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We would like to officially welcome you to the Georgia Gemz All-Star cheerleading program at
Gymnastix Training Center. This handbook has been created to give you as much pertinent
information as possible in regards to the Georgia Gemz. Please read this packet in its entirety. All
documentation included in this handbook must be completed, initialed or signed, and brought with
you and your cheerleader to the All-Star Parent Workshop on Sunday, August 24, 2008. Please note
that the Medical Release form must be notarized. This handbook will be kept on file at the gym. You
should print a copy for yourself so you can reference this information throughout the season. You will
be held accountable for adhering to all policies in this packet.

Cheerleading is a difficult and demanding sport. It requires incredible dedication and commitment to
excel. The devotion and commitment learned in the gym is most often transferred to school and other
areas of life–where cheerleaders can almost always be found at the top of their class or excelling in
whatever they choose.
Before committing to a competitive cheerleading program the cheerleader and her family should
identify the goals, short term and long term that they have for her cheerleading career. These goals
should resemble the goals of the coaching staff in order to enhance the overall experience. The
coaching staff at GTC has the following philosophies for a cheerleader involved in our program:
   1) To help every athlete identify and reach her personal potential as a competitive cheerleader.
   2) To assist the process of how to set appropriate short and long term goals and work to achieve
      those goals. A short-term goal may include learning a specific skill by a given date. Long-term
      goals may include becoming a nationally competitive cheerleader, cheering at the collegiate
      level, or even acquiring a cheerleading scholarship.
   3) To teach each athlete to deal with any difficult situation or problem by accepting and
      conquering it.
   4) To encourage good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and respect for themselves and others.
   5) To facilitate the love and enjoyment of cheerleading.
It will take the cooperation of cheerleaders, parents, and coaches to implement these philosophies.
The coaching staff will do its best to provide your child with a positive learning experience as she
pursues her cheerleading career. The parent’s primary role is to support your child 100%. It is the job
of both the parents and coaches to keep the lines of communication open and to aid the cheerleaders
in doing so as well.

Here at GTC we are a family; as a part of the competitive squad, you are now a member of our family.
The ownership, management, coaching staff, parents, and cheerleaders must all work together to
make the overall cheerleading experience a positive one. We must work together as coaches, parents,
and athletes in order to reach these goals.


David & Michelle Pomerantz
                     2008-2009 SQUAD INFORMATION
I. Level of involvement/commitment:
   School Year Practice Schedule (August 3-April 30, 2009)
      Competition Squad                                       Pre-Team
      Sunday 5:00-7:00 and Wednesday 5:15-7:15                Thursday 5:15-7:15
   Tumbling – 1 hr per week minimum-up to 3 hours available (included in tuition)
     Choose one permanent day and time for tumbling instruction. Then you are eligible to attend
     the other two tumbling practices at your discretion each week.
   Available tumbling classes –
     Monday 7:30-8:30 (Comp Squad), Wednesday 7:30-8:30 (Comp Squad), or
     Thursday 7:30-8:30 (Both)

II. Financial considerations:
      Team Deposit - $145 JUNE Tuition (Due at the orientation meeting on Friday, April 25)
      Annual Membership Fee -            $75 for the 1st child
                                         $50 for the 2nd child
                                         $125 family maximum
      This fee is due June 1st or upon joining the squad, and it is renewed each season thereafter.
      Membership fees cover matriculation and insurance. Our insurance is a secondary provider. In
      the unlikely event that your child is injured during practice at Gymnastix Training Center, you
      would file with your personal insurance first, and Gymnastix secondary insurance would incur
      the balance. This secondary insurance claims are subject to a deductible paid by the customer.
      Monthly Tuition - $153 per month
      This fee is due the first of every month throughout the season with the final tuition payment
      due April 1, 2009. Tuition fees pay for a cheerleader’s space on a squad based upon an
      eleven-month period of time. Tuition does not pay for specific number of hours per week of
      practice. Monthly Tuition fees will only be prorated for a cheerleading joining the squad in the
      middle of the month. A 5% “Early Bird” discount is available for monthly tuition fees received
      in the office before the 1st of the month. If you have more than one student enrolled at
      Gymnastix Training Center, the lesser monthly tuition receives a 10% discount per month.
      A $15 late fee is assessed for tuition not paid by the 7th of each month.
      Squad Dues - $855.00 per year
      These dues cover the majority, but not all of the costs associated with competitive
      cheerleading such as, but not limited to, competition entry fees, coach’s competition expenses,
      squad competition uniforms, and choreography. Each individual family is responsible for this
      NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE amount in order for your cheerleader to
      compete. Three payment plan options are available. Payments are due as listed on the
      Georgia Gemz expense form with the only exception being for members who join after the
      season has begun. For such members, there will be a 30 day grace period to pay ALL the listed
      fees up to the date squad membership begins. Any remaining payments will be due as listed
      There are pre-scheduled fundraising activities to assist any interested cheerleader with
      offsetting these costs. Any time you participate in a Georgia Gemz sponsored fundraising
      event, the money earned will apply towards the participating family’s dues. Although it is

