Study Guide MIddle Ages to the Renaissance test by 61Q2i5E


									                                         Study Guide
                                   Middle Ages to the Renaissance
                                        20 Multiple Choice
                                        Comparative Esasy

1) Middle Ages
   a) When?
   b) What marks the beginning and the end?
   c) Education and literacy was mainly within the Church.
   d) European Feudalism
      i) What are the different classes?
      ii) Feudalism vs. Manoralism
      iii) Based on an exchange for land and services.
      iv) Fief
      v) Chivalry
      vi) Role of Women
      vii) Role of the Church
   e) Crusades
      i) When?
      ii) Saladin
      iii) Pope Urban the II
      iv) Fourth Crusade -> Constantinople
   f) Hundred Years War
      i) Who fought?
      ii) When?
      iii) Who won?
      iv) Impact

2) Japanese Feudalism
      i) What are the different classes?
      ii) Compare and contrast to Europe.
      iii) Role of women.
      iv) Bushido
      v) Seppuku
      vi) Tokugawa Shogunate

3) Commercial Revolution
   a) When?
   b) Impact?
   c) Capitalism
   d) Manorialism
   e) Surplus
   f) Medieval Guild
   g) Joint-Stock Company

4) Essay: Neolithic Revolution vs. Commercial Revolution
   a) When did they occur?
   b) Why did they occur?
   c) Where did they occur?
   d) How did they occur?
   e) Who was involved?
f)   What is the significance?
g)   What are the similarities (reasons for similarities)?
h)   What are the differences (reasons for differences)?
i)   Both revolutions (gradual changes though!)

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