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QUESTION 4 – p10
QUESTION 5 – p14

Q1.      There are considerations to alter the Calendar including financial and Council
         staff support for particular events. How will this impact on you?
Q1a. Comments of those who stated the alterations would have a positive impact:
 Positive regarding inclusion, however depending on the events /size/scale there may be
 resource/staffing issues unless proper budgetary provision is made.
 It will reduce the cost to the council and help the council focus on what it should do!
 Providing quality services not pandering to specific groups.
 The slavery abolition day has a particular impact since Wesley supported Wilberforce.
 I am glad to see that being recognised and brought to the present day.
 I believe that if organisations, bodies of people want to highlight their beliefs, opinions
 etc. they should be self funding. Council grants should not be given also needs to watch
 how much awareness we have of other groups, it could bring more prejudices and
 In so far as I can see they will be positive. Celebrating the most relevant events. Also
 reducing staff time spent on these must be better financially.
 I think we should be proud of Doncaster and promote Doncaster Day for the Calendar in
 To promote integration we need to include majority groups as well as minority.
 Perceptions are that certain groups are recognised, but majority groups are not.
 We have an Annual events budget. All events have to be paid for to make them
 happen. Therefore, as a Council tax payer somewhere along the line it will effect what
 we pay.

Q1a. Comments of those who stated the alterations would have a negative impact:
 Disability Issues
 Disability Awareness Day and International Disabled Persons Day are two separate and
 distinct events. The first is a fun day to raise awareness of the help and support
 available for disabled people. The other is held to celebrate the achievements of
 disabled people and to encourage greater involvement of disabled people. (x5)
 I think there should be a Disability Awareness Week. This should include a Carers
 Awareness Day and a Mental Health Awareness Day. There is a lot of prejudice around
 mental health issues. Disabilities and related issues are not adequately provided for.
 Why a whole month for LGB&T and only a day for Disabilities? I think there is a case for
 having a Mental Health Awareness Week, to coincide with the national one in October.
 The funding for joint Disability Day, which agree completely, must be given 6 months
 before December and a Disability Committee established to run it without council
 employees input.
 Discrimination Issues
 Discrimination based on race, gender, age and sexual orientation. (x31)

Makes us feel excluded feels as though it is a threat feels like discrimination. We don't
feel equal. Everyone walks together this will separate people. (x2)
I am upset and angry that the Council should use their powers to delete events that they
feel are of little purpose. This form does give 'some' people the opportunity to comment,
but by no means has this notification of change been made public enough.
There is no inclusion in the calendar for recognition of older people e.g. International
Day for Older People October 1st. No recognition for Carers - Carers Week in June. No
recognition of Mental Health Issues - World mental Health Day October 10th.
Gender Issues
I think all of the events are important for Doncaster to demonstrate its commitment to
valuing and celebrating diversity. If we decide to withdraw from e.g. women’s day, what
does this say about Doncaster???
Because as woman I need to be valued in my community.
Re International Women’s Day - I am concerned the suggestion is not to support this
locally. This would be a good opportunity to cover awareness regarding the issues of
domestic violence which I think is more appropriate than the suggestion of tagging it on
to the Abolition of Slave Trade Day. Why not have a domestic violence awareness day?
Re Doncaster Pride think it is disgusting that it is proposed not to support this event.
There are still many instances of homophobia and hate crimes in the borough. This
provides a good opportunity to celebrate diversity and to challenge such prejudice views
in a way that can encompass all the community, not just the LGBT community.
LGBT Issues
As a member of the LGBT community and a gay woman I find the arbitrary changes
have a negative impact on my community. Supporting LGBT History Month is
commendable but the stance on the other events including PRIDE sends out the
message of what is deemed to be acceptable in the opinion of the Mayor. It isn't just
about monies being with-held it send out the message that this is not wanted in
Doncaster. It is noted the Council's own statement "The Council will ensure no one in
the borough is disadvantaged or discriminated against based on their race, gender,
disability, sexual orientation, faith, religion/belief or age" How can this possibly be when
the process of deciding what to support and what not to support is in itself
Reduction in efforts towards recognising and supporting sexual orientation issues.
At present, the Doncaster Pride isn't supported. I believe this should be reviewed.
Race & Ethnicity Issues
Black History month was cancelled before any consultation was performed. (x2)
Black History and Gypsy Roma Traveller month provide opportunities to present positive
images of people that we at The Children's Society work with, to raise awareness and
challenging myths and misconceptions. The current purpose of these events matches
our experience that they promote tolerance and enable BME and roma/traveller people
to feel confident that their contribution to society is valuable, and therefore that they are
more likely to want to contribute.
You have cancelled Black History Month as per mayors manifesto, so why is IWD,
disabled peoples day still going a head is it because the issue is about black people not
the event it self?
As a BME Health Improvement Worker I have found that Gypsies and Travellers are
amongst the most excluded groups in Doncaster and have the poorest health and
greatest need for my service. Many people find it acceptable to behave in a racist
manner to Gypsies which they would not consider doing to any other BME group.

