Mind the hunger gap Elaine Lane by MfT85YYG


									              Elaine Lane
      Senior Community Dietitian
Based at Parkside Community Health Centre
 BDA Campaign
 Aim is to
... Stamp our missing meals in the UK
• Protect one meal a day by ring-
    fencing funding for community meal
• Food is a basic human right & it’s
    everybody’s responsibility to stamp
    out starvation in their community
• Highlight the expertise of Dietitians
    to lead the nutrition pathway across
    the whole health and social care
      Why? It has consequences on
       health wellbeing outcomes
•   Muscle mass loss –↓functioning, ↑falls
•   Pressure ulcers
•   Incontinence
•   Confusion
Why? Diverse nutritional needs

      Nutritionally ‘well’          Nutritionally ‘vulnerable’

  Seeking to ensure consistent evidence based, person centred,
               food messages for the older person
1      Pint of fortified milk every day


500-576kcals + 29-33g protein
2       Nourishing snacks every day

2x 150kcals + 2 g protein
3       Fortified meals every day

3x (200kcals + 7g protein)
    Current food & fluid provision
•   Neighbourhood/ informal carers
•   Luncheon group/ day centres
•   Community meals
•   Meal preparation
                 Way forward

Preventing malnutrition in the community includes when leaving
  someone's home, knowing where their next meal or drink is
                  coming from? (Unknown)."

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