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
      Gymnastix Training Center’s intent to have available fundraising, there might be times when
      you will have to “write a check” to make your account current. There is a $15.00 late fee for
      any agreed upon payment not paid in full by the appropriate date. Any cheerleader’s account
      not current will not be permitted to participate in squad activities. These activities include, but
      are not limited to, practices, competitions, and other squad functions.
      Choreography fee - $200.00
      The choreography instruction fee is mandatory and is already included in the Squad Dues.
      Camp will take place September 13-14. This will be an overnight “Power Session” at the gym.
      Whether or not an athlete attends camp, this fee is still mandatory to pay for
      the athlete’s portion of the squad’s music and choreography.
      Uniforms - $230.00
      The complete cost of the competition uniform is included in the Squad Dues. The breakdown
      for the uniform is as listed below:
                  Skirt                   $37.00
                  Shell                   $46.00
                  Metallic Bloomers       $14.00
                  Warm-ups                $65.00
                  Competition Make-Up     $20.00
                  Competition Bow         $15.00
                  Team Practice Bag       $16.00
                  Shipping/Tax            $17.00

      Any practice apparel, whether optional or mandatory, is the responsibility of each individual
      Competition entry fees are already figured into the annual Squad Dues. Travel expenses to any
      competition are the sole responsibility of the individual family. If group travel is pre-arranged,
      the coaches and team representatives will strive to find the best deal possible for all travel
      arrangements and communicate the costs accordingly. All team members are required to stay
      with the team. If we stay on a competition package all team members must stay on that
      package. Parents, relatives, and friends are not required to stay on a package. For non-
      packaged competitions, rooms will be blocked together at the same hotel and the individual
      family will be responsible for payment upon arrival.

  Any of the times and fees noted in this packet may change at the discretion of
            Gymnastix Training Center’s ownership or management.