People make sweeping statements such as they don’t pay taxes. If the Council
withdraws support from Gypsy Traveller History Month it will send out signals that
reinforce these stereotypes and have a very detrimental effect on these communities. I
have found previous Traveller History month events to be very productive in terms of
learning something about this community and also making contacts. As a result I now
have several service users from the Gypsy community. Although it is proposed to carry
on with some disability related events they are unlikely to attract disabled members of
the Gypsy community because of the hostility that they face from other communities. I
feel that getting rid of this event will have a very adverse effect on this community and
will have the effect of making it even more difficult for this community to access services.
As Doncaster has the largest Traveller community in the country I feel that it is
particularly important for Doncaster Council to support this event with both staff time and
grant money.
As the head teacher of a local primary school, I feel that the Borough events calendar is
a very important part of our social cohesion programme. Whatever our own personal
views are concerning some of the groups involved, we have a duty , and in fact in many
cases ,a legal obligation, to promote cultural( not arts ) awareness in our school
communities. We are now legally bound by Ofsted inspections to promote cultural and
social cohesion and particularly to reflect the diversity of our local area. Doncaster has
one of the highest Gypsy/Roma/Traveller populations in the country, and so it is
particularly disappointing to see the views about the GRT month. If council staff in
EMTAS are unable to attend planning meetings for the activities in GRT month, then
schools will find it much more difficult to be involved. Later this month the Mayor is to
present my school with the Inclusion Charter Mark. Highlights of our 18 month
application were the visits to our school of the storyteller Richard O'Neill, and the visiting
music and arts groups from the GRT community, which gave our children first -hand
experience of other cultures, as well as boosting the confidence of our own traveller
children. EMTAS has also been invaluable in helping with our recent influx of Polish
children, in terms of the inevitable language barrier, helping with admissions and
providing BCA'S to work with the children, and help with translating information to
I am really disappointed in Doncaster Council regarding the review of the Cultural
Calendar. We have the largest number of Gypsy & Roma Traveller families in the UK
and yet it is proposed to cancel GRT History Month. How does this sit with the Race
Relations Amendment Act 2000 to promote good relations between people from different
racial groups and the duty of schools to promote Community Cohesion within the
Education & Inspectors Act 2006?
The largest indigenous ethnic group who have lived in Doncaster for hundreds of years
have been singled out. The Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF)
actively encouraged the development of Gypsy Roma and Traveller History Month
primarily to dispel myths, raise awareness of the community's contribution to British
Society in schools, and most importantly give Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children a
sense of pride in their ethnicity. If it is agreed that Officers should no longer play an
active role in this event then it will place LA at odds with the DCSF.I also have concerns
over the celebration of Black History Month being subsumed into United Nations Day.
This will send a very negative message to the community.
English Language, Training & Employment Issues
We want to learn English language and English culture because we are living here and
need support to get jobs. (x30)

Social Integration & Cohesion Issues
Why change something we already have & brings communities together. (x5)
Minority groups would not be able to showcase their culture and talents.
Lack of support and opportunity to promote community cohesion. (x2)
If they take this away, we will be left on our own. (x3)
It gives us opportunity to meet with different people & learn different aspects of life.
No would be on our own. Less socialisation. The changes will make us feel excluded.
This will lead to lack of inclusion, isolation and depression, mental health issues. (x4)
The impact this would have on the BME community Increase segregation and increase
Unhappy with the proposed changes
I do not like these changes because they are not good for me and my community. (x33)
Why change something we already have and being communities together. (x5)
Does the Council have no shame, leave the good things please
You should not consider changing what is already in place, but should look to extend.
The events are away of being people together and bridging the gaps in the community.
What a stupid thought.
If you alter the calendar, it will take away services that I need. This would then lead to
isolation, segregation and more violence within our communities due to lack of
integration. (x5)
We need more information and consultation on the changes. (x4)
Other Comments/Issues
No impact to this community.
It does not concern me at this moment in time.
Some major events which are occurring right now are not included in the calendar.
The Council was not offering a lot anyway to the vulnerable, ethnic minority communities
but whatever little it was offering we felt at least they considered our needs.
Withdrawing these little facilities (stopping Black History Month costing how much
£500pa?) would impact on the quality of our life. We do pay taxes you know! It's not fair
to ignore our needs.
The mayor will give grant monies to asylum seekers, and days no one has heard of and
not doncaster pride?
This is not the right way to save money. How much do the Council spend on these
comparing to all other unimportant activities? Peanuts
Why should it be like that, cutting down the events and this we need more evaluation.
Because these events were never celebrated by me or the voluntary group, I belong to.
At a time when the country as a whole and Doncaster in particular is facing enormous
economic difficulty with associated increases in unemployment and poverty and a
general decrease in feelings of security and well-being, I feel it is important that we all
pull together in the way that the British have always done in times of hardship (what is
commonly referred to as the 'Dunkirk spirit'). The events that the council is considering
dropping from its Equality and Diversity Calendar are not only important in themselves,
but also because cancellation of their support sends out what I consider to be a very
dangerous message, encouraging polarisation and scape-goating - in other words,
seeking to magnify problems which currently exist only on the fringes of Doncaster
society (partly because of the council's own progressive policies on equality and
diversity) instead of encouraging everyone, whatever their background, to work together
to solve problems that we all share.

Q2.   Does the revised Calendar consider your needs as an individual?

Q2a. Comments of those who stated yes the calendar considered individual needs:
 Yes. It covers and includes the major events/groups including the voluntary group that I
 belong to (x4)
 Very Pleased to see disability on the agenda.
 Yes it does, as I am white British. However, I think it is wrong that you want to take
 away the services for Ethnic minority people. It is almost as if you are targeting them
 and being racist. We are suppose to be working together to integrate within our
 communities and you are going to take everything away. This surly can NOT be good.
 In some ways, however I do not think it goes far enough we should not support in any
 form: LGB&T Awareness Day; Abolition of Slave Trade Day; Asylum Seeker & Refuge
 Week; Doncaster Pride. If the organisers wish to have such an event, fine but at no cost
 to the council or any public body, and 17. Disabled into one event.
 Why aren't Christian festivals in the calendar? Good Friday March, Easter Day, Palm
 Sunday, Christmas Civil Service when we celebrate other groups?
 As a white English person, I feel that we promote lots of events and groups that benefit
 smaller groups, but ignore our own calendar, such as celebrating the national Patron
 Any event which promotes national and local pride in where we live and what we do can
 only benefit everyone. As pride raises standards in everyone's outlook on life.
 Certain changes are necessary owing to finance.
 No opportunity for practising diversity.
 I am Polish I came from different background I want to be treated equally.
 Yes. I am attending different services. As a community member, I have a right to attend
 the services.
 I have right to live the same as others and everyone is different with different needs.
 Everyone is different for me is very important and give me value as a woman.
 Because I am in UK from September 2009 and I need some time and help.
 Lack of support minorities will not be able to show case their rich cultures.
 It erodes inclusion and isolation leading to mental health issues. (x4)
 Doncaster Pride fulfils what other people should know and gets across main issues
 within the LGBT community.

