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									      Google and Beyond: getting the most
            out of free search tools
                     22nd & 29th August 2012, NWLP

                                                            Karen Blakeman
                                                      Twitter: @karenblakeman

                                                           Slides available at

03/11/2012   This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
  General plan for day

   Talk mixed with practical sessions

   Slides are a basic framework for the session (download
   from now if you wish)

   Ask questions as we go along

   Top tips at the end of the day from you

03/11/2012                           2
          When you get back to your own
         computer what you'll see on your
         screen will probably not be what
             you've seen here today

03/11/2012           3
Problems with Google?

                          Too much information

             Google thinks it knows best when it comes to the
                                search strategy

             Results can change from one moment to the next

              Not sure results are always the most relevant

             Wikipedia always seems to appear high up in the

03/11/2012                               4
Why use Google?

    Often gives 'good enough' results with minimal effort from
                           the user
                    Good coverage for web search
             Country versions give priority to local content
                     Localisation at town/city level
                             Image search
                   Scholar (but know it's limitations)

03/11/2012                                5
How most search engines work (in part)

    Crawl the internet looking for new and updated pages by following links

    Copies of pages and documents added to a database that is publicly

    Results sorted according to:
         – how often the words you looked for appear in the page
         – where they appear (words in the title and first few sentences
           given higher ranking)
         – number and quality of links to and from the page (Google)
         – user's location and activity (personalisation)
         – and hundreds of other "signals"

    Does not cover:
         – password protected sites
         – databases or sites where you have to fill in a form to find the
03/11/2012                                             6

    Past searches
    Sites you have looked at in the past
    Your +1s
    Your likes
    Your shares
    Which social networks you are signed in to
    Who is in your social networks

    ...... possibly

03/11/2012                7
Google – the beginning
                                         11 November 1998
                                         From the Internet Archive

03/11/2012                                    8
Google 2011/2012
                                             2010        2011      2012 Q1     2012 Q2

2011 - revenues $37,905 million, net Income $9,737 million, 96% of revenues were from

Q1 - revenues $10,645 million, advertising revenue $10,225 million, net income $2,890

Q2 – revenues $10,964 million + $1,250 million from Motorola, advertising revenue
$10,525 million, net income $2,785 million
 03/11/2012                                                      9
Google always trying to improve existing services and deliver
new ones to stop you wandering off to other sites

Personalised results, services that are useful to you, social

Needs to deliver content as relevant as possible to YOU
      – needs to know where you are
      – needs to know what sort of information you are interested in
      – needs to know who your contacts are on-site and elsewhere and
        how you interact with them
      – needs to know about your activity elsewhere
      – needs you signed in to your account

03/11/2012                                   10
03/11/2012   11
    How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm - YouTube

03/11/2012                                     12

    Primary index of higher "quality" documents and a secondary
    index. Only the primary index is searched when running
    simple keyword searches.

    Secondary index comes into play with more complex
    searches and if a relatively small number of results are found.

03/11/2012                                 13
How far does personalisation go?

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure: The answer to your question... depends
on who you are (Anne Rooney)

             Borromeo           vs              Borromeo

03/11/2012                                       14
                             Word cloud of top 20 results
                             for a Google search on Prague
                             (web history and social
                             networks switched off, cookies

                              Word cloud of top 20
                              results for a Google search
                              on Prague (signed in to
                              Google+ account, social
                              networks and web history

03/11/2012                              15
Google introduces the “soft AND”

    “When you do a multi-term query on Google (even with
    quoted terms), the algorithm sometimes backs-off from hard
    ANDing all of the terms’s clear that people will
    often write long queries (with anywhere from 5 to 10 terms) for
    which there are no results. Google will then selectively
    remove the terms that are the lowest frequency to give you
    some results (rather than none)....Soft AND is a way to reduce
    the overall frustration and give the searcher something to
    examine (and with luck, a chance to reformulate their query).”
                                                          Dan Russell

03/11/2012                                   16
       No more "+" sign in Google web search to
       force an exact match search (but still works
       in Google Scholar)

03/11/2012                     17
Google's new Privacy Policy
     "Our new Privacy Policy makes clear that, if you’re
     signed in, we may combine information you’ve
     provided from one service with information from other
     services. In short, we’ll treat you as a single user
     across all our products, which will mean a simpler,
     more intuitive Google experience."

    "we're more excited than ever to build a seamless
    social experience, all across Google"

     Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google

03/11/2012                                              18
What does Google know about you?

Look in your Google account dashboard

How Google is targeting your ads

03/11/2012        19
Google's new(ish) social network Google Plus (Google+)

Google Now Forcing All New Users To Create Google+ Enabled

Search Plus Your World (SPYW) referred to by some as Search+ or
SPYworld (!) now available in and is the default. Gives
priority to content from people in your Google+ network if you are
signed in to your account.
(And the next Google killer is….Google!
is-google/ )

03/11/2012                                       20
                       SPYW currently being tested on

Top results (redacted for privacy reasons)
were from one of my Google+ circles and
from people who restricted access to the

Take care when providing information to
users or incorporating data as part of a

   03/11/2012                               21 and signed in to Google+

03/11/2012     22
To allow personalisation or not?

