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									Dear Parents and Students,                                          August 29, 2012

        As the school year quickly approaches, I am eager to begin the process of one of
our most important events for students in their junior year: the PSAT. Registration
information for the PSAT exam will be forthcoming, however the message of this letter is
about preparation for the PSAT and SAT.
        On Thursday September 20, the Guidance Department will host an informational
program regarding both the Naviance Method Test Prep Program and the new PSAT
course to be available this year.
        For no cost to the student, Wantagh High School provides your child with access
to Method Test Prep, an online course that helps students score higher on the PSAT, SAT
and ACT and builds their math, reading, and writing skills.
        All Wantagh students can access this SAT and ACT prep through their Naviance
account; the course will keep track of all the work he or she has completed.
        Students can listen to SAT and ACT math, verbal and writing tutorials and each
tutorial is accompanied by a quiz to test student mastery. Students can then watch video
and/or listen to audio explanations and the program keeps track of a student’s strengths
and weaknesses.
        Our program on September 20 will be a useful tutorial on how to best use the
Method Test Prep program at home. In addition, we will introduce our colleagues at
Method Test Prep, who will administer a 7-night course at Wantagh High School with the
following features:
     The classes will be September 27, and October 2, 4, 9, 11, 16 and 18. The PSAT
        will be given on Saturday October 20, 2012 at Wantagh High School.
     Each class will be 2 hours long beginning at 7:00PM and ending at 9:00PM.
     There will not be more than 20 students in each class.
     The cost for this course is $190 which includes the “Official Guide to the SAT”,
        widely considered to be the best text for preparing for the PSAT and SAT.

You may opt to register for the course early and online at this website:

       Please join us on September 20, when we discuss the PSAT and these outstanding
       methods of preparation. The program will begin at 7:30PM in the High School


                                                                    Frank J. Muzio
                                                                    Director of Guidance

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