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
III. Rules and Policies:
   A. Dress Code
      Practice apparel must be worn to every practice. For competitions, all cheerleaders need to
      have the entire Georgia Gemz uniform including, but not limited to, the competition uniform,
      squad warm up suit, squad bloomers, squad shoes, appropriate hair products and make up,
      and an appropriate sports bra. These uniforms are to be worn for competitions only. You are
      responsible for permanently labeling each item with the cheerleader’s name.
   B. Attendance
      There are a set number of minimum practices per week. This minimum number is mandatory
      for all team members unless otherwise approved by the head coach. Please remember that
      cheerleading is a team sport and it affects the entire team when even one athlete
      is missing from practice. The cheerleader is required to call, before practice starts, every
      time she misses a workout. It is her practice, thus her responsibility. The only excuse is an
      emergency, illness, life event, or a mandatory school function. All other reasons must be
      approved by the head coach, ahead of time. If a team member has an unexcused absence the
      week before a competition, the child will not be allowed to compete unless approved by the
      head coach. There are no make-ups for missed practices. Excessive tardiness and/or
      absences will result in probation or dismissal from the squad.
   C. Athlete
      1. Practices will start on time, so it is expected that you be there ahead of time to mentally
         prepare. Practices must be attended in proper practice attire and good mental attitude.
         No one is allowed on any equipment before or after practice unless specified by a coach.
      2. All belongings are to be kept in the appropriate specified areas. Clothes belong in the
         cubbies. No food or drinks are allowed in the gym. The party room should be used to store
         all drinks and snacks.
      3. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES!!! The coaches are here for cheerleading instruction,
         not maid service.
      4. All coaches and employees of GTC, other squad members, other athletes, and all parents
         should be shown equal and proper respect. (3 strike policy)
   D. Competitions
      1. Competitions are a privilege, not a given. Girls will compete only when they have shown
         they are ready - physically and mentally. If a cheerleader fails to show they are properly
         prepared, they will not be allowed to perform. The coaches will make this decision.
      2. During competition, good sportsmanship and positive attitudes are expected at all times.
         Failure to do so could result in removal from possible future competitions.
      3. All competitions are to be attended, period. If an athlete is injured and unable to
         compete, she is still required to attend the competition.
      4. During a competition, squad members are not to have contact with their parents without
         the coach’s approval first. No parents are allowed on the competition floor at any time.
      5. Squad members and parents are encouraged to cheer for their fellow teammates. They are
         to be courteous and orderly at all competitions.
      6. ALL Squad members are required to stay for the complete duration of the competition
         until dismissed by the head coach.
      7. The competition schedule is created by the coaching staff. The season consists of five
         competitions and it is expected that you will reserve these specific weekends for
         cheerleading only. Specific competition times will be released the week of the competition.
   E. Parents
      1. Gossip is not permitted in any shape or form.
      2. Parental support is important to all cheerleaders. This support should include positive
         comments on attitude, behavior, and work habits. A parent should not attempt to coach or
         “push” a child. Parents should encourage improvements by complimenting a good
         performance, good workout habits, and good behavior. A parent should never reprimand
         their child for a lesser performance. Not only is this degrading for your child’s self esteem,
         but detrimental to future performances. Remember, each child is trying her best.

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
      3. You are responsible for getting your child to and from practice on time. This punctuality
         is also mandatory for competitions.
      4. All financial obligations, must be kept current for the squad members to participate in
         squad activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, practices, competitions,
         squad functions.
      5. We need parents who volunteer for jobs to see them through. Please do not volunteer for
         something you do not feel you can handle.
      6. If you need to speak with a coach, either schedule an appointment or contact them during
         non-coaching hours. Please do not keep the coaches from doing their job of coaching.
      7. It is not recommended that parents stay in the gym during practice hours. The most
         effective practice occurs when the cheerleader can focus 100% on her practice.
      8. At no time are parents allowed on the gym floor unless approved by the coach.
   F. Information
      1. The head coach must be consulted before securing private lessons from other GTC staff
         members. In addition, private lessons are not allowed at other gym schools or with
         coaches other than GTC staff members.
      2. Please go to the proper source for information. Any time you have a problem, please
         communicate it to the head coach if it is cheer related or to the front office if it is tuition
         related. Your coach and office staff is the appropriate source, not other squad members.
   G. Body Care
      Cheerleading is a demanding, strenuous sport that requires good physical fitness. It is the
      responsibility of the individual cheerleader to maintain a high level of flexibility, strength, and
      endurance. Unfortunately, injuries happen in any athletic activity. The Georgia Gemz staff
      will take every precaution to limit these injuries. Should an injury occur refer to the following
      steps to aid in the recovery process. These steps are merely a guide and in no way a substitute
      for professional medical care. Speak with your head coach for a reference to an acceptable
      orthopedic doctor.

      SORE BODY PARTS - Check with your coach. Being a little sore is part of cheerleading, so get
      used to it. If the soreness is minor, it should go away with a short rest. If chronic (long term)
      or severe, a visit to an orthopedic doctor is a must.

      ICE - Use ice only in the following situations:
              1) Immediately following a strain or sprain to a muscle or joint.
              2) Following ligament, muscle, or tendon injuries.
              3) Following skin cuts or abrasions.
              4) After exercise involving a formerly injured area.
      When icing an injured area, use either ice packs with crushed ice, cold packs, or an ice massage
      (a paper cup filled with water is frozen to form an ice cylinder that can be massaged directly
      onto the skin’s surface). The optimum treatment time is fifteen minutes 3 to 4 times per day
      with maximum treatment being twenty minutes 3 to 4 times per day. To avoid surface tissue
      damage, place a towel between the ice and skin. Frostbite may result from excess icing. Watch
      for evidence of small white blotches appearing on the skin.

