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									Fruit/Veggies                                                 Garbanzo Beans
Serving Size:                                                 Ingredients:
                                                              For approximately 10 cups
Offer vs. Serve Item:                                          1 No. 10 can Garbanzo Beans, drained and rinsed

    Grades Menu     Amount Component
           Item                                               Holding – Time/Temperature Control:
    K-12   Garbanzo 1 oz.  1/8 cup Veg                        (Cold) Hold at 41°F. or below. The maximum time a
           beans    spoon                                     product will be out of refrigeration and above 41°F. and
                                                              below 140°F will never exceed 4 hours.
Self serve on Choice bar. Do not limit servings
Offer on choice bar according to schedule.                    Leftovers:
Storage:                                                       Dispose of leftovers at school
 .                                                            May cover, label, date and refrigerate leftover beans for
Preparation:                                                     no more than 3 days.
 Empty beans into colander, rinse and drain
 Label and date then store in cooler

    Place in black cambro pan on choice bar
    Self-serve using the appropriate size
    Change out spoon with a clean utensil
     each lunch period, or if a continuous meal
     service change; 3 times per day.


                                                     Meal Pattern Requirements

               A minimum ½ cup Fruit or Vegetable serving must be taken with each meal-all grades.
                Grade Level Meat/Meat Alternative      Meat/Meat Alternative    Bread/Grain          Bread/Grain
                             Minimum amt. per day      Range per week           Min. amt per day     Range per week
                K-5          1 oz                      8-10                     1 oz.                8-10
                6-8          1 oz                      9-10                     1 oz.                8-10
                9-12         2 oz                      10-12                    2 oz.                10-12

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