HMP Brixton End2End service

                   Job Description and Competencies

    Post:                           Enhanced Case Management Worker

    Accountable to:                 Senior Enhanced Case Management Worker

    RAPt End2End offers an enhanced case management service for offenders with
    substance misuse issues in HMP Brixton, and supporting an inreach team from Lambeth
    in working with local residents. It provides key working and support for clients from
    identification of their substance misuse issue, throughout their resulting contact with
    services in the prison, and linking them to treatment, wider services, and self-help
    recovery support on release. The intention of the service is to deliver joined up, effective
    case management which engages and maintains people in treatment within the wider
    context of a journey of recovery from drug use and crime, which should be actively
    pursued in the prison setting, and seamlessly continued after release. The service
    should support the client to achieve improved outcomes, including reduced drug/alcohol
    use, engagement in treatment/other recovery support, stable housing, and a reduction in

    The prison-based workers will manage a caseload of clients within HMP Brixton,
    providing support and ensuring continuity of care when they leave through maintaining
    links and relationships with services and recovery systems across London.

    Flexible working hours may be required including weekend and bank holiday work.

Job Description

   Engage with persons who have substance misuse problems and provide them with
    advice on drug and alcohol issues; health issues (including BBV/HIV/Aids); harm
    minimisation and information on the range of helping agencies.
   Liaison with health care both in prison and in the community ensuring link with IDTS
   Carry out effective risk assessments.
   Manage Crisis and develop plans for clients with complex needs.
   Carry out initial screening and structured intervention models such as ITEP Mapping
    to identify with the client the appropriate level of intervention.
   Compile in collaboration with the clients a care plan that reflects client need and
   Carry out regular care plan reviews and ensure all professionals involved in the
    client's care plan are informed of progress, problems and changes.

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   Provide high quality and professional advice, information and support services to
    enable clients to address their problems and make constructive changes in their
   Provide structured 1:1 and groupwork interventions utilising motivational interviewing
    and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.
   Facilitate groups as part of a team approach to delivering the service and deliver
    therapeutic interventions including evening groups when appropriate.
   Ensure clients are fully engaged with the Recovery Wing and take appropriate steps
    if there are issues.
   Manage a caseload of clients ensuring that all aspects of client need are addressed
    and continuity of care is sustained across all environments.
   Maintain an up-to-date knowledge on drugs, local services.
   Complete and submit all related administration in line with current requirements and
    guidelines, including DIRweb, NDTMS and TOPs where appropriate.
   Liaise closely with partner agencies to ensure the best and most appropriate
    treatment options are offered to clients.
   Make referrals to a range of treatment and support agencies in prison and
   Advocate on behalf of clients where necessary and arrange appointments and further
    assessments with appropriate agencies.
   Maintain accurate, comprehensive and timely records of all work undertaken with
    and on behalf of clients.
   Effectively managing the individual’s transition from the service in a manner that
    supports their long term recovery including move on.
   Promote mutual aid and Peer Support and supporting volunteers in a substance
    misuse setting.
   Attend all meetings as required by the line manager.
   Attend regular line management supervision and undergo appraisals to monitor
    performance and ensure continual professional development.
   Ensure the implementation of RAPt policies.
   Represent the RAPt End2End team with professionalism in line with RAPt's policies
    and procedures.
   Introduce clients to the End2End service and other available services especially
    promoting the Drug Recovery Wing.
   Work a range of hours which could include weekends, to provide appropriate service
    coverage in line with client need.
   Undertake any other reasonable duties requested by your line manager.

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The following standards and competencies are intrinsic to this position:

         Unit No.                                      Title

 RAPt 1                 Plan and manage your own workload.
 (based on CfA SAS 5)
 RAPt 3                 Promote, monitor & maintain health, safety and security at work.
 (based on HSC32)
 RAPt 4                 Develop and sustain effective working relationships with
                        colleagues and other agencies.
 RAPt 6                 Maintain good timekeeping and attendance.
 RAPt 8                 Use IT to support your role.
 (based on CfA SAS 8)
 RAPt 9                 Understand and comply with the needs of prison security.
 RAPt 10                Make and maintain personal and professional boundaries with
 RAPt 11                Act within the limits of your competence and authority.
 (based on GEN 63)
 RAPt 12                Comply with legal requirements for client confidentiality.
 (based on HCS D5)
 RAPt 13                Take responsibility for your self care.
 DANOS AA1/AF1          Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals
                        to specialists. Carry out screening and referral assessment.
 DANOS AA2              Establish, sustain and disengage from relationships with
 DANOS AA3              Enable individuals to find out about and use services and
 DANOS AA4              Ensure service delivery is within an anti-discriminatory
 DANOS AB2              Support individuals who are substance misusers.
 DANOS AB3              Contribute to the prevention and management of abusive and
                        aggressive behaviour.
 DANOS AB5              Identify and act upon immediate risk of danger to substance
 DANOS AC1              Develop your own knowledge and practice by reflecting on and
                        evaluating your own values, priorities interests and effectiveness
                        as well as incorporating new knowledge into the development of
                        your own practice
 DANOS AC2              Make use of supervision and use supervision provided
 DANOS AD1              Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects.
 DANOS AD4              Develop and disseminate information and advice about
                        substance use, health and social well being
 DANOS AF3              Carry out comprehensive substance misuse assessments.
 DANOS AG1              Develop, implement and review care plans for individuals who
                        misuse substances.
 DANOS AG2              Contribute to the development, provision and review of care
 DANOS AG3              Assist with the transfer of individuals between agencies and
 DAONS AI1              Counsel individuals about their substance use using recognised
                        theoretical models.
 DANOS AI2              Help individuals address their substance use through an action

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    DANOS BE2                Provide information to support decision making.
    DANOS BI3                Facilitate meetings.
    DANOS BI7                Participate in inter-disciplinary team working to support
    HSC233                   Relate to and interact with individuals
    HSC330                   Support individuals to access and use series and facilities
    HSC 31                   Promote effective communication for and about individuals.
    HSC 35                   Promote choice, well-being and the protection of all individuals.

CfA: Council for Administration
DANOS: Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards
HSC: Health and Social Care

Person Specification


      Relevant professional qualification or demonstrable experience of operating at a level
       associated with the requirements of the post.
      Experience of working with substance misusers.
      Knowledge of the criminal justice system including DAT, CJIT and DIP teams
      Ability to maintain professional boundaries and ability to managed boundary issues
       involved in working with this client group.
      Good knowledge of the effects of substance misuse.
      Knowledge of prison and community treatment facilities.
      Experience and expertise in motivational interviewing techniques, coping strategies
       and interventions, brief solution focused therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy
      Knowledge and experience of working with clients on substitute prescribing.
      Knowledge and experience of working with clients requiring interventions to enable
       them to become drug free.
      Ability to work towards and achieve targets.
      Ability to manage own workload and use IT to support working practices.
      Experience and ability to contribute to project development.
      Good report writing and oral communication skills.
      Understanding of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice.
      Experience of working in a multi-disciplinary setting.
      Good communication and inter-personal skills.
      Ability to work effectively in a team.
      Professional demeanour and ability to develop and operate effective working
       relationships across a wide range of agencies at appropriate levels.

This post is subject to a Prison clearance.

For all positions within RAPt you must be 5 years away from any convictions and prison sentences.
If you have a criminal record, it must not contain Sex Offences, Offences against children, dealing or
supply offences.

Due to the nature of our work, many of the staff we employ are in Recovery from their own
addiction, we have a policy around this. If you are in Recovery you must have a minimum of 3 years
clean time.

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