BFTS Training Requirements by MfT85YYG


									      Georgia Bright from the Start Training Requirements:
     Orientation – (Before staff begin work)

First Year Training:
 Child Abuse – 2 hours (Take 2 CCEI online classes) Good for 5 years
 Infectious Disease – 4 hours (Take 2 Safety & Injury and 2 Infectious Disease CCEI classes) Good
    for 5 years
 Nutrition – 4 house (Take 4 CCEI online classes) One time only (Cooks & Directors)

CPR, First Aid and Fire Safety are not included in the 10 clock hours of ongoing annual training!
 CPR – Good for 2 years (Not available through CCEI)
 First Aid – Good for 2 years (Not available through CCEI)
 Fire & Safety – Good for 5 years (Not available through CCEI)

Ongoing Training:
 10 clock hours annually in early childhood education or child development. (Any of the CCEI
   courses listed under Georgia BFTS approved courses)

    Encourage your staff to explore a variety of early childhood and child development courses!


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