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									                                              St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic High School
                                               Course Information Sheet

Course Title:                                              Course Code:             Prerequisite:
                                                           ENG2D1                   None

This course extends the range of analytic, reading, writing, oral communication, and thinking skills that students
need for success in secondary school academic programs. Students will study and interpret challenging texts from
contemporary and historical periods, including novels, poems, plays, and opinion pieces, and will analyse and
create effective media works. An important focus will be the thoughtful use of spoken and written language.
Students will examine and analyze literary works from a variety of perspectives including Catholic social teaching.
Students will also develop their literary skills with sensitivity to others. The course also reflects the gospel values
of collaboration and promotion of the common good with their peers and society.

       Strand/Unit Titles                                Overall Expectations/Unit Description

Literature Studies and Reading         * read and demonstrate an understanding of a range of literary and
                                       informational texts, both contemporary and from historical periods;
                                       * demonstrate an understanding of the elements of a range of literary and
                                       informational forms, with a focus on novels, poems, plays, and opinion
                                       * identify and explain the effect of specific elements of style in a range of
                                       literary and informational texts.
Writing                                * use a range of print and electronic sources to gather information and
                                       explore ideas for written work;
                                       * identify the literary and informational forms suited to various purposes and
                                       audiences and use the forms appropriately in their own writing, with an
                                       emphasis on adopting a suitable voice;
                                       * use a variety of organizational techniques to present ideas and information
                                       logically and coherently in written work;
                                       * revise their written work, independently and collaboratively, with a focus
                                       on support for ideas and opinions, accuracy, clarity, coherence, and effective
                                       use of stylistic devices;
                                       * edit and proofread to produce final drafts, using correct grammar, spelling,
                                       and punctuation, according to the conventions of standard Canadian English
                                       specified for this course, with the support of print and electronic resources
                                       when appropriate.
Language                               * use knowledge of vocabulary and language conventions to speak, write,
                                       and read competently and effectively for a variety of purposes and
                                       audiences, using a level of language appropriate to the context;
                                       * use listening techniques and oral communication skills to participate in
                                       classroom discussions and more formal activities, such as dramatizing,
                                       presenting, and debating, for a variety of purposes and audiences.
Media Studies                          * analyse a range of media forms to identify their elements, audiences, and
                                       production practices, and draw conclusions about how these factors shape
                                       media works;
                                       * use knowledge of a range of media forms, purposes, and audiences to
                                       create media works, and use established criteria to assess the effectiveness of
                                       the works.

                                       Units and Approximate Timelines

                                           Unit Title                                                     Time
   Short Story and Essays: Examining the Craft                                                          24 hrs
   Novels: Human Journey                                                                                21 hrs
   Poetry: Language of Life                                                                             17 hrs
   Drama: All the World’s a Stage                                                                       20 hrs
   Deconstructing Our World: An Examination of Media                                                    23 hrs
   Culminating Activity                                                                                 5 hrs

Learning Strategies Employed in the Course: Group work, teacher directed lessons, role playing, debates, hands on
activities, interpretation and analysis of various media (videos, TV, posters, newspapers), paragraph and essay writing,
analysis of charts, maps and graphs

                                        Assessment and Evaluation Breakdown

                   Term Work 70%                                                 Final Evaluation 30%
   Literature & Reading                             25%      Exam                                                          15%
   Writing                                          25%      CPT                                                           15%
   Language                                     15%
   Media                                        5%
   Note: The KTCA category weighting (Knowledge, Thinking, Communication, and Application) is equal for most
   tasks (25% for each category). Some individual tasks may vary, but the total result for all course tests and
   assignments will be 25/25/25/25 for KTCA.

Assessment and Evaluation Strategies Employed in the Course:
Checklists, practice test, rating scales, tests, essays, rubrics (a set of scoring outlines for evaluating student work), self
and peer assessment, anecdotal reports

Focus on Learning Skills:

Works               Teamwork                   Organization              Work                       Initiative
Independently                                                            Habits/Homework
-follows            -solves problems           -follows specific         -follows instructions,     -attempts a
instructions,       collaboratively,           steps to reach            uses time efficiently,     variety of learning
-completes          contributes ideas          goals, revise             completes homework         activities, requires
assignments on      and information to         strategies when           on time and with care      little prompting to
time, uses time     solve problems             necessary,                                           complete tasks,
effectively         and make                   demonstrates                                         seeks additional
                    decisions, shows           ability to organize                                  information in the
                    respect for                and manage                                           various media
                    members of the             information

Additional Information Found in Student’s School Agenda/Board Policy:
Late Assignment Policy
Missed Evaluation Policy
  Title of Textbook:                                             Replacement Cost:
  Catcher in the Rye                                              $10.95
  Tuesdays with Morrie                                           $19.95
  Lord of the Flies                                              $10.95
  Macbeth                                                        $10.95
  The Storyteller                                                $44.95
  Literature and Media 10 / Language and Writing 10               $32.95 (each)

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