Entrepreneur Interview by 72b3i16T


									                               Stock Market Project

   1. You are to invest $10,000 in five different companies. These companies must be
      traded on the NYSE or Nasdaq.
   2. Use www.yahoo.com’s finance page to (a) look up the stock’s ticker symbol, (b)
      note the stock’s closing price on the first day of the assignment, and (c) calculate
      the number of shares you will buy (investment/stock price).
   3. You will track the closing price (value) of your stock weekly. Do not recalculate
      the number of shares purchased.


   4. In conjunction with your weekly tracking of the companies’ stock values, you will
      write a one-page write-up about each company.
   5. The write-ups should focus on:
          a. When was the company founded? Where was it founded? Who founded
              the company? Where is it headquartered and how many does it employ?
          b. What is your company’s product or service? Has this changed over time?
          c. How is the company currently positioned in the marketplace? Is it a
              leader? Is it an innovator? Is it the premier company in the industry or the
              low-cost leader?
          d. Current events – use Galenet (through the AHS LMC), the Internet, and
              company websites to summarize what the company has been doing over
              the last six months and/or what it is planning to do in the near future.
   6. Each of the above sets of questions should be one answered in at least one
   7. An “executive summary” page should be at the front of your report. Have an
      introduction and conclusion and focus on KWL: What you Knew at the beginning
      of the assignment, what you Wanted to know about stocks and/or these
      companies, and what you Learned about each company.
   8. Format of the essay: Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced w/ page
      numbers, student name, and date in the header per MLA format from your
      English classes.


   9. Graph your stocks’ prices over the project’s duration (10 weeks) in Microsoft
   10. You will need to calculate your total gain/loss for your investment at the end of
       the project. This can also be done in Excel.
   11. We will also enter a Virtual Stock Market Game to see how we do against our
   12. Those who are interested can also join Alhambra’s team for a competition against
       other schools in a stock market game hosted by CSU East Bay.

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