Q2a. Comments of those who stated no the calendar considered individual needs:
 Disability Issues
 As a disabled person, I feel very strongly that DMBC should be seen to support more
 work with disabled people including supporting more disability related events. (x2)
 I think there should be a Disability Awareness Week. This should include a Carers
 Awareness Day and a Mental Health Awareness Day. There is a lot of prejudice around
 mental health issues. Disabilities and related issues are not adequately provided for.
 Why a whole month for LGB&T and only a day for Disabilities? I think there is a case for
 having a Mental Health Awareness Week, to coincide with the national one in October.
 Discrimination Issues
 I want to be part of an authority that values diversity.
 Discrimination on basis of race, sex, orientation, gender as all people have right to
 express themselves. (x5)
 The Council has a duty to promote equality and inclusion. The changes will mean some

groups may be excluded and treated less favourably than other because of their race,
gender or sexual orientation.
I will feel less safe as a resident of Doncaster if awareness-raising and and social
inclusion events for any section of Doncaster's population are dropped from the council's
official calendar. The council is enormously influential in setting the tone for the town and
should, in my opinion, lead and support all community cohesion events, in conjunction
with progressive equality and diversity policies. I believe that prejudice and
discrimination are invariably rooted in ignorance and lack of knowledge and the only way
to tackle them is through education and awareness-raising; events like those being
considered for cancellation are central to this sort of effort.
No recognition of older people e.g. International Day for Older People October 1st. No
recognition for Carers - Carers Week in June. No recognition of Mental Health Issues -
World mental Health Day October 10th.

Gender Issues
As a woman, I am horrified that the Council cannot see the merit of supporting IWD.
I would never now consider applying for a job with DMBC as it appears that it does not
recognise that we have a long way to go with women’s equality to men.
No it is not good for me when you remove women’s day, you will be discriminating
against me and other women. (x2)
I am a white British woman and insulted that International Women's Day should not be
supported. It would seem we are going backwards instead of forwards. Why is
Women's Day of so little importance to the Council? I ask myself, women of all cultures
should be supported to be able celebrate and embrace this significant date (one day a
year). A small part of the Council's calendar. Good job ladies like Emilie Pankhurst
never gave up or disappeared into the background of society. (x2)
LGBT Issues
It makes my life as a gay man more difficult in doncaster.
I'm interested in Gay history but I would prefer more support/investment in the annual
Pride celebration.
Supporting an event is not about giving money, its about a clear an unambiguous
message that reinforces Doncaster Council will not condone any discrimination and
supports its diverse communities across the Borough. In reality, since publication of the
manifesto and subsequent election, messages have gone out which have caused harm
to the very communities the Council claims it wants to include. It is clearly the case that
with gay and lesbian communities the negative perceptions of the community and
feelings of increased discrimination can be linked to the negative opinion of the gay
community in Doncaster.
Race &Ethnicity Issues
No, it is just for the English and White British people, not for BME groups. (x40)
I am British Pakistani Asian and I have rights in this country and I want to be treated
equal. (x2)
You have cancelled Black history Month as per mayors manifesto, so why is IWD,
disabled peoples day still going a head is it because the issue is about black people not
the event it self?
I personally find it difficult to understand why some changes are proposed in some areas
which seem as equally important as those which remain unaltered. In fact some
changes such as the GRT month, Black history month, Human rights day (esp. if it refers
to overseas groups ) and the Cultural festival, seem to have a racial bias, which I would

totally disagree with. I have no issue, by the way, with any of the additional events
planned. (x2)
The revised Calendar, should it be adopted, would put myself and my staff in a very
difficult position. It would hinder our work on Racial Equality and Community Cohesion. It
would prevent us from ensuring that the curriculum reflects the rich heritage that we
have inherited including the Abolition of Slavery etc. It would also put us at odds with the
Department for Children Schools and Families, with the Race Relations Amendment Act
and the ethos of the law around Community Cohesion.
English Language, Training & Employment Issues
It will stop my English classes and the help I need to get a job. (x8)
No! He is not giving me any support for improve my communication, development my
language skills to explain my needs and worries.
Social Integration & Cohesion Issues
Tolerance and celebration of all aspects of a modern society indicates the robustness of
that society. An unwillingness to celebrate International Human Rights indicates and
unwillingness to recognise that these rights are held by all people, and that we as
individuals are linked to others across the world. The revised calendar appears to be
moving from international themes towards celebrations focussed on Doncaster and
England. This appears to be short-sighted, as it represents the town as inward looking,
rather than as a regional presence, that welcomes UK and international investment. (x2)
The changes don't think about me., my needs are not met. This proposal excludes
different communities and individuals to express their needs and culture. (x28)
The events which helped to give me confidence, which are under threat to be removed
will make me feel excluded from the community. Minority groups will not be able to
showcase their rich culture. (x5)
This excludes me from taking part in events specific to my culture. (x2)
Less socialisation with other people, we don't belong here, stressed. (x2)
No, I think it is about everybody in the city and what good is it going to do for the city.
Please tell us.
Unhappy with the proposed changes
I don't like change. Because it is changing things for my community. (x14)
Now the elders will say they were right and I will have to be forced to marry and have no
What do you take us for, a fool?
No way and I will not be spoon fed your excuses. What are you doing to safeguard my
rights as a citizen of the Doncaster Borough?
The events, I liked so if they are removed, then I would feel excluded and really sad.
They think about the Mayor and the money we earn.
Why does the Mayor think these few hundred pounds spent on celebrating few events
will change the economical mess of the Council? What about cutting the cost of street
lighting, during Christmas season? And cutting thousands of pounds for fireworks on
Bonfire Night? Why Mayor does not consider stopping this wastage of money?
In the current economic climate it is more important for councils to financially support
issues, particularly around sexual orientation which has been identified as the most
discriminated against minority group.
Because some events have been joined up together and they don't have any relevance
to each other so they don't consider individuality.
This means that as an individual I cannot express myself in relation to my culture. Also,
I cannot put across the concept of inclusion. I feel isolated.

