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                                       Elementary Education Department
Theme: 1   2    3   4     5   6                                                                   Selection: 1   2   3   4
                                              Language Arts Objectives
                                                   Fourth Grade

                                                                                        How will I show that I
                              What will I learn today?
                                                                                          have learned it?

               Reading Comprehension: a.) learn the vocabulary           RC: a.) write the vocabulary word that
               words for the selection.                                  matches the definition and complete a
               b.) learn to predict what will happen next in a story     vocabulary card for each word. b.) read 394-
               and then predict the results of this prediction.          397 and paragraph one on page 398, make a
                                                                         prediction about what you think Maria will do
                                                                         next and then predict the results of this
                                                                         prediction. Write your prediction in your
   Day 1                                                                 (PB page 213. Samples of the vocabulary cards
                                                                         can be located in the LA Guide page 9-62.)

               Word Work: Spelling – learn the spelling patterns for     WW: sort the spelling words by writing each
               the sound /k/ is k, ck, and c, /ng/ is spelled nk , and   word in the correct category.
               /kw/ is spelled qu.                                       (PB page 219.)

               Writing:                                                  W:

               Reading Comprehension: predict an outcome in a            RC: write details about the story and use the
               story based on noting the details in the selection.       details to predict what will happen.
                                                                         (PB page 214. The teacher should complete
                                                                         section 1 as a model, section 2 for guided
                                                                         practice, and if the students are ready provide
                                                                         time to finish sections 3, 4, and 5 independently.)

               Word Work: Decoding Longer Words – learn how to           WW: read sentences 5-10 and decode the
   Day 2       read and write words with the suffix ible.                words with the suffix ible, determine if the
                                                                         sentence is true or false, and write three
                                                                         additional words at the bottom of the page
                                                                         ending with the same suffix.
                                                                         (PB page 218. The teacher should complete
                                                                         problems 1 and 2 as a model and have the
                                                                         students do 3 and 4 for guided practice checking
                                                                         for understanding before having them complete
                                                                         the page independently.)

               Writing:                                                  W:

               Reading Comprehension:                                    RC:

               Word Work: Phonics – to use the spelling patterns         WW: use decoding skills to locate the
               for the sound /k/ k, ck, and c, /ng/ spelled nk , and     misspelled words, circle the misspelled words,
   Day 3       /kw/ spelled qu to decode words.                          and write correctly using the correct spelling
                                                                         (PB page 221, the top half only.)

        Writing: Grammar – to learn to use the verb be.             W: write if the verb in the sentence indicates
                                                                    past or present, circle the incorrect use of the
                                                                    verb in the paragraph, and write the correct
                                                                    (Writing Resource Center Workbook Plus page

        Reading Comprehension: learn to make inferences.            RC: write the answer to these two questions,
                                                                    What kind of relationship does Maria Isabel
                                                                    have with her classmates? How can you tell?
                                                                    (Students can write responses in their journals.
                                                                    Comprehension Skill Lesson/Revisiting the
                                                                    Text/Spiral Review TE397.)

Day 4   Word Work: Vocabulary Skill – learn to recognize            WW: write yes if the underline word contains
        inflected endings (-s, -es, -ed, -ing, -er, -est) and how   an inflected ending that would be included as
        to identify which dictionary entries will have inflected    part of a dictionary entry.
        forms.                                                      (Top part of PB page 222.)

        Writing: how to write an opinion paragraph.                 W: write a draft of an opinion paragraph
                                                                    writing the topic sentence, three facts/reasons
                                                                    to support the opinion and a restatement of the
                                                                    opinion at the end.
                                                                    (PB page 226.)

        Reading Comprehension: predict an outcome in a              RC: read the story, My Mean Brother, and
        story based on noting the details.                          write a prediction to questions 2 and 3
                                                                    providing supporting details.
                                                                    (PB pages 216-217. The teacher should do
                                                                    number1 for guided practice and move to
                                                                    independent practice if the students are ready.)

        Word Work: Spiral Review – learn compound words             WW: write a contraction for the words written
        and contractions.                                           in parentheses, write the two words that make
Day 5                                                               up each contraction, and write four compound
                                                                    words at the bottom of the paper.
                                                                    (Writing Resource Center Workbook Plus page

        Writing: Grammar – to learn to use the verb be.             W: write the correct present or past tense of
                                                                    the verb be in the sentences for 5-10.
                                                                    (PB page 223. The teacher should do number 1
                                                                    and 2 for model practice, sentence 3 and 4 as
                                                                    guided practice, and move to independent
                                                                    practice for problems 5-10, if the students are

        Reading Comprehension: Spiral Review – learn how            RC: list events from the story in the correct
        to sequence events.                                         order.
                                                                    (See the Apply section in the TE411Q.)

Day 6   Word Work:                                                  WW:

        Writing: Reading-Writing Workshop - learn to make           W: write two topic ideas for a persuasive essay
        decisions about choosing a topic for writing a              and write why these topics would be a good
        persuasive essay.                                           topic for a persuasive essay.
                                                                    (Reading-Writing Workshop - Topics should be
                                                                     saved and used during the guided practice of the
                                                                     Reading-Writing Workshop for Theme 4.)

            Reading Comprehension: Read Aloud – how to               RC: write an answer to this question, Do you
            solve problems.                                          think Roberto made a good choice? Why or
                                                                     why not?
                                                                     (TE 414H question number 3. Students can
                                                                     respond in their journals.)

 Day 7      Word Work:                                               WW:

            Writing: Reading-Writing Workshop - learn to write       W: write one catchy title for the class
            a catchy title for a persuasive essay.                   persuasive topic.
                                                                     (Reading-Writing Workshop - The teacher should
                                                                     identify a few of the catchy titles written in the
                                                                     student journals to use in a direct instruction
                                                                     lesson, during the next selection, on how to create
                                                                     a good catchy title. The Reading-Writing
                                                                     Workshop is spread throughout the instruction of
                                                                     the Theme.)

Common Assessment(s) for this selection: Common assessments might include: Practice Book pages 211 (problem
solving), 220 (spelling patterns), 224-225 (verb be), Writing Resource Center Workbook Plus pages 55 (verb be), 152-
157 (opinions), Writing Resource Center Reteaching Workbook pages 32 (verb be), 33 (contractions), 103-108
(opinions), Theme Skills Test pages 72-73 (predicting outcomes), 82 (suffix ible), 90 (verb be), and the Selection Test
pages 133-134 (predict/vocabulary)

    How will I show that I have learned it?
    *Bold = what the students will do.
    *Italics = information for the teacher.


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