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									                              Blair-Taylor School District
                                Student/Parent Guide

                              ART – POTTERY & SCULPTURE

Mission Statement:

The mission of Blair-Taylor’s art program is to provide all student with high quality learning experiences
by integrating an understanding of the areas of art criticism, aesthetics, art heritage, and art making.

Content         Course Objectives:
                By the end of the semester, the student will be able to:

L, I            1.    Express oneself through the creation of pottery and sculpture.
C, H            2.    Demonstrate proper handbuilding techniques.
C, H            3.    Demonstrate proper wheel throwing techniques.
A, C            4.    Define and use vocabulary relating to handbuilding and wheeling throwing
K               5.    Use safety procedures while using tools and supplies.
B               6.    Differentiate between functional and non-functional pottery.
C, E, F         7.    Combine handbuilding and/or wheel throwing techniques.
C               8.    Understand the bisque and glaze firing process.
D               9.    Use proper glazing techniques.
D               10.   Keep a record of glazing techniques used.
G               11.   Participate in group critiques.
B, J            12.   Distinguish between realism and abstraction in sculpture.
A, D, F         13.   Discuss career options available in the fields of pottery and sculpture.
                              ART – POTTERY & SCULPTURE

Grading and Assessment:

1.   Informal observation of work habits resulting in a daily effort grade.
2.   Pottery is graded according to originality, design, craftsmanship and the degree of difficulty.
3.   Teacher written test on terminology and techniques.
4.   Discussion/participation.
5.   Outcome of glazed pottery.

Content Standards:

In order to help the student achieve the above learner outcomes, the following themes/topic (content)
areas are the focus of pottery and sculpture:

1. Exploration of a handbuilding unit that incorporates the pinch pot, coil, slab, and drape techniques
   of pottery handbuilding.
2. Exploration of artists and periods of art past and present through a variety of source material
   including the CD-ROM series – The History of Art.
3. Identify and use appropriate wheel throwing techniques through guided practice.
4. Trim wheel thrown pottery with appropriate tools and guided practice.

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