founders welcome letter by 8b6X47


									Dear Friend,
I spent the last two years establishing a philanthropy programme for a national
charity. In light of statutory cuts the resource constraints holding charities back from
serving their communities and beneficiaries worsened significantly.

I came up with Give What You’re Good At on a sunny August Monday when I saw
accountants being sent to paint walls while our finance systems crumbled.

I had friends cold call 500 charities to understand how they currently recruited and
worked with volunteers. It became apparent, volunteers, in some cases cost charities
more money than they saved!

Even when nonprofits connected with skilled volunteers the outcome was often
disappointing. Roles were ill-defined and both parties entered into the partnership
not really knowing what was expected of them.

I set about scoping projects which would really add value to charitable organisations.
Each project has a time required and cost saving specification setting the
parameters of how you work, the time you should allocate, and the deliverables for
the project.

Our technology platform only matches people who want to give their skills with
causes they care about this is the heartbeat of our mission.

Give What You’re Good At today and make a real difference with your time and
Thanks for reading,


Ami Bloomer
Founder and CEO
Give What You’re Good At

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