Not necessarily a bad thing – different point of view

Use a second browser with search history enabled and
logged in to accounts

What I see on my screen is not what you'll see on yours

Be aware of potential privacy issues regarding friends and
contacts in social networks when providing results to your
users or compiling reports

03/11/2012                            23
Want to switch personalisation off?
Disable and remove web/search history when signed in

Actively manage search cookies, automatically delete cookies
         How to delete cookies

Log out of all search engine and social media accounts when

Use Chrome Incognito (Chrome owned by Google!)

In Google use Verbatim in the left hand menu on results page

Use advanced search commands if relevant

03/11/2012                              24
03/11/2012   25

Google uses your IP address to
try and identify the country you
are in and your town

Specifying town useful for very
local searching but may want to
change location to just UK for
general searches

Country versions of Google give
priority to local content – change
to different country Google for a
different perspective

03/11/2012                  26
  Introducing the Knowledge Graph

  It isn't a graph!

03/11/2012                          27
Google Knowledge Graph

03/11/2012   28
Google Knowledge Graph

03/11/2012   29
Google automatically runs synonym searches

03/11/2012            30

03/11/2012   31

Forces Google to run an exact
match search. Run your search first
and then select Verbatim from the
left hand menu on your results page

Cannot be combined with time
options in the side bar

Google: Verbatim for exact match

 03/11/2012              32
Verbatim pulls in secondary index?

03/11/2012      33
Verbatim and dates

    Use daterange: operator

    Uses Julian date format (fractions omitted)

             – for example pages mentioning housing benefits between
               June 20th and June 26th 2012
               daterange:2456098-2456104 housing benefits

    Julian Date Converter

03/11/2012                                      34
Verbatim and dates – the easy way
Third party tools for the daterange: search, for example
then apply Verbatim to the results

03/11/2012                          35
Forcing exact match for a single word


03/11/2012       36
Google results page side bar

             Videos is not

             Not clear how
             discussions are

                                         No Twitter option (Realtime)
                                         anymore and Twitter
                                         coverage is sporadic.

03/11/2012                                       37
Google side bars
Images        Videos   News            Books   Blogs

 03/11/2012                     38
Search tricks - work in most search engines

Repeat important search terms in your search strategy
renewable energy biofuels wave wind wind wind

Change the order of your terms
renewable energy biofuels wave wind
wind renewable wave biofuels energy

Change one of your search terms
uk sock production
uk sock manufacturing

03/11/2012                       39
More search tricks
   ""    around phrases
         "Metadata mega mess in Google Scholar"

   -         to exclude a term Caversham –otago

   *         (Google only) to stand in for one or more words (may
              have to use quotation marks)
              solar * panels
              "solar * panels"
               Picks up solar PV panels, solar photovoltaic panels,
               solar water heating panels

   OR between words to search for either of them
      uk sock production OR manufacturing
03/11/2012                                     40

 Google automatically looks for variations and synonyms

 Can use ~ (tilde) before individual terms when using Verbatim

       ~energy will pick up oil, fuel, gas, electricity

 Synonyms not scientifically accurate
         ~aspartame adverse reactions will pick up articles on
          sucralose, which is a different type of artificial sweetener with
          different side effects

03/11/2012                                             41
    Numeric range search

    Anything to do with numbers

    [search terms] [1st number]..[2nd number] [unit of
    measurement (optional)]

    oil production forecasts 2013..2020

    toblerone 1..5 kg

03/11/2012                        42
Advanced search
Advanced Search screen (now hidden under cog wheel in upper
right hand area of the results page)

03/11/2012                         43
Advanced search operators

    Use operators instead of the advanced search screen for
    more flexibility

    Up to 32 terms allowed by Google

    File format (filetype) box on the advanced search screen
    does not seem to include the newer Microsoft Office file
    extensions docx, xlsx, pptx

03/11/2012                              44
Looking for specific type of information for example statistics, research
report, expert presentation?

Use the filetype: command

For statistics
    world oil consumption filetype:xls
    world oil consumption filetype:xlsx
    world oil consumption filetype:xlsx OR filetype:xls

For government, research, industry reports
    oil consumption forecasts filetype:pdf

For conference presentations or trying to locate an expert
    renewable energy UK filetype:ppt
    renewable energy UK filetype:pptx
    renewable energy UK filetype:ppt
03/11/2012                                           45
site: to search within a single web site or type of web site

pancreatic cancer statistics

car ownership statistics

car ownership statistics

"Dylan Thomas"

03/11/2012                              46

 diabetes inurl:retinopathy


 intitle:diabetic intitle:retinopathy

 intitle:"diabetic retinopathy"

03/11/2012       47
Similar/related pages
To find pages that are similar in content and from similar types of


Or use the similar link in the page preview (if present)

03/11/2012                                 48
Images - copyright

Always, always check and double check the copyright - images
may have a digital watermark and be tracked e.g. Digimarc

Creative Commons does not mean you can do what you like with
an image
     – six licences

“Open-licencing your images. What it means and how to do it.”
Andy Mabbett aka pigsonthewing

Karen Blakeman's Blog “Free-to-use images might not be”
03/11/2012                                      49
Google images
Make use of search options in the side bar or on the advanced
search screen

03/11/2012                               50
Google Images – Similar, More Sizes

03/11/2012     51
Google Images – use an existing image

   Click on the camera icon
   in the search box and then
   either enter the URL of an
   image or upload it.

