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									                       2012-2013 Family/School Compact
                               Madison Elementary School
                                 1341 Woodside Dr NW
                               Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405
                                     (319) 558-2473

As your child’s teacher, I will:
    Provide a safe and positive classroom environment so each student can learn
    Follow school expectations with fairness and dignity
    Communicate regularly with other staff, parents, and students
    Expect personal best effort toward mastery of Student Learning Expectations (SLE)
    Teach students to solve conflicts and social problems peacefully
    Plan and teach lessons that meet all students’ needs

As a parent/guardian, I will:
    Attend conferences and communicate with teachers
    See that my child comes to school regularly
    Provide a home that helps my child to learn
    Teach my child to solve problems peacefully

As a student, I will:
    Do my Personal Best by striving for high quality products and outcomes
    Use Active Listening with my eyes, ears, heart, and undivided attention
    Show Respect to my classmates, teachers, and myself
    Accept Responsibility for my own learning and behavior by following directions
       and procedures
    Show Trustworthiness by being truthful, reliable and doing the right thing
    Solve problems peacefully using the “Talk It Out” steps

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