “student learning outcome?” Try to explain it in your own words.
                                                                                 Version 1, Fall 2010 Term 1

       What’s the difference between Charter Oak’s interdisciplinary concentrations and subject-area

       What concentration(s) interest you and might you choose for your degree? (Note for Associates
       students: even though you are not required to choose a concentration for your degree, answer
       this question as if you are planning to go on to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Charter Oak after
       you complete your Associate’s degree.)

Student services:

       Sign into ACORN and click the Advising tab. What kinds of information about your student
       record can you find on the Advising tab?

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