      HEAT - Use heat only in the following situations:
              1) 48-72 hours following ligament, muscle, and tendon injuries.
              2) Before exercise involving a formerly injured area.
              3) When experiencing joint or muscle pain.
      When heating an injured area, use moist hot packs, an electric heating pad, or reusable hot
      packs for at least ten minutes. The optimum time for heating is twenty minutes, but never
      exceed thirty minutes at one time. Heat should only be applied after swelling has stabilized
      and is starting to decrease. Always put a towel between the heat source and the injured area;
      never place heat directly on the skin. If the heat gets too intense, place extra layers of towels
      between the heat source and skin.

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
                      COMMITMENT AGREEMENT
I, _____________________, being the parent(s) or guardian(s) of _________________, do
fully understand the commitment of time and finances as set forth in this packet. My child and I, to
the best of our ability, agree to abide by all the rules and policies set within. My child and I also
understand the demands that exist in being a Georgia Gemz Squad member at Gymnastix Training
Center. I am in agreement that the sport of cheerleading is first and foremost for the participating
athlete. It is my primary concern to provide the most rewarding, unique, memorable, and beneficial
experience possible for all competitive cheerleaders at Gymnastix Training Center.
Georgia Gemz is an 11-month commitment - physically, mentally and financially.

Parent or Guardian Signature: __________________________ Date: __________

I fully understand that Gymnastix Training Center staff members are not physicians or medical
practitioners of any kind. I hereby release the Gymnastix Training Center staff to render
temporary first aid to my child or children in the event of any injury or illness, and if deemed
necessary by the Gymnastix Training Center staff to call our doctor and to seek medical help,
including transportation by a Gymnastix Training Center staff member and/or its representatives,
whether paid or volunteer, to any health care facility or hospital, or the calling of an ambulance for
said child should the Gymnastix Training Center staff deem this to be necessary.
We, the staff of Gymnastix Training Center recognize our obligation to make our students and
their parents aware of the risks and the hazards associated with the sport of cheerleading. Students
may suffer injuries, possibly minor, serious or catastrophic in nature. Cheerleading can be dangerous
and can lead to injury! Parents should make their children aware of the possibility of injury and
encourage their children to follow all the safety rules the coaches’ instructions. The Gymnastix
Training Center, its coaches and other staff members, will not accept responsibility for injuries
sustained by any student during the course of cheerleading instruction, or in the course of any
exhibition, competition, or clinic in which he or she may participate or while traveling to or from the
event. With the above in mind, and being fully aware of the risks and possibility of injury involved, I
consent to have my child or children participate in the programs offered by Gymnastix Training
Center. I, my executors or other representatives, waive and release all rights and claims for damages
that I or my child may have against the Gymnastix Training Center and/or its representatives
whether paid or volunteer. I also affirm that I now have and will continue to provide proper
hospitalization, health, and accident insurance coverage that I consider adequate for both my child’s
protection and my own protection. I also understand that it is the parent’s responsibility to warn the
child about the dangers of cheerleading and injury. The parent should warn the child according to
what the parent feels is appropriate. Gymnastix Training Center will only warn the child through
“Safety Messages” and our teaching style and progressions.

Parent or Guardian Signature: _________________________ Date: __________

I hereby give my consent to all photographs, audio recordings, and/or video recordings taken of my
minor child or me by Gymnastix Training Center staff or their designee. I understand that any such
media become the property of Gymnastix Training Center and may be used for educational,
instructional, or promotional purposes as determined by Gymnastix Training Center.

Parent or Guardian Signature: _________________________ Date: __________

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
                         CHEERLEADER INFORMATION
CHEERLEADER NAME: _____________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: ____/____/____

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________
CITY: ________________________________________ ZIP: ______________________

HOME PHONE: (_____)_____-_______ CHEERLEADER’S CELL: (_____)_____-________

CHEERLEADERS EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________________@___ ______________
MOTHER’S NAME: ________________________________________________________

MOTHER’S EMAIL: __________________________@ ____________________________

MOTHER’S PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: ___________________________________

MOTHER’S WORK #: (_____)_____-_______ MOTHER’S CELL #: (_____)_____-________

FATHER’S NAME: ________________________________________________________

FATHER’S EMAIL: __________________________@ ____________________________

FATHER’S PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: __________________________________________

