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From: chris@prouse.co.nz
To: chris@prouse.co.nz
Subject: Radio Hauraki Reunion update
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 22:46:18 +1300

To all past and present Radio Hauraki staff.

Radio Hauraki Reunion update - with less than three weeks to go!

The Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Reunion organisers are
finalising details for the weekend and we certainly are looking
forward to seeing you all on Saturday 11th November 7.00 pm for your
Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Reunion Party at Swashbucklers

Response to the Radio Hauraki Reunion has been great with many
people making a very special effort to return to Auckland from all
over the world, including many of the original 'pirate' staff. Over
200 ex Hauraki staff and partners will be attending the party on the
Saturday night - thanks for your support.

To those who have completed the payment details, thank you - your
tickets are currently being mailed and will be in your hands by the
end of this week. For everyone else, it is time to open your
chequebooks and get your registration underway today - details

Put a reminder note in your diary to make a special point of
listening to Hauraki on Friday 10th November - many of the original
'pirates' including Peter Telling, Paul Lineham, Ian Ferguson, Fred
Botica, Ross Goodwin, Ian Magan, Chris Parkinson, Bob Leahy, Tom
Bradley and more will feature on-air live during the day.

Don't forget to plan a visit to the Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary
Exhibition at the Sanford Room, NZ National Maritime Museum corner
Quay & Hobson Streets. The exhibition will be open free to the public
from the reunion weekend and for the next three months - check out
the rest of the Maritime Museum while you are downtown - and tell
your friends.

Copies of Adrian Blackburn's book The Shoestring Pirates and David
Millers CD 'A Fresh Pacific Wind' will be on sale at the Museum, or
you can purchase on-line at www.radioheritage.net - plus, you can buy
limited edition Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary tee shirts on-line at
www.hauraki.co.nz. And, don't forget the next issue of North & South
magazine for a feature article written by Phil Gifford about the
Radio Hauraki pirates. Something available for everyone to show the

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th November

David Gapes david@admedia.co.nz

Ian Magan ian.pel@xtra.co.nz
Bus: 302-2070

John Monks john.monks@gmail.com
Res: 486-4148

Chris Prouse chris@prouse.co.nz
Res: 410-2365

Mobile 0274 800 477

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