Q3. Does the revised Calendar consider your needs as a member of an equality

Q3a. Comments of those who stated yes the calendar considered group needs:
 Although I am not a member of an equality group, however I consider the key groups are
 It will reduce the cost to the council and help the council focus on what it should do!
 Providing quality services not pandering to specific groups.
 As a tax paper and voter.
 I believe the fellow members of my group would agree that all our needs were met. And
 council monies are being spent wisely.
 I need to help somebody.
 Because I am part of group and we link together and any changes can effect all groups.
 Because we are human and all the same any changes in group can effects to others.
 Because we will stuck and won't go ahead.
 Impacts on the funding provided to Doncaster Pride and causes upset amongst the
 LGBT community. Puts the group in a difficult position between representing the LGBT
 community and stakeholder engagement with DMBC.
 Discrimination in terms of race, age and sexual orientation. I feel limited now as to what
 I can do with the Doncaster Calendar events.
 Only if there is one well planned well organised fun day in December.
 Being a local community group, the events are limited but as a school governor, the
 variety and scope of subjects highlighted raises opportunities for raising awareness in
 children who are our future.

Q3a. Comments of those who stated no the calendar considered group needs:
 Disability Issues
 The merging of the two disability events shows a lack of understanding by the Mayor
 and fails to help raise the profile of disabled people and those who care for a disabled
 person. (x3)
 If the 2 days are merged into 1 the impact will be diluted and the resources to support
 disabled people will be decreased.
 Discrimination Issues
 Discrimination on basis of race, gender, sexual orientation and age. Event planning is
 stalled and cancelled wasting group’s time and effort. (x11)
 I feel this will bring back discrimination on all levels. Equality will only be a reality if we
 can live in a community where we build on what we have and share. Therefore, the
 calendar should not change.
 I am not being treated as equal, I should be treated the same as others. (x49)
 It is only considering the Mayor’s and English Democrats views and opinions. (x9)
 It goes against several legislations on Equality and Community Cohesion and also
 Human Rights.
 Gender Issues
 IWD is an event when I can encourage some of the women I know find out about the
 support that is available to meet their specific needs in a safe and secure way.
 I am female and am greatly distressed by the proposal to remove support from IWD.
 Despite the successes of women in all fields of the Arts, Sciences, Business and

Politics, despite the central and crucial place women hold in our society.
As a woman, I am horrified that the Council cannot see the merit of supporting IWD. I
would never now consider applying for a job with DMBC as it appears that it does not
recognise that we have a long way to go with women’s equality to men.
Taking away IWD will take away what I believe to be positive, and women will go back to
stay at home instead of being treated as an equal to men.
LGBT Issues
As either LGBT History Month or Doncaster pride can be funded and not bother when
both cover different important issues within the community.
Race &Ethnicity Issues
No, it is just for the English and White British people, not for BME groups. (x11)
The changes to the Calendar is racist (x9)
The needs of BME community are not considered. Black History Month is not really
celebrated in Doncaster.
How can peoples needs be considered if they haven't been consulted about this review?
There is a glaring omission at the back of this review. i.e. no Gypsies Roma or
Travellers have been approached regarding their views. Travellers have been here
since time immoral and gypsies since the 1500's. Don't they have the right to be
considered? I feel everyone should be treated with dignity and I don't think they have in
this case.
It seems that when considering the range of equality issues gender, race, disability etc
the main areas which are being rejected are those to do with Race. I feel that this it at
odds with our understanding of Equality.
You have cancelled Black history Month as per mayors manifesto, so why is IWD,
disabled peoples day still going a head is it because the issue is about black people not
the event it self ?
Social Integration & Cohesion Issues
My community is being singled out. It's making me different. (x6)
*NB Question in original questionnaire is 'Does the revised calendar consider your
needs as a member of an equality group?'*This question is answered with reference to
the young refugees, asylum seekers and Roma young people we work with. We are
pleased to see that Refugee Week will remain with a focus on education and awareness
raising. In terms of re-titling the event, Refugee Week is a national event (see
www.refugeeweek.org.uk), and we believe it would be counter-productive to re-name it
such that it is removed from the national scene. In terms of focussing on education, we
believe this is important, but that the aspect of celebrating the contribution that people
who have been refugees go on to make to society should not be lost. We are
disappointed at the suggestion that Gypsy, Roma, Traveller month will not be supported.
This is an excellent opportunity to promote understanding of an incredibly rich culture
which is still very misunderstood. As your document states, many of the families from
Eastern Europe have come to escape persecution, and there is a large amount of
education needed around this subject. (x2)
As the Focus Group, we arrange support and guidance for all ethnic groups allowing us
content for events.
As a Christian I feel there is no input from the Council as England including Doncaster is
classed as a Christian and Christian events should therefore be promoted and
supported by the Council and in particular the Mayor. (x2)
I am committed to working and valuing all equality groups. This revised calendar does
not reflect this approach.