FATHER’S WORK #:(_____)_____-________                      FATHER’S CELL #: (_____)_____-________

SCHOOL ATTENDING 2008 – 2009: ___________________________________________
GRADE SCHOOL YEAR 2008 – 2009: _____________




1) Are you presently involved in extracurricular activities that would preclude your full Participation in our
    cheerleading program?
        YES NO Explain on the back.
2) Are you going to be on a competitive cheerleading squad outside of GTC next year?
        YES     NO   If yes, when will you be practicing? __________________________
3) What stunting positions have you been assigned in the past?
        Flier    Back Spot     Base    Other__________
4) Attach a Xeroxed copy of your most current grade report to this form.

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
                      MEDICAL QUESTIONAIRE


___ 1.   Have you ever been unconscious? _____________________________________________
___ 2.   Were you seen by a physician?
___ 3.   Were X-rays taken?
___ 4.   Have you ever had a skull fracture? _____________________________________________
___ 5.   Have you ever had amnesia following a head injury? __________________________________
___ 6.   Have you ever had a convulsion?     _____________________________________________
___ 7.   Do you have frequent headaches? _____________________________________________
___ 8.   Have you ever had blurred or double vision?    _____________________________________

___ 1. Do you normally wear glasses?
___ 2. Do you normally wear contact lenses?
       Date of last eye exam: _______________

___ 1. Do you have frequent nose bleeds? _____________________________________________
___ 2. Have you ever broken your nose?        _____________________________________________
___ 3. If yes, did you have surgery to repair it?

___ 1. Do you have any false teeth or bridges? __________________________________________
___ 2. Do you have braces or any other dental objects? ____________________________________

___ 1.   Have you ever sustained a neck injury? __________________________________________
___ 2.   Did you have numbness, burning, or sharp pain in your arms? _________________________
___ 3.   Did you see a physician?
___ 4.   Have you ever worn a neck brace due to a neck injury? _______________________________

___ 1. Have you ever dislocated a joint?
___ 2. If yes, which joint(s)?
            Shoulder L         R
            Kneecap      L     R
            Knee         L     R
            Ankle        L     R
            Finger       L     R
            Other ____________
       How did the injury occur? _____________________________________________________
___ 3. Has the dislocation occurred more than once? _____________________________________
___ 4. Did you have surgery?

___ 1. Have you ever injured your back? _____________________________________________
___ 2. Have you injured it more than once? _____________________________________________
___ 3. Do you have a spinal defect? ___________________________________________________

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
___ 1. Have you ever had a serious knee injury?   ________________________________________
___ 2. If yes, did you have surgery to repair it?
___ 3. Was specific physical therapy prescribed?  ________________________________________
       Does your knee:
___ 4. Lock _________________________________________________________________
___ 5. Swell _________________________________________________________________
___ 6. Giveway       ______________________________________________________________
___ 7. Feel Unstable ___________________________________________________________
___ 8. Hurt Following Activity _____________________________________________________

___ 1. Have you ever broken a bone?    ________________________________________________

___ 1. Have you ever had a bad muscle pull? __________________________________________
___ 2. Have you ever had a muscle strain? _____________________________________________
___ 3. Have you ever torn a muscle? ________________________________________________
___ 4. Are any of these injuries recurring? _____________________________________________

___ 1. Have you ever pulled a ligament or tendon? _______________________________________
___ 2. Have you ever had a ligament or tendon strain? ____________________________________
___ 3. Have you ever torn a ligament or tendon?    _______________________________________
___ 4. Are any of these injuries recurring? _____________________________________________

___ 1. Have you ever seriously sprained your ankle? ____________________________________
___ 2. Was an X-ray made?
___ 3. Is this injury recurring? _____________________________________________________

___ 1. Have you ever had a problem with dehydration? ____________________________________
___ 2. Have you ever had a heat stroke?   _____________________________________________

Check the following immunizations and list most recent date administered
___     Tetanus __________
___     MMR __________
___     Polio __________
___     Chicken Pox __________
___     Flu __________

Please describe any additional surgical procedures performed _________________________________ _


Please list all food allergies _________________________________________________________


Please list all drug allergies _________________________________________________________


Please describe any additional medical diseases or disorders ___________________________________


Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
                      MEDICAL RELEASE FORM
I, ____________________, Parent or Guardian of ____________________ do hereby give
authority to the coaching staff of Gymnastix Training Center, or any other designated personnel, to act
on my behalf in my absence. This power of authority is given in the case of an extreme medical
emergency if I cannot be contacted. I also consent to the administration of the following checked
medications by the coaching staff of Gymnastix Training Center, or any other designated personnel
under the specific guidelines listed:
                 Ibuprofen                 # of tablets ____ every ____ hours
                 Acetaminophen             # of tablets ____ every ____ hours
                 Aspirin                   # of tablets ____ every ____ hours
                 Baby Aspirin              # of tablets ____ every ____ hours
                 Other ____________        # of tablets ____ every ____ hours

Name of Pediatrician ______________________________                             Phone _______________

                      ______________________________                            Phone _______________

Insurance Carrier _________________________________                             Policy #_______________


Chronic Medication _______________________________________________________

Specific Medical Conditions or History __________________________________________



NOTARY INFORMATION:                                     PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION:

By: ___________________________                         _____________________________
                  Notary Public                         Parent or Guardian Name

                                                        Home Address

                                                        City, State, Zip Code

                                                        Phone Number

My seal expires ____________                            _____________________________
                           Date                         Emergency Contact Phone Number

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______
                                   TEAM CONTRACT
Athlete Name: __________________________Date of Birth ______________ Age: ______
School Attending (‘08-’09): ______________________________ Grade (’08-’09): ________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
                          Street                                                    City                                 Zip Code

Parent/Responsible Party Name(s): ____________________________________________
Phone: home _____________ mom’s cell ______________ father’s cell ______________
Mother’s name: ___________________ Employer: _____________ work #: ___________
Father’s name: ____________________ Employer: _____________ work #: ___________

                     Annual Registration Fee                   $75.00

                     Monthly Tuition                           $153.00
In the event there are other fees or charges presented to me in writing related to this contract and
agreed to by me, I further agree to be responsible for said fees.

   Tuition is due the 1st of each month.
   A 5% Early Bird discount is applicable only to tuition received in the office prior to the 1st.
   If payment is received after the 7th, a $15 late fee will be assessed.
   A THREE-MONTH written notice is required for termination of team membership only on the last day
     of each month of tuition.
   We regret that Gymnastix Training Center cannot extend credit or give refunds.
   Fees associated with the collection of any debts are the responsibility of the listed responsible party.

           I hereby acknowledge that I have been instructed by Gymnastix Training Center that any activity involving height and motion and
cheerleading in general may result in physical injury to my child, injuries which could result in severe bodily damage or paralysis. I have
been assured that all precautions have been and will be reasonably undertaken by Gymnastix Training Center to ensure my child’s safety. In
the event of an accident involving injury, I hereby waive and release Gymnastix Training Center from any and all liability while my child is
on the premises of the gymnastics facility, on a planned trip involving Gymnastix Training Center, or at a cheerleading competition involving
Gymnastix Training Center. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide for medical insurance. Gymnastix Training Center does not
provide you any insurance of any nature for your benefit.
           In lieu of a Doctor’s certificate, I hereby state that my child is in sound physical and mental health, and has no specific medical or
physical conditions except as listed on the Medical Release form or Medical Questionnaire. In case of accident or sickness, I grant
permission for a physician to administer necessary treatment to my child. I also authorize the adult staff members of Gymnastix Training
Center to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. Gymnastix Training Center personnel
are not qualified to offer medical attention.
           I also hereby give Gymnastix Training Center permission to use a photograph, video footage, or name of my child for
advertising/marketing purposes.
           I realize that the commitment in joining the competitive team at Gymnastix Training Center is for an eleven-month period and I
hereby agree to provide a three-month written notice prior to terminating team membership. In signing this contract, I agree to pay the
team fees as scheduled and listed above. In addition, I have read a copy of the Gymnastix Training Center team handbook and I agree to
abide by the rules and policies stated within it. Said rules and policies form part of this Contract and are incorporated herein.
           I have read the above contract carefully before signing. Further, I understand that this contract and release shall be effective from
its date through April 30, 2009.

Parent’s Signature                                  Date

Parent Initials __________ Cheerleader Initials__________ Date:____/____/______

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