   On the results page you
   can add keywords to refine
   the search

03/11/2012               52
Google Images – Sites with images

             Useful if you want to describe the image, for
             example moth UK black cream spots

03/11/2012                                                   53
Flickr Creative Commons or advanced search

03/11/2012                             54
Images - other sources for Creative Commons
and public domain images

Wikimedia Commons (check the
licence information towards the bottom of the page e.g.

Geograph Creative Commons 2.0

Most of the images on US government web sites are public
domain (but do check)

NASA - public domain
03 November 2012       Karen Blakeman          55
Google Art Project

03/11/2012           56
    Google Maps

Post code areas, locations, directions

Public transport for some countries

Cycle routes for some areas

Towpaths in conjunction with Canal and
River Trust

Estimated fuel costs

Satellite, Street View, photos, weather,

Only as good as the underlying data –
double check location, go to source

    03/11/2012                           57
Google street view
As well as for personal use, useful for assessing location of a
business (but remember out of date images)

03/11/2012                                 58
Google Videos
NOT the same as YouTube

03/11/2012         59
Video - alternatives Videos

03 November 2012         Karen Blakeman   60
Google News

03/11/2012   61
Or use the Books option in the menu on the left hand side of the
Includes magazines, journals, newspapers

03/11/2012                                  62
Related searches

03/11/2012   63
Reading level
Does not use publishers’ meta data
Seems to base analysis on number of technical terms and
industry specific jargon

03/11/2012                         64
Translated foreign pages for a different perspective

Your search is translated,
run against pages in the
chosen language and the
results are translated
back into your own

Google offers some
default languages but you
can choose your own

   03/11/2012                   65
Design your own search engine

          – regularly searched sites
          – selected sites on a topic
          – searching sites on a reading list

    Google Custom Search Engines
          – several hundreds of sites
          – can import lists of sites

    Cannot search password protected sources or sites where
    you have to fill in a form to access the information

03 November 2012               Karen Blakeman   66
Google alternatives – Yahoo and Bing

Yahoo now uses Bing’s database and ranking algorithms for most
country versions

Bing advanced search screen minimalist - use commands.
List at Advanced Operator Reference

Also beware – “Bing Adds Adaptive Search, Customized by Your
Search History - Search Engine Watch”
Search-Customized-by-Your-Search-History and is also becoming
more social "Bing Relaunches, Features New Social Sidebar"

03/11/2012                                      67
Selected Bing commands

    AND, NOT, OR parentheses for complex Boolean
    NEAR:n where n is a number, specifies that the terms
    must be within that number of words of each other and
    in any order
             - banana NEAR:3 toffee

03/11/2012                           68
Google alternatives
DuckDuckGo – does not track, does not personalise

    site: inbody: intitle: filetype:
    sort:date to sort by date (uses results from Blekko)
    region:cc (e.g. de) to boost a country

DuckDuckGo Syntax – International version of the Russian search engine (has
advanced search screen)


Million Short – omits the top million most "popular" sites from results

03/11/2012                                         69
Google Scholar
A useful place to start your research or if you are looking for a
specific paper but no source list, not comprehensive and omits
many key scientific publications

Both peer-reviewed and un-reviewed articles, pre-prints,
institutional repositories, references to books, citations

Does not use publishers’ meta data, author search unreliable,
search on year of publication unreliable

Google Scholar Author Citation Tracker: Is it too little, too late?

Metadata mega mess in Google Scholar
03/11/2012                                     70
Authors encouraged to claim papers

03/11/2012     71
Scholar author profile

03/11/2012                               72
Microsoft Academic Search

03/11/2012           73
Microsoft Academic Search

03/11/2012     74
Microsoft Academic Search

03/11/2012     75

03/11/2012   76
Google Finance,

03/11/2012                                77
Google Public Data Explorer

03/11/2012          78
Searches for tables, charts and graphs

03/11/2012           79
"Computational knowledge engine"

03/11/2012         80
Looking for an expert on a topic?

     – Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting for tips
• Academics
     – use keywords with or with site:edu
• Presentations at conferences, lectures, seminars
     – use keywords with filetype:ppt or with filetype:pptx
     – use keywords with filetype:pdf
• Slideshare
• Authorstream

03/11/2012                             81
Discussions and news from social media

Useful for catching up with conference highlights, speakers,
presentations, papers etc.

03/11/2012                              82 - create your own newspaper

03/11/2012      83 – keyword

03/11/2012          84
Power Searching with Google
    Series of training videos from Google covering many of the Google
    advanced search options

03/11/2012                                       85
Keeping up to date
Inside Search

Official Google Blog

Google Scholar Blog

SearchReSearch :

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Roundtable

Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting

Karen Blakeman’s Blog

Phil Bradley's weblog
03/11/2012                                         86

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