 I imagine that I am personally a member of a number of equality groups, not least of
 which would be those who hold a Christian faith, and as such are keen to promote
 community cohesion, awareness and tolerance in a multicultural society.
 I think there will be no need to preach equality, go back to the 70's when my parents
 were treated badly.
 I want people respect each other. I come from freedom country; The human rights in the
 world should treat each other like equality rich or poor disabled or healthy. We should
 help people who are not necklace or who need help.
 Revised calendar represents and erosion to inclusion.
 Unhappy with the proposed changes
 I feel International Women's Day, Gypsy Roma Traveller Month, Asylum Seeker &
 Refugee Week and Human Rights Day should all be kept to help Doncaster get a good
 name for its backing of equality. I am happy for other events to be added to the
 calendar, let us celebrate all cultures and learn from one another.
 They are not listening to our community and need to consult with us more. (x5)
 The events chosen to be dropped from the calendar, International Women’s Day, Gypsy
 Roma Traveller Month, United Nations Day/Black History month and Human Rights Day
 really beg the question why? What considerations have come into play and why these
 and not others?
 Last Mayor Winter ring fenced £500000 for BME Leisure + Learning Centre - the new
 Mayor withdrew this fund according to Evening Star. We needed a centre for our
 The events planned are aimed at particular minority groups not individuals in the wider
 You have missed out faith groups.

Q4. Do you think the Equality and Diversity Calendar should remain the same, or
Q4a. Comments of those who stated the calendar should remain the same:
 Should remain the same – Promotes Equality and Diversity
 It celebrates and values diversity.
 It should remain an Equality and Diversity Calendar. If it is extended to celebrating
 Saints, it dilutes the equality message from the Council. The Council can choose to
 remove staff time and grant money from events but it cannot influence partners if they
 choose to celebrate Equality Events locally. For example CEN put on an event for Black
 History Month
 There is a need to include /keep in the Gypsy and Roma Traveller agenda in the
 calendar, however does it need to be a month? We have a sizeable and sometimes very
 vociferous Gypsy and Traveller community.
 The current mixture of events has something for everyone from all equality groups. It is
 important that we recognise each others differences even if we do not agree with their life
 choices. The Council has a responsibly to promote community cohesion and these event
 go some way to encouraging people from different backgrounds and cultures to get on
 better together.
 The events are all important individually, but more significantly when taken as a whole,
 they present a picture of Doncaster as a progressive, 21st century town that embraces
 diversity, champions equality and is a safe, inclusive place to live.

Looks like a good balance, celebrating diversity + people from all minorities.
I want to be treated equally x7
If you want we have then we will go backwards with no return, yet if we go forward there
will be a future for tomorrow.
Keep something for the people, so we can enjoy a little happines with friends and family.
My opinion is we should keep it. It is the best centre to help people and want to study for
improve them self. It is good isn't it to help people in the world.
I am happy with what we have x 22
Should remain the same if not better/ But needs lots of improvement, you can't
discriminate x44
The calendar needs to be expanded, so that other events are included to promote
Mayor should engage all communities in order to promote community cohesion.
The calendar is okay as it is which meets my needs x4
Change is good, as long as the changes do not prevent important messages from being
heard. The current suggestions to change the calendar largely serve to increase
emphasis on English and Doncaster focussed events and remove emphasis from
international issues. If Doncaster wishes to attract national and international investment
by presenting itself as a modern, evolved community, funding should not be withdrawn
from festivals and events that promote these messages.x2
Because it shows my individuality and membership of a social group which I think is ideal
in a Doncaster society.
Keep the same and implement all that was proposed by last mayor.
Please keep the calendar the same : ) x3
I need help, because that is better to me. that is for me very good.
As I felt there was no problems with the last calendar.
Law/Discrimination Issues
Why just attack black people - what have these people done to offend the mayor?
You can't discriminate me
And add some more under Equality Law and Community Cohesion Act 2006
It must comply with current equality legislation. e.g. Mayor's proposed views are
Should comply with law of the land x2.
It must be within the current equality law re BME and international days. I don't mind St,
George's Day.
Should comply with the law of the land. Events should not be removed, which have a
cultural impact. Discrimination is actually unlawful.
This was agreed with all communities of Doncaster, so why the new mayor thinks he can
change the law?
It should reflect the equality laws of UK and the Human Rights of individuals should be
respected. It should recognise every individual's cultural needs and aspirations.
It should comply with the law of land. Events should not be removed which have a
cultural impact.
Events should not be removed that have a cultural impact.
It will not comply with the equality and diversity legislation.
Should comply with the law of the land racism is unlawful in UK.#
It should comply with the laws of equality legislation in 2006. They should not take out
events that have an impact on the cultural society and other ethnic groups.
The changes will effect the BME service users x2

Should recognise ever individual cultural needs x2
The events should remain the same, but there can be more events added to raise
awareness. For example St. George's Day. Why should the mayor upset the Calendar
which has brought about cohesion to a calendar which wit no doubt segregate?
As long as the calendar adheres to the law itis fine. However, removal of most of the
days that are set aside for the purpose of gender and race is discriminating. I believe
that some points such as combining days together is OK, however other changes to
remove days should not be changes.
Because the changes does not comply with the law of the land. Events which had a
cultural impact should not be changed. Discrimination is actually unlawful.
Events which are already on the calendar should not be removed as they have a cultural
impact and discrimination is unlawful.
Original calendar complied with equality legislation.
Calendar should change
In general, I agree with the changes the council needs to focus on its core role of
providing services.
Race/Ethnicity Issues
As a BME communities in Doncaster we pay our council tax as well! So why can we not
feel part of what we pay for council services.
Need more specific services and opportunities for minorities
I want more services in Doncaster for ethnic minority.
More services - more opportunities x8.
More services for BME girls.
More services for BME Afghan Community.
The same, more services for black people.
We want to keep our services.
We do not like the changes but want more services.x2
Gender Specific
Keep the events alive so we women can be treated equal.
Yes we should keep the calendar the same so I may look forward to celebrating women’s
achievement. X2
English Language Specific
I has help more because they to helping learn English language x2
I have help and they very good. But I has help more because they to helping learn
English language.
.Other Comments
How much are they paying you to change the calendar x3
Please lets go forward and not backward.
We do not want the community to change because we are getting grate help in this
The will restore my faith back in to the system, which at the moment is hanging by a
It least it looks good on paper though not fully implemented.
To be under constant review regarding costs, staff time and take up/ interest shown in
local communities.
To include Doncaster Pride.
Apart from adding number 7 - Doncaster Day.

Q4a. Comments of those who stated the calendar should change:
 Celebrate Locality and Culture
 I would prefer that local events such as Doncaster Day had more prominence and were
 actively celebrated as part of our cultural history rather than money being put into
 politically correct international days or events.
 Disability specific
 More emphasis on disability needed - Doncaster has a high percentage of disabled
 people and people with long term health conditions, many of whom are severely isolated
 and marginalised x2
 Disabilities and related issues are not adequately provided for. Why a whole month for
 LGB&T and only a day for Disabilities?
 Combine the 2 disability events and just information on LGB&T
 Ethnic Minority Specific
 Additional support should be given and maintained for ethnic minorities increasing their
 prospects of employment and ours also.
 Change and leave in minority ethnic groups needs.
 Change – And Improve
 The same but we want more.x2
 I wanted get better.x2
 Change and improve for the better, build on what is there already.
 Should positives changes try to improve service and basic skills
 Where two events are related, I feel they should be combined.
 In the positive way with more facilities and more help.
 Should always keep up to date - new events may need to be brought in as events
 happen. I would like to see May 24th - Wesley Day included especially as Epworth is in
 the Borough (conversion of John Wesley May 24th 1738).
 Equality will never be gained when separate events are organised and paid for on behalf
 of particular groups, as there is a great danger of an attitude of 'Freak show' being
 Make it fair to all groups equal amounts of celebration and awareness but add other
 groups who are prominent in Doncaster.
 To include the events for International Day for Older People, Carers Week and World
 Mental Health Day.
 Actually, I think it should change, nothing should remain the same. It is good practice to
 review things. Having said that, I don't think events should be abolished on grounds of
 ethnicity, religion or culture. Its our duty as human beings to promote good relations
 amongst all people. Any events added to this calendar should include everyone.
 I am happy for the new events to be added.
 It should change to be relevant and of use, I don't feel do what you always did works, but
 support should be retained for the existing events.
 It is always necessary to review a Calendar such as this one. It is good to remind
 ourselves as to why we celebrate certain events. There are also new events which we
 need to consider adding to the Calendar. There are a number of people from new
 communities, economic migrants from Poland etc. We have very little understanding of
 the culture of these groups. We are conscious that ignorance is often the springboard for
 prejudice and hatred, resulting in racial attacks and community unrest.
 The calendar caters for certain sections of our community, but not for all which would be
 impossible. There should be more events promoting integration not celebrating groups of

society as stand alone sections. They should be part of the whole picture.
I agree with most of the changes and some are not appropriate of "Days" events.
Gender and LGBT Specific
In relation to 'reinstating' support to IWD and Pride Events.
The Women's Day should be supported and the Mayor should attend the service of 'The
Women's World day of Prayer' which is this year (2010) at St. peters in Chains at2pm on
Friday, 5th March.
Funds offered towards sexual orientation issues, particularly Pride.
Other Comments
All structures have different agendas.
I support all the Mayor's views
The mayor appears to know the meaning of financial constraint.
Funds are being diverted where they will be appreciated most by the council tax payers
of Doncaster.
In agreement with Mayors comments.
Reduce waste and expenditure.
Change to the Mayor's suggestion. This could save staff time and public money.
It should be given to causes which are needed for things to improve in doncaster.
Because we need to be aware of how much council, money is being spent minority
groups which do not reflect the greater population of taxpayers. As an arts group we are
expected to be self supporting, even though we contribute to promotion of Arts in
To include the majority who see their own needs ignored. Smaller groups who have
become established and recognised already should be included in the greater design.

Q5.    Do you have views that you would like to share with Council that are not
       covered in the previous questions? Please use this space to make any
       additional comments you would like to add.
Perceptions of Prejudice and Discrimination
The decision to not support Black History Month, Gypsy Traveller Month and IWD but still
support events for other equality groups such as LGBT and disabled people makes it
appear that the Council considers the needs of some equality groups are more important
than others.
I feel as though the ethnic communities are being discriminated against. Myself being
part of this contribute my time to organise and take part in events allowing the message
portrayed to educate the local community. There is a need for the Mayor to directly
engage all communities.
It would make me feel isolated and excluded.
I think this will effect my life, and my personal needs I will feel bad end sad.
Treat ethnic minority people the same as white people. We are all human beings (gods
creatures) at the end of the day and we should be treated the same. Less discrimination
You should everyone the same and let people from black backgrounds have a say.
I think that this is racist and it's make me feel excluded in this country. X2
Treat and value us the same. Treat the people equally. We are human beings not
animals. We don't want any discrimination and racism.
We want to be treated the same listen to our voice.
Treat people the way you would like to be treated yourselves. were all humans at the

end of the day. We don't like discrimination and racism.
The council's is racist if they bring these changes. Its mean.
I think is racist and makes me feel excluded in this country.
I think this will effect my life and make me feel low.
Don't take the things away, they are not fair, we need these. Why do we need changes
we should be working together.
I will be cross and sad that this will effect my personal life.
We need learn English for free. No racism please.
It they take this away we will have nothing being polish is hard.
Please treat our community as an equal.
we need the same treat we a one people.
Treat us equal we are same us anyone.
The council with these changes is not listening we have a voice like everyone else x10
With these changes, we will not have a voice. We will not be listened to x4
The mayor appears to be racist by targeting the services aimed at Black and Ethnic
If they decided to remove the translator unit at least if they can put the funding towards
English lesson. The changes are racist and discriminating, things are bad don't make
If they decide to remove the translator unit at least if they can put the funding towards
English lesson. I have rights no changes.
If they decide to remove the translator unit, as least if they can put the funding towards
English lesson, I pay my taxes and I have rights.
As a person who works and pays taxes and contribute to country I expect that my local
council will protect my rights as an UE citizen. I would like that there will be more funds
for interpreters because it cost council more to repair mistakes after languages
misunderstanding in GP, Hospital etc than paid for qualified interpreters / translator.
If they decide to remove the translator unit, at least if they can put the funding towards
English lessons. The mayor is racist.
If they decide to remove the translator unit, at least if they can put the funding towards
English lesson. I have suffered racism attacks you are making it worse.
The proposal made by the Mayor is not fair to a large number of peoples of Doncaster
who pay taxes. Is it cost cutting exercise? If so then why did he propose some new
events to be celebrated? Who is going to benefit from these new proposals? It sounds
like a 'prejudice based' proposal. What about other councils of the United Kingdome?
Some council (London, Birmingham etc) spend lots more for these group of people. Why
don't they consider stopping Black History Month? Celebrating BHM helps children
understand about the contributions made by the black people for UK in the World Wars,
Muslims contribution to the Modern Science; it helps to reduce prejudice and enhance
Community Cohesion Act 2006. Doncaster Council could loose the Equality Standard
Level 3, they can even be taken to the Tribunal or Ombudsman.
If they decide to remove the translator unit, at least if they can put the funding towards
English lessons. The Mayor is racist, hear our voice.
I work here and I need help for me. The changes are racist we need learn English for
free! because courses are expensive.
As a Council Tax payer, I am deeply saddened by the mayor's proposals to abolish
International Women's Day, GRT History month, United Nations Day incorporating Black
History month and Human rights Day. We are already a laughing stock nationwide and
this only makes matters worse. Kindness, consideration and tolerance are worthy

attributes, but this Council seems to lack a three. We are all the same. we were born,
we live, we die. Whilst on this earth, can't we all learn to live peacefully and
harmoniously at least in Doncaster?
I cannot condone the public withdrawal of support for any minority group events that have
previously been supported without some explanation and with some affirmation that the
Council still will honour and acknowledge the good that these events seek to achieve;
even if they are unable to offer financial or "in-kind" support. Pride has moved to the
racecourse, partly to reinforce its independent identity. It provides it own funding and
isn’t reliant on monies from the Council, however I still perceive increased negativity
towards LGBT community because of the views reported in the media.
The proposal is unfair to BME. What happed to Race Equality Scheme and Action Plan?
Five years work done on One Strategic Voice?
Doncaster Council has not done anything for the BME communities, yet we all pay
Council Tax, Income Tax, Road Tax, etc.
Overall, I feel that the changes of this calendar is discriminating against race, gender and
sexual orientation. All the days that exist at present should stay and not be changed or
renamed as it takes something away from the event and individuals that attend. The
mayor should accommodate all ethnic groups and individuals in the aid to make a better
It is a statutory duty to treat all residents fairly and equally. These changes discriminate
against many residents. The Mayor should make an effort to engage/communicate with
BME groups.
Why just attack black people - why have these people done to offend the Mayor?
I would like it noted that the mayor not giving doncaster pride monies makes life for gay
men and women in doncaster worse since pride came to doncaster our lives have been
made much better, this is an absolute outrage.
Promote Equality, Cohesion, Culture and Knowledge – And Engage with Communities
If looking at celebrating Doncaster Day try and speak to local historians about the
Greyfriars and the Whitefriars who were a feisty bunch and even mentioned by
Shakespeare. Many are unaware of this part of Doncaster's history and bringing it alive
would enhance local knowledge.
St. George's Day should be made a national holiday for England and celebrated as St.
Patrick's Day is done in Ireland.
It is in the interest of those who practice equal opportunities to keep abreast of what is
happening within the Doncaster area.
We just want to work together, Afghans, Kurdish, Kosovo’s.
The Council needs to keep everyone together and not separate them.
Things are good at moment this will separated blacks and whites at present we are
working together.
I think it is important to be involved with different events because we share different
Cohesion not segregation x5
The mayor does not understand our community. Please listen to our views.
The mayor should listen to the community we have a voice x2
The mayor does not understand our community please Listen x2
In Doncaster everyone should be treated the same as other.
Listen to us what we are saying. X 7
Doncaster needs to keep the people happy so we can build a respecting community
instead of breed hatred.

Please treat our community as an equal x5
The mayor should listen to the community we have voice.
In Doncaster everyone should be treated the same as others x 3
Please keep what we have, so we all can shave and live in harmony.
Make more funding should be made available for the vulnerable individuals in the
community especially the hard to reach BME communities who suffer in silence.
Come and see what BME have achieved at the women's centre.
Add more events to help the communities raise awareness of diversity.
The Mayor should reconsider his actions and seriously consider working with so we in
Doncaster BME communities can live together with the rest of the community in harmony.
Council community program must celebrate diversity of all cultures in Doncaster. Mayor
should engage all communities in order to promote community cohesion
If we are to live together, we need to take pride and celebrate in our own different
circumstances, but also be a significant piece making up the whole jigsaw and
completing the much bigger picture, which is our society today in Doncaster.
Equality is best attained through inclusion not segregation. One large event, e.g. St.
George's Day, could be used to celebrate our part of England, it's diversity and gain an
understanding and education of the needs and cultures of everyone in our wider
community. All the mentioned groups would work together to achieve one event.
The group of people I represent do not join in with many of Doncaster's Festivals,
however my husband and I enjoy the Hot House events and part take in the Cultural
Would like to see sexual orientation included in Holocaust Day. International Women's
Day represent the Trans community and gender identity as well as lesbian issues. History
Month be greater influenced by DMBC on Schools.
Financial support should include faith groups not just secular organisations.
DMBC has a duty to ALL residents to embrace diversity of all cultures in Doncaster. The
mayor should communicate with all residents and include all people. BME groups would
welcome the opportunity.
They should celebrate diversity of all culture in Doncaster x5.
Council community program must celebrate diversity of all cultures in Doncaster. Mayor
should engage all communities in order to promote community cohesion x3
Refugees and Asylum Seeking community is interested to talk to the Mayor and explain
what it is important to understand each others differences and to respond to them.
It is important that we maintain Dec 3rd as day of disabled people as this is celebrated
Outreach programmes should be inclusive of individual cultures in Doncaster, no matter
how small. Decision making should as well include all communities through engagement
so that whatever decision is passed it represents everyone.
The Mayor should engage all communities and listen. All Council's events should
support social integrationx2
Mayor should engage in all community cohesion and promote it. Council programme
must celebrate diversity of all cultures in Doncaster.
Inclusion agenda and the Mayor should engage and promote community cohesion.
Every Council across the land seem to forget the key place for faith groups and as a
Christian and this being a Christian country. Consideration should be given to celebrate
the fact that Christian volunteer and organisations bring so much to Doncaster.
Instead of highlighting the difference (DIVERSITY) can we not all work together for the
betterment of ALL. We were after all created equal.

I appreciate the need for extreme care with the use of resources, but I feel strongly that
the events which I have mentioned are of sufficient importance to a significant number of
people to merit inclusion in the calendar.
I would hope people’s opinions will be taken into consideration and not just lip services
paid as in the past. Let's move forward for Doncaster, by the People of Doncaster with
support of the Council.
Gender Specific
There should be opportunity for those women who wants to do job but cant get it.
I have excellent working relationship with DMBC and am extremely grateful, that through
DMBC, BME women have been able to have a voice. DMBC have listened to these
isolated, disadvantaged communities, therefore I hope this partnership will continue and
We work hear, we won't learn English for free because college in Doncaster as so
expensive. International Women's day is good in Poland holiday, why can't we have
holiday here.
English Language Specific
We need more free courses to gain English qualifications. We need English courses and
friendly counselling. We want to be listened to.
It is hard for me I can't write English.
I need the service to help me talk and understand English
I want change a very think about language I need serve to help me talk and understand
me English.
We need more support in centre for English classes because if you want to help us give
us more time in the class.
We integrate here even we are from different countries and cultures, but we share and
we learn one language. We need help, support to feel integrated.
It is really important to share with different groups and different cultures, to make good
friendship I and interaction of ideas values, learning, on the same time learning one
Yes we need more English class and more support for the centre because we are users
in there.
If they decided to remove the translator unit, at least if they can put the funding towards
English lesson. We need help to work together - no changes x3
Being Polish is hard in this country you are making it harder. We need English for free
because courses in Doncaster College are expensive. If they decide to remove the
Translation Unit, at least if they can put the funding towards English lessons.
We need learn English for free because causes in Doncaster College are expensive.
The polish community needs you help please help.
If they decide to remove the translation unit, at least if they can put the funding toward
English lesson. I want to be treated as an equal.
If they remove the translation unit they can put the funding towards English lessons.
We have more English lesson for free, because course is so expensive. Listen to what
we are saying please keep us safe.
We need learn English for free because courses are expensive. The changes are bad for
my community, Doncaster is unfair.
Other Comments
In general, I agree with the changes the council needs to focus on its core role of
providing services. It will reduce the cost to the council and help the council focus on
what it should do! Providing quality services not pandering to specific groups. Allow such

groups to have events but at no cost to the council, and staff to take holidays if they wish
to attend or support, public sector should be treated as private workers.
I think there is a case for having a Mental Health Awareness Week, to coincide with the
national one in October. "Partnership for Carers" should be one of the groups consulted.
The funding/support provided by the Council should be matched by other public sector
partners and this can be used by the community to lever in addition funding from the
private sector or from grant schemes. The events provide an opportunity for the Council
to show how it supports community engagement and involvement in the decisions that
affect us all.
My role in Doncaster is as the head of service for a specific healthcare / criminal justice
initiative. My answers are based against my professional role as opposed to personal
If the council feint then do not except the people to pay the taxes that fund you to give us
the services.
The council should throw the mayor out and elect a BME Mayor problem solved.
The mayor or should change.
Please help people who come from many country for living better life. England is the
power country. If you can share and give them I believe they are not a trouble for your
country. Please help us.
The Council should throw the Mayor out and elect a BME Mayor problem solved x5
I love this country if it is good my country not so good. I need job. Please help.
Throw Mr Mayor out and have new Mayor.
As a White British person working in this sector, cutting the calendar overstretches the
remaining ones.
Make more funding should be made available for the vulnerable people.
It is hard for me x2
Vote the mayor out x 2
I think that a greater consultation period is required, and that all communities are
consulted. I think that many of our local school communities would feel as strongly as I
Rethink the third option of "No-opinion" to something more constructive in the
We feel it was inappropriate to send this document to a group. The answers given are a
concern of the committee who also feel the money could have been better spent on more
urgent matters.
Hexthorpe Methodist Church has a large Iranian Refugee Centre. They have useful info.
Where minority and smaller groups are well known, the public purse does not need to
keep supporting them. They should aim for self-support rather than expect Council
We celebrate and provide events for "volunteers Week" and "Families Week". We do our
own fundraising for.
We are pleased that the Mayors view on the Cultural festival be supported. This is an
important event in our calendar where we can reach a wider area of the public. Small
groups such as ourselves are finding it ever more difficult to remain buoyant in the
current financial climate, as we